About Journeysendrp.org
Posted On: 08-05-2015 5:10:52

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Journeysendrp.org has a fully paid license in order to be able to run our site. You must be 18 and over to join. Journeysendrp.org will not be held responsible for anyone left unsupervised to join the site. By clicking join us you authorize that you are 18 or older.

Our social networking site is owned by 6 different role players that decided to get together and make a website for all to enjoy! Someplace where you will never feel threatened and always have safe environment to go to Role-play.

Each one of us that own this site are old MySpace Role-players and we are dedicated in making this a place where "IF YOU ARE WILLING TO WRITE" you will have plenty of writers here willing to add you and let you join in or add you as a friend. Some role-players are scared to jump in and start a storyline because they feel they are being judged, ridiculed or not smart enough or literate enough to belong. Here everyone has a place they can belong and will always have someone willing to guide them or find them a role-play or group where they can join to get their first start.


Nationalities: We welcome members of all nationality. If you are a member that does not speak English our advice to you is make sure that is notated in your headline. So you can draw other members to your profile. And possibly put what language you speak. A lot of our members speak and know other languages and this helps you connect with others.

Disabilities: We do not discriminate with anyone who has a disability, Therefore we welcome you to our site with open arms. If there is something we can help you with we will do our best to make your experience on our site a good one.

Genders: We welcome all genders (Straight, Gays, Lesbians, Transvestites, Transgender, etc). Anyone that is caught discriminating, degrading or defaming any of our members because of their gender will be warned one time and if it persist you will be deleted and banned.

It is always a good idea when you join a new site to read the TOS! Our Admins united together and made a decision on how we wanted this site run and Unless a new decision is made all rules in our TOS will stand until further notice.

Once the site is up and running on the admin page each owner/admin of the site will introduce them-selves by a Character name they have chosen to use. They will never give out info about who they play on the site. Everything shall be kept in character to protect the privacy of our admin Team. Please be respectful of all our admins as they are the ones that help make this site for all to use and enjoy!

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