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Age: 32
Sign: Gemini

Country: Russia
Signup Date: March 23, 2018

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Category: Rules & Guidelines

This character is a dark Grimm version of your classic story.  In no way is it affiliated with any groups, RPGs, or current story lines.

Dark and mature themes present and not intended for children under age 18.

Traditionally- seasoned and unseasoned players know that there's no- goddmoding, auto playing, or power playing without permission.

Zero tolerance on OOC drama.  

I'm a multi-para writer and appreciate at least a paragraph from anyone I'm writing with.  I would recommend that if you're a one-liner role player you seek the services of a chat room or chatzy where your talents would be best put to use.

Thank you for your time.  Please check back from time to time as rules are subject to change.

Not the person in the pics and may be subject to copyright, all edits are exclusively mine.

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