Melaina Mousillon(M)(Death Knight's devoted Rose)(OI)

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Age: 28
Sign: Cancer

Country: Turkey
Signup Date: September 21, 2017

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These are the connections/loved ones of Melaina. These are not open connections some are already taken or dead. Furthermore, she is already married nor will I do anything erotica with anyone but the person behind Mannfred. So keep it in your pants or use your hand. Do not steal.. it's lazy.. 
Husband/master: Mannfred Mousillon
Children None yet
The Confidante: Raijon-The Terror of the Deep
Mother: Hurrem Sultan:
Father: Suleiman Sultan

Step MOTHER: Mahidevran,Fulane Hatun, Gulfem Hatun, Algaia Sultan (Dead)

Full SISTER(S):Shahmam Malantha Teboria (Twin wife of ShahanShah Sullivan)), Princess Mihrimah Sultan(Dead)


PATRIARCHAL Half SISTER(S):  Princess Raziye Sultan(Dead), Princess Hatice  Teboria(Consort to ShahanShah Sullivan),And  Princess Ambrosia Sultan( Baby sister)

Full BROTHER(S): Şehzade Mehmed,Şehzade Abdullah (possibly),Sultan Selim II,Şehzade Bayezid,Şehzade Cihangir(Dead)

PATRIARCHAL Half  BROTHER(S): Şehzade Mustafa Sultan, Şehzade Ahmed Sultan(Dead)

Brother in Law(S) ShahanShah Sullivan Teboria(husband/alpha to Malantha Teboria) Raijon(Terror of the Deep) 

Nieces:Laila Teboria(Daughter of Sullivan and Malantha) Kleopatra Teboria, and Hadassah Teboria(Daughters of Sullivan and Hatice)

 Nephews:Diablo Teboria(Step Nephew through the marriage of Sullivan and Malantha), Sullivan Teboria Jr. (son of Sullivan and Malantha),Kabal Ul-kir Teboria,and Amir Beldan Tebori(Sons of Sullivan and Hatice)
Grandmother: Mother's mother is unknown,Hafsa Sultan(Father's mother)
Grandfather: Mother's father is unknown, Selim I(Father's father)

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