Ariki Reptarious Scribnar, King of Dinotopia
Looking for the enemy Emperor who betrayed my people as well as me. You know who you are......
36 years old
Ballouville, Connecticut
United States - 06241
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Oh you want to know about me? Are you even worthy of such information? I am Reptarious Scribnar, the ruler and controller of Dinotopia. ~Smiles slightly at the sheer ignorance of those who think this place is an oasis. Inhaling slowly through his flat nostrils he continues~ I OWN It took many years to rise to power, as tortuous as it was, I manage to seize control in order to obtain my goal. Setting my agendas forth, we captured the needed resources in order to make my goal a reality. I had been betrayed by an Emperor who had promised me everything but the world but he gave me nothing in return for my efforts. Why , do you ask, that if I have all that I set to gain, would I seek the ruler upon the field of battle?~ Sitting back on his throne carved out of T Rex skulls and spinal columns, he placed his long fingers to strong alone his chin in mocking thought and then continued ~ promises made, should be, promises unbroken. Shall I tell you about me?"

Standing to his feet he placed his hands behind his back and started pacing, his head facing downwards, but his eyes continuing to look about separately. His tongue constantly moving in out of his mouth tasting the air and reading those around him,

"I was a small lad, my job had been the run of the library. I love books. I controlled the history of this place, and treacherous as it was, maintained order and each and ever stitch of history recorded.~ Turning back to pace once more, ~ My parents had been killed in a tragic windmill fire while attending to the hatch-lings. I find pout much later, ~ Reptarious, continued with his finger in the air before slowly dropping it by his side, "That it had been at the hand of said Emperor. He had strategically placed in motion to have panic rip through the kingdom and many turned on one another. ~ Nodding~ he succeeded as pandemonium reached a new high spectrum. Beasts rampaging while the fire spread, me, I had been taken to safety by a human. He became my mentor, showed me the ways of my kind and continued to teach the ways of Dinotopia. Like any child, I was ignorant.~ his foot falls hissed about and slid along the dusty cobblestone, ~ The instructors continued to hide me from many of the real world events that were unfolding. It had been harsh at the evening hours to hear the mournful cries of the wounded, the silence of the curators due to death and the rushing of the physicians trying to tend to to all they could. "

Standing straight in his resolve, ~ When, in my unbalanced age of ages, I think you refer to them as late teens,~ he accused before sitting down on his throne, ~ I met with the Emperor. He had been hideous in manners, disrespectful in decorum and showed a hatred I thought I would never witness. His features were tattered in flesh and blood not his enemy, my brethren. I could smell them upon his arms and uniform~ he lifted his head and snorted in the air with a sound of sadness circling to hatred when Reptarious lowered his head~ He appointed me as the leader of this great and powerful nation. Informed me that I can continue to practice my customs, laws and living, that he would not take anything from me. He even had the audacity to select certain territories to claim for mobilizations of colonist to break ground and claim. He.......Atreus, claimed that as long as I did his bidding, allied with he and his empire, he would not decimate my lands and feed me to the poor. DECIMATE!" he slammed his fist to the arm rest of his throne, "The audacity of the putrid little whelp!"

"In turn for years I obeyed like a good slave. Growing more and more restless I filled my days with researched, watched as his men took to our people, forcing them into mobile creatures and slaves to construction. Many dying from exhaustion or dehydration. Several held the wounds of the leather implements that they used to peak attention. ~ Placing his hands together and rubbing the knuckles ~ Just when I grew comfortable, perhaps that was his tactics all along, he made his move. ~ Lowering his head while his many eye lids blinked ~ Now, I have, since the protection of eggs, since saved, preserved by way of live and raised hatch-lings from diplomats to soldiers while the weakers were placed as gatherers, hunters and architects. It has taken many years, centuries eve, since my lands are now fully restored. We have a ruler~ placing his hand across his chest, ~ that would be me, a government of democracy, guards, military and emergency personnel. Our restoration was long, hardships abound, but it has been brought back to its former glory. We hold festivals, parties, group gatherings among the government officiates. ~ Leaning closer almost hissing his words~ I will seek my vengeance.~

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Shahmam Malantha Teboria (His only)( Sullivan's Lil wolf )(His Queen)(M)(OI)

05-05-2019 11:33:28

She gave a smile and bowed her head. "It is a true pleasure to meet you. I would be honored to discuss a storyline with you whenever you have time M'lord." Bows her head once more

Shahmam Malantha Teboria (His only)( Sullivan's Lil wolf )(His Queen)(M)(OI)

02-27-2019 11:46:30

Thank you for the add . It is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Malantha Teboria, wife of Sullivan Teboria and Shahmam to the Imperium. I hope all is well. Whenever you have time would you care to discuss a storyline? If you need more background information please let me know. Sincerely, Shahmam Malantha Teboria, wife of ShahanShah Sullivan Teboria.