Lucifer Morningstar 😈T&L Cora Rose
The other side of me's bad,it's monstrous. I mean, you wanted the truth and you deserve the truth. Right now, I can't show it to you......So......I'm just gonna have to tell you.......Detective Chloe......I am the Devil. -Lucifer to Chloe
29 years old
Los Angeles, California
United States - Satan
Last Login: May 11 2019

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   Species: Demon
    > Action/Adventure,
    > Antiquity,
    > Anime,
    > Crime,
    > Comic,
    > Drama/Normal,
    > Erotica,
    > Espionage,
    > Fantasy,
    > Hollywood/Celeb,
    > Horror,
    > Medieval/Arthurian,
    > Mystery/Suspense,
    > Mythology,
    > Paranormal,
    > Religious/Occult,
    > Sci-Fi,
    > Supernatural/Preternatural,
    > Thriller,
    > TV Shows,
    > Zombie,
   Accepting Add Requests: Yes