Aaliyah Bellini(Ilias' Little Red Beauty)(Youngest Bellini)(OI)

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Age: 27
Sign: Capricorn

Country: Algeria
Signup Date: April 05, 2018

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The youngest daughter and child born to CÚsar and Yasmine Bellini. She was born with flaming red hair and hazel eyes that could draw in anyone. Because her family was a traditional family and the fact she was the youngest born, Aaliyah was the most protected out of the children. In her mind, she was a little overprotected growing up because she was not allowed to do many things for herself. She loved her family yes, but she wished that she was able to do even the simplest things by herself. Though she had a large family, Aaliyah was closest to her sister Avelina, who was the middle daughter. Avelina acted like the eldest and took care of the rest of the children because their elder sister was only worried about herself. Avelina and Aaliyah cared for others over themselves and they never allowed themselves to be prideful. 

All in all their family was a happy family and the father was protective over his daughters. He did not believe in the daughters being married off like his wife's brother believed. Aaliyah's uncle was the King of Algeria and known for being mad. He believed all women were prizes and meant to be used solely for the pleasure of men and gaining of power. This meant that any of the women within the family rather it was from his direct family or not could be at risk, but for several years Aaliyah had nothing to worry about other than what she wore on a day to day bases. 

Aaliyah was a happy child who cared little for matters of state, though she knew her cousin Layla had to worry about such things. Aaliyah being so young did not understand the weight that was upon her shoulders until she was taken away in the middle of the night to be the payment for the debt that the king owed. After Layla's disappearance, Aaliyah began to fear that the samething to her sisters or even herself. The king was becoming worse everyday, but it was not her duty or any of the women to worry about such things. Aaliyah was kept close to Avelina than before by Avelina after the disappearance of Layla.

Years, past and Aaliyah stopped wondering if Layla would ever come back. She did not forget Layla, but she knew that her life must go on and felt that nothing could actually happen to them until one day while spending time with her sisters, Aaliyah noticed that Avelina was acting strange as if she was seeing something others could not. Aaliyah would not ask her what she was concern about or what she saw knowing that she would never be answered. Aaliyah would not have to wait for long to find out what Avelina was seeing. 

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