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The Original Whisper from Myspace 2000). I will NOT add no one unless I know you. I am NOT here for the drama bullshit!!!
112 years old
Fort-de-France, Fort-de-France
Martinique - 66666
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Whisper bio!! Standing before on a large cliff, looking over the ocean before her was Whisper Corinth, leader and ruler of the Corinthian Empire. That wasn't always the case, the Kingdom was inherited through a long line of blood and war. Honor and trust. Loyalty, was something that Whispre had worked her entire life to uphold. Before she was adopted into the Kingdom as one of their own, and taken in through blood and sacrifice, she went by another name. Whisper Murrain.. It was a title given to her a long time ago, which meant deadly plague. Even Death itself. Her childhood was a very complext one, that many wouldn't understand.. Whisper was born into a noble famly of mass wealth and power. She was an ancient creature, a woman of a past time long since forgotten by the modern world. Somewhere in Central London, her family had been well respected with their stature in the city and community. It was clear that she was different from an early age, even if she wasn't fully aware of her powers yet. Some reason or another, every time she would walk past a creature, they would mysteriously die or fall into control of what she was doing. If she were in a good mood, walking.. they would walk with her.. if she wanted someone hurt, they'd attack that person and kill them. If she was not in a good mood, the animal would die. Most of the time it was out of her control. It felt as though she was cursed with bad luck, until she had learned to control this power anyways. Her family suddenly realized that Whisper had begun to be the outcast and blacksheep of her community and family. They made her take on the last name Murrain so the family could disacoiate from her in every way.Everything she had come into contact with had become cursed, no matter what she did.. Now, she could curse whomever she pleased or whoever pissed her off at the time. Her family shunned her even more, and eventually she was cast out and disowned by her noble family. She wasn't sad, more angered and betrayed than anything, by their lynch-mob mentality they had towards their own flesh and blood daughter. It was then she realized she was a daughter of Satan, but back then.. she had no idea what she truly was. They held two sons who were the apple to their eyes, but more evilier than she was. They were the heirs of the fortune, and their parents never saw them for anything but their sweet "innocent" lambs. They became spoiled as many rich people do, and through their tones and attitudes made them the bastards of the community. No one dared go against them though or even report problems to their parents because these boys raped and killed women. Attacking their sister Whisper every chance they got. One day, an unknown and to this day.. mysterious traveler came into town. He was of a Scottish decent heritage, noble in the way he acted and how his mannerisms carried him through out the town. By then she had opened a pub. She had managed to get away from her family name and shadow that cast herself upon her. The man was mysterious, dark in shadow and nature. It attracted Whisper to him, for she too was a creature of darkness and shadow. Whisper never knew he was a vampire, she hadn't known such things existed. She had the body of a Goddess, some people would say that she had a Supernatural beauty to her. The beauty of an angel, and she had always kept her womanly figure and her charms which she used to capture many men's and women's hearts over the period of her growing up. It's how she managed to survive for so long. It's what she did, manipulate people into doing her bidding through her sexuality. The perfect prize.. She had many men and women committ scandolous acts that were below them just to be near her and when they did, it caused ruin on their good names through the community, causing them to become her pets and play things for her amusement. This man cloaked and in the shadows was different and it intrigueded her. Her boobs and ass were perfect in both size and shape, that would cause many riots from the mere presence of her. She had an aura to her that lead many decent folk into insane wild animals that would kill upon her request. She loved it, most women did. When this man asked her if he could reside within her pub, little did she know that he was the first child of Dracula. Little did she know that her blood-line she'd inherit would be from the most powerful vampires of all time. Some would even go as far to say, the first vampire. She agreed, knowing his presence was a strong one, regardless of his long travels.. She had plans of seducing him into doing what she wanted, making him her little puppet while she did.

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