QuЄЄη ℳσℜWЄη νση ρℜăgUє ƛϮℜєųƨ {PD/IED}
~I linger in the blue myst, watching and waiting...for you~
113 years old

Czech Republic - 130-00
Last Login: October 18 2018


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Interests: My Beloved Husband, Aggamemnon

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Our Treasured Son, Spiridon Icarus Von Prague Atreus

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Two Friends Suiway and Morwen

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My Secret Book of Dreams

Andrea Labonair, My Daughter, My Heart

 photo Andrea.jpg

My Book of Spells

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Zephyr Atreus, My Son, Of Whom I am Proud

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My Wonderful Daughter, A'mael Mithrandir Ahn, My First Born

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Prague Gardens

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Secret gate to the Garden of Blue Roses  photo f0bce5e7-bdf9-45b4-92c5-33dda7efcfb8.jpg

My Darling Grandaughter, Sethana Rae A'hn

Von Prague~IED Crest

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My Sister Nicola Le Santa

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Building Bridges ~ Prague Gardens

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HC Protection Badge

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My Sister Trinity of Wales

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My Son Eric, adopted into the family

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Nicola and Morwen - Sisters

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Tranquility ~ Prague Gardens

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Royal Jewels

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Ryslynn Maghir, My Best Friend and the Greatest Pyromancer to walk the realms

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Blue Roses of Prague

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Castle Prague

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My Servant and Bodyguard, Kavik Von Prague

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Lady's Fury ~ Morwens Mount

Tribute to real life Rp'er R.I.P. my friend, Rich a.k.a. Lord Richard Pooket

Karel's Bridge In Prague

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Blue Mysts over Prague

From My Homelands

Joining of the Swords

Water Wheels In The Homeland

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Prague Library

My Mortal Body's Final Resting Place

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Verses: ,
Orientation: No Answer
Species: Vampire/Dhampir
Ethnicity: Other
Occupation: Vampiric Goddess of Praha [Prague}
Height: 0"0'

Welcome to QuЄЄη ℳσℜWЄη νση ρℜăgUє ƛϮℜєųƨ {PD/IED}'s profile.

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Of all the things you could ask me to do...
But still I will always trust in you...
As my heart will definately break...
If this is what it will take...
Then let it break...
Let it break....

Morwen Von Prague is the First and Original Vampiric Goddess of Role Playing. She earned each title and gift by working for it the hard way, so I ask that you kindly NOT steal the title!

Allow me to draw your attention to myself. I am Morwen of Prague. I was born on Sept 15 in Praha, Czech Republic, it was the year 1627. As you can see, I have been around for a while. I am not so famous because I want it this way. I prefer not to call attention to myself. I grew up in Praha, otherwise known as Prague. I studied at the Musikverein in Vienna, Austria under Sir Karrell Borotyn as a young woman. Until the day that Sir Karrell and his daughter Irina simply disappeared. Of course, we were assigned a new teacher, but I could not leave well enough alone and forget my friend Irina. This is where I began my path to becoming a Vampire.

My H.C. Blood Angel - I Was Their Assassin

There were rumors of the Borotyn Castle located outside of Prague and its haunting. No one dared go near its gates. After dark, the neighborhood peasants are usually busily locking themselves up in their homes, apparently in order to escape the depredations of a pair of vampires that are said to inhabit the area. I scoffed at this absurd idea. Vampires, really! They have to have been around, though, because every illiterate rustic for miles around knows who they are. The Borotyn castle has fallen into disrepair, and it would seem that a pair of vampires have set up in its ruins. This is where my Creator, Count Mora, comes on the scene as I knocked on the over large doors of the Castle. I was determined to find my friends regardless, of the secrets I would uncover.That was the year 1653. I am now at this time 389 yrs old. I was 26 yrs old when I was reborn.

High Council Blood Rites Rose

Nicola Le Santa, My Sister

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Lord Richard Pooket, My Best friend and arch nemesis (R.I.P. both in RL and in the game)

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Queen Morwen of the IED

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Queen Morwen Von Prague and Emperor Aggamemnon Atreus, the binding of two dynasty's and two lives, to rule together quenching chaos and creating their own. Two rulers who love to hate and hate to love each other. The alliance with them will stand the test of time and space.

Prague Protection Banner for friends and family. Feel free to post it to your page if you wish.

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My Souls Take Flight!

