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NAME: Thalia Atreus
NICKNAMES: Thalia Slave to Agamemnon


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RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Slave to Aggamemnon

A master indeed he is for his laws are pretty find My heart is wild awaken as his lips touches mine When he does that thing my world goes blind.
Family Crest I am enslaved to a powerful force in which galaxies intertwine. On a bed of rose pedals she drinks red wine

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Atreus Thalia Slave to Agamemnon. Verses Mythology Fantasy Historical
I'm going to care for you. You make it look like its magic Cause I see nobody but you Babe your worth it. Your worth it, you deserve it! You know our love would be tragic. Living no lies.
All About Me

This slave name is Thalia...~IED~ Taken from her family at a tender and young age. Not remembering her family. She remembers the words as they were in craved in her heart and soul when she was sold into slavery... "By your father˛s word has your life been given to me to PROTECT. You are mine now slave, can you deny it? "With your life comes your heart, mine now to crush or cherish as I will, it is my hope slave, that you will have a care for my keeping of both. The owner and Master is the keeper of your heart and look after you. will love as only you can. given and bond to the service of Naamah.the kiss of the speck of red in the corner of her left eye. the girl was marked and considered unworthy.until one day a kindness or curse of the red speck was named for what it was.. the mark of Kushiel choosen. she was trained to love as she would. a bearer of pain and suffering .the girl earned her Marque in the serve of Naamah. The Marque Thorny black lines, Intricate and powerful, rose from the graceful scroll work at the base of the spine, ending in an elegant finial. The tear-drop- shaped scarlet had been used sparingly, serving as vivid counterpoints to the black lines and my creamy ivory skin. Echoing the Kushiel˛s Dart. now though she was freed from the roman Emperor ,haven been freed the girl roamed as an Ambassador, until the girl was retaken by Shahanshah Aggamemnon Atreus the girl remained a slave and servant. her owner and Master whom she serve.Having been take lives to serves the steel... The slave ocean blue eyes, sparkles and shines in her pleasure and love for the steel she bears around her tender smooth neck. Thalia is loyal to her owner and Master. She bears His steel with honor and love. In real this girl is owned and lives with her real time Master and owner. She does so with love and honor, pride, faith and trust. That shall never change... on here... she is allowed to role play... but she asks that Ones are respectful. I will gain my purity of flesh back For you fulfill the empty space which love it lacks I am falling in great devotion for my master.


Traits: Sex, lies, bondage, love, Slave, loneliness, sorrow, acceptance.
Disorders: mistress to her daddy, needs affection and attention from him in order to fill her cravings
Addictions: Agamemnon she is the only one she craves

I am weak and attracted Lustful illness doomed to fornication

✘ Notations
Multi-para Accepting new story lines. Role play in messages only.

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For my Emperor with love thalia .

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these are picture i either made for gifts to my Emperor or a gift from him to girl

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gifts from belove friends and family to thalia

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