Aaliyah Bellini{Ilias' Little Red Beauty}{OI}

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Age: 27
Sign: Capricorn

Country: Algeria
Signup Date: April 05, 2018

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Family Ties
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Ilias Colceag: The Shadow Wolf, is not her capture in her eyes. He is more of her mate and alpha. She wanted to be his and where others thought she would not understand what this means, they were wrong. She knew exactly what she was doing to be one of the females to lay with him. She will never look at another person to be with them as a female loves a male. She will always view him as her alpha and master. She enjoys his roughness as well as sees his sensitive side.
Image result for Molly and Arthur weasley gifPARENTS: CÚsar Bellini(Father) and Yasmine Bellini(Mother) both most likely dead. She loved her parents but knew very well from the moment they were taken away that they would most likely die. Both of them were older and had seen better days. Both of them loved their children equally no matter their gender and treated them the same.
Related image SISTERS: Leila Bellini(eldest sister) suicide and Avelina Bellini. Leila the eldest of the sisters never made it past her rape and humiliation. Shortly after she was sent to the whore house of the Shadow Wolf camp, she committed suicide. Now Aaliyah did feel some pain upon her death, but Leila was a selfish person and never thought of anyone else. Where as Avelina cared too much for Aaliyah thinking she was putting her first when in fact she was holding Aaliyah back. She loves her yes, but she wishes she would give into her desires. 
Image result for weasley brother gifBROTHERS: Most likely dead, due to being sent to the mines.  She was closed to each of her brothers, though there are too many to count. In the land of Algeria the more sons you have the more wealth and power you can gain,but the only problem was that her father and mother were shunned by the royal family and kicked out of the knights for some unknown reason. Yet in any case, Aaliyah loved each of her brothers and was heartbroken to learn they were sent to the mines knowing once there they would never return.
Image result for emily rudd gifCOUSIN(S): Layla Călugăreni: She has many other cousins, but Layla is the one that matter the most and when she returned with the Imperium army things slightly changed. After all Layla had a future  that Aaliyah could never have and she was close to Avelina.
Image result for francois arnaud gifCousin in law(S):Abdulbaith-Shaykh al-karanlık: The Shadow Priest and the one who captured the heart of Layla. The only thing that Aaliyah knows about him is that he is the high priest of the Shadow Cult. She has yet to meet him but respects him hearing from her cousin how well he treats her.

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