Chief Redhawks Adams (AC/AE)
Leader of The Adams Empire, Adams Clan, Adams Enterprise and TCC
114 years old
Lookout Mountain, Georgia
United States - 30707
Last Login: February 11 2019

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Verses: Action/Adventure, Crime,
Fantasy, Historical, Medieval/Arthurian,
Mythology, Paranormal, Religious/Occult,
Time Travel, War, Western,
Orientation: No Answer

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Chief Redhawks Lives in The Adams Empire Capital Lookout Mountain Ga. The Empire is being reformed and new family roots have been started. The Empire is in Need of you. Will you join?

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Empress Shani Ambrotos~MSE*SKE*Sin of Wrath

09-02-2018 4:27:50

What's up?

Shahmam Malantha Teboria (His only)( Sullivan‚'s LIL wolf )(M&P)(OI)

08-06-2018 3:06:37

Image result for isolda dychauk gif

Thank you for the add/Request
Pleasure to meet you.
I am Shahmam Malantha Teboria.
Wife of ShahanShah Sullivan Teboria
I hope you are doing well today.
Whenever you have time would you care to discuss a storyline?
Shahmam Malantha Teboria