My dearest Kayla and Myself, your absence left a hole in my life

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Prague Waterfalls

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Sisters by Birth, Best Friends by Choice, Forever~ Morwen Von Prague, Nicola le Santa & Trinity Wales (R.I.P.)
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Climbing to New Heights ~ Prague Gardens

DISCLAIMER: This timeline is for RP only! It is made up of some factual and some fantasy time lines and events. Don’t bust my chops because you disagree with any of the events. It is MY game.

 photo Arm20Coat20of20Arm.jpg

Prague Dynasty RoyalCoat of Arms

9th century - The Prague Castle is founded around 880 by King Bořivoj Von Prague of the Premyslid dynasty. - Prague is established and the royal bloodline seated as it founded the mark of a new realm. - Some members of the Premyslid Dynasty embrace Christianity brought to the Czech lands by Cyril - and Methodius, the "apostles of the Slavs".

10th century - Foundations are laid to St. Vitus Rotunda and the Vyšehrad Castle, the seat of the High Council of Prague. - The Prague bishopric is founded in 973.

11th century - King Vratislav von Prague II in 1085

12th century - The first stone bridge over the Vltava, Judith Bridge, is built in 1172.

13th century - The Old Town (Staré město) is founded in 1231. - The Lesser Town (Malá Strana) is founded in 1257.

14th century - Prague's Golden Age - The Prague Castle Gardens (Hradčany) is founded around 1320. - The Old Town Hall is founded in 1338. - Judith Bridge collapses in a flood in 1342. - Charles von Prague IV rules the country (1346-1378) and will be remembered as the most beloved Czech king. - Prague becomes one of the most prosperous cities in Europe and the cultural capital of Central - Europe. - The Prague bishopric is upgraded to an archbishopric. - Construction of St. Vitus cathedral begins. - The New Town (Nové město) is founded in 1348. - Charles University is established in 1348 and becomes the first university in Central Europe. - Construction of Charles Bridge begins in 1357.

15th century - The Hussite wars are sweeping the country from 1419 to 1437 as a result of the religious conflicts - between the Hussites and the Roman Catholic Church. Many historical artifacts are destroyed and - the Prague Castle deteriorates.

16th century and Prague's Second Golden Age - Prague Castle is reconstructed in the Renaissance style and a number of recreational sites are added - (the Royal Garden, The Belvedere is the summer home the king built for his wife, the Ballgame Hall, etc.) - Rudolf von Prague II, is crowned the Czech king in 1575 and moves his court back to - Prague in 1583. Prague becomes the center of science and alchemy and earns the nickname "Magic - Prague". Many famous scientists are attracted to Prague, such as astronomers Tycho de Brahe and - Johannes Kepler.

17th century - The Protestant uprising begins in 1618. - Protestants are severely defeated in the Battle of the White Mountain (bitva na Bílé hoře) in 1620. - The Dark Age of the Czech history (doba temna) begins. - Morwen Von Prague is born on Sept 15, 1627, exactly 7 years after the start of the Dark Age. She would one day assume reign as Lady and then as Queen of Prague Dynasty. In the year of 1653, on her 26th birthday, Morwen was sired by Count Mora and given the dark gift. Shortly following both her sisters, Nicola and Trinity were sired and her parents, King Charles the V and Queen Anna von Prague murdered by the Count Mora. She swore retaliation for the destruction of her family. Morwen assumes total reign in the Prague Dynasty. In the year of 1655, Count Mora was found murdered, decapitated and his body burned, identified alone by the ring that was still attached to the charred finger of his left hand.

18th century - The four independent urban areas of Prague (Old Town, Malá Strana, Hradčany, New Town) are - united by Morwen von Prague in 1784. Peace is established within the kingdom and among all the citizens. - A Czech nationalist movement called the National Revival (národní obrození) begins in 1784. - The Czech language, culture and national identity are being brought back to life. - Morwen von Prague issues the Edict of Tolerance in 1781, granting political and religious rights to religious - minorities.

19th century - The Industrial Revolution begins. - A railway between Vienna and Prague opens in 1845. - The growing industry results in an increase of Prague's Czech population as people move to the city - from the countryside. - Josefov is added to Prague's historical center in 1850. - The National Revival continues. Czech institutions are established to celebrate the Czech history - and culture: the National Theater opens in 1868, the National Museum opens in 1890.

20th Century - Morwen continues her reign over the Prague Dynasty. She is known as the beloved queen for her fairness and love for her people.

