King Lucas of Seraph
I intend to release such curses on this world that soon my name and the devil's shall be one and the same.
33 years old
Belarus - 224000
Last Login: January 15 2019

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Verses: Action/Adventure, Antiquity,
Fantasy, Futuristic, Horror,
Medieval/Arthurian, Mythology, Paranormal,
Orientation: No Answer
Species: No Answer
Accepting Add Requests: Yes
Role Needs: Need A Role Filled
Group Affiliation: Looking to Join a Group
Religion: I will let you know . . .
Height: 0"0'

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Born to the glorious House of Wesker, Lucas was raised in the finest of comforts. However this did not suit him. The young lord quickly realized that the way society was set up was not in his favor. The tricks they had to play to go about unseen. He did not understand why they had to bow to the weak. His parents actively discouraged him from actions but Lucas' thought often drifted to what had to be done.

Lucas realized that the older order would not allow society to change. They were so stuck in the past that they never realized what could be. It drove Lucas crazy and in that pursuit he began to speak to those who were equally upset with the way the world had been run. In speaking with them he got wind from an elder about legendary weapons which existed which only vampires could use. The excitement grew and Lucas along with his friends made plans to hunt these weapons down.

The group called themselves the Seraphs. As they launched the pursuit of the weapons none of them knew what they were getting themselves into them. As they hunted the items across the vast land they realized quite quickly that these were not just dangerous to them. Humans had gone through great lengths in order to keep them hidden. The seraphs had nothing but time and eventually they found them the cursed weapons.

In a moment of them taken hold of the weapons the group was changed altered from the vampires they were into something more. At this time they don't fully understand what the extent of the change only the excitement that the task had been completed. However in the temple they found various weapons which were not for them. Confused by it they searched the temple and found the text which would lead them the Demon blades.

The Seraphs returned home. A civil war broke out soon after. On one side the royalists who would prefer that the world remain the same the other the Seraphs who saw the world for what it was. The battle was over shortly as the royalists never stood a chance against kids born to them. Lucas parent's who had originally been against him had supported him on his return along with two other families they became the major plays of the new covenant but Lucas was not done.

No longer having to worry with the strife of his people Lucas eyes quickly turned to the other creatures forced to hide from the light. In order to get them the wars were short but bloody. Lucas wanted the point to be made that this land would be his and in very short order the various creatures fell in line bowing to the vampire who had found the lost weapons.

His last objective was the Kingdom base. The mortal realm which had kept them as second images of nightmare. It would be a fast order having been able to get support from key noble houses in return for certain promises. The King never saw it coming and in a few short weeks the Kingdom that was died, wiped from the book like a plague and replaced by the Kingdom of Seraph with Lucas at the head. In power and in control the Seraphs now seek other items to strengthen them.

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