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Age: 114
Sign: Pisces

Country: United Kingdom
Signup Date: August 18, 2015

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Category: Rules & Guidelines

Rules-- Please Read

DISCLAIMER/WARNING: This character is impetuous, spirited, and tempestuous. Heart of Darkness can be extremely and brutally honest.  She is dark and dangerous.  Blood and darkness fuel her fire. 

If you add me, you have 1 week to talk to me before I delete you.  No exceptions, as my time is important to ME and will not be spent collecting numbers.

No  RPGs.  Heart is an army of one.

No ooc drama (condoning, starting and participating) will not be tolerated.  Rudeness is also not tolerated.

No Children-18 (NC-18) no exceptions... ever. Adult/mature themes and graphics (violence and sexual) present. (Minors are blocked without hesitation)

Basic Role Play etiquette-- No godmodding, power playing, or auto playing.  The exception to this is asking me first.  NPCs (Non Player Characters) are fair game.

Side note... Person behind the character is a serious storyteller.  She is not here looking for cyber connections or intimate relationships.  If that is your sole purpose for role playing, get the f*** out.  

 Para to multi-para storytelling is preferred & it is an avid belief that quality trumps quantity.

*Rules are tentative*

Heart of Darkness.

DISCLAIMER: No copyright infringements intended.  Pictures and quotes, not written by the author behind the screen, are used exclusively for the purpose of role playing and are meant strictly as a form of entertainment. Not the person in the pics.

"Sure, I would love to help you out. Which way did you come in?" -- Unknown.

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