My Love Has Strengthened Me (The Transformation)

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17 Years Morwen    (95 photos)
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17 Years Morwen    (98 photos)

17 Years Morwen    (95 photos)
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My children    (3 photos)
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Queen Regent Kalillexia Ambrotos ~MSE/SKE~

09-06-2018 3:33:54

Through the years, Kali had heard about a long lost grandmother by the name of Morwen. Her mother and father would mention her from time to time. It had not gone unnoticed that look of loss in their eyes whenever they did speak of her, which was why they probably did not do so very often. She had been told she was only a small child the last time Morwen had seen her and that they seemed to get along very well. She was still not quite sure about just how Morwen was her grandmother, however. As she debated this, she went to the temple of a grandmother she cherished very much. Again, this was a woman she'd only known as a small child but even in her sleeping state, Kibara would speak to her in her mind. Of course, it was always in exchange for Kali playing her beloved violin, of which she played now. She sat at Kibara's feet, her body a stone statue but still looking as elegant and refined as the pictures Kali had seen of her. This was a temple that her mother had commissioned after Kibara took to her sleep. It was made from the finest marble that could be found. On the inside were small wells filled with essential oils that when lit spread the scents of roses, jasmine, and hyacinth. Kali's mother had made sure she was well educated in the ways of flora and fauna, being a Fae it was sort of a requirement. So whenever she went to the temple she ensured that fresh flowers were always offered to her along with a bottle of the best blood wine. Her mother made it herself and was now teaching Kali how to do so as well. Kali had to admit that she quite enjoyed at least part of the process, she had to hunt down the blood it took to make it, in this way she was learning how to hone her skills. As Kali began to play, she wondered how to go about meeting this new grandmother. She could help the smile that came to her face at the prospect of the expansion of her family. If there was anything in this world that meant anything to her, anything at all, it was her family.

Empress Shani Ambrotos~MSE*SKE*DOMM~Sin of Wrath

08-31-2018 12:21:11

Shani could feel Morwen was close by, she felt the tug of the blood in her gut. She had no idea that she was right behind. Shani jumped when Morwen snuck up behind her and laughed. She threw her arms around her neck and hugged her tight. "I have missed you so very much grandmother!" Leaning back to look at her, she smiled brightly, "Where have you been?"

Empress Shani Ambrotos~MSE*SKE*DOMM~Sin of Wrath

08-15-2018 4:10:38

She enters silently yet with the greatest respect, peeking subtly around corners, with an impish grin upon her features. Quietly she calls out, "Oly oly oxen free," it was something they once used to do when they were being playful and teasing one another. "Grandmomma? Where are you?"

Queen Alpha Bitch *Andrea Frost-Labonair*leader of The Crescent Wolf Pack*D.K*TKOS*

06-16-2017 6:28:44


Queen Alpha Bitch *Andrea Frost-Labonair*leader of The Crescent Wolf Pack*D.K*TKOS*

04-12-2017 4:17:01

She walked down the trail that led to her cabin so many times before. This time was different, she felt her heart beating fast. Could she really bring herself to do what must be done? Her daughter was safe with Jackson's grandmother. Her son was safe for he had no clue who she or his father was. Faking his death was the hardest thing she had ever done til now. She finally reached what was left of her birth parents legacy, she often wondered what the Crescent city looked like back then. She walked into her family home and packed up what she could and said good bye to the rest. She knew Marcel and his group would be looking for her since she revived the Mikaelsons and helped freeded Klaus. Putting the box of things outside she tipped over the gasoline can and walked out. She walked a little further and used her hybrid speed and dug three graves then filled them back up and placed three markers. One for Hope, one for her son and one for herself. She had made sure to mix their blood in the soil so there was no quextions and headed back to the cabin, using the afterbirth blood of her son and that of her daughter she made it look like a blood bath. Cutting her hand she squeezed her blood everywhere. She grabbed her 9 mil from her waist band and shot through her hand and leg to leave trace before putting several through the cabin then several through the propane tank. She watch the explosion as she waited to heal, grabbing the box she used her super speed and left in the same way she came. She prayed that it was enough to fool Marcel and his people until they were all safe. She sat in her car and listened the sirens for a bit before reaching into the back seat to grab her things. After placing the box on her lap she looked through it to find the ambulet her mother gave her as a child. Closing her eyes she focused her Djinn powers on her mother's beautiful face and her loving smiling. She placed the Ambulet around her neck still keeping the image in her mind and teleaport to her mothers location. She appeared a mile away from her mothers kingdom, as she walked her everyday clothing fell from her body and was replaced with that of this time and place. (Even though her mother was able to be in their time she knew she liked to keep close to her father.) The closer she got the fuller clothed she became, as she reached her mothers door she stood there in a silk white dress with crimson lining. The slit on the left side slightly appeared above the tip of her hip bone. Her outfit was complete with crimson flats that laced up legs and topped off with her crimson Ambulet that which held the blood of her mothers mortal blood before she became who she today. Upon her head layed her Crescent pack symbol of a crescentmoon with a tear drop. If you looked closely you would see the Crescent moon was being held by that of a wolves claws and the backing was of small white in color wolves chashing their tails. She looked to the guards who just stood there gawking at her. "GET A EYE FULL? Like what you see? Come on now take it all in, cause if I don't rip your eyes out my father surly will. Now don't fucking stand there get my mother!!"she said with a low growl.