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Age: 27
Sign: Capricorn

Country: Algeria
Signup Date: April 05, 2018

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Rules please follow them
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I am not Bonnie or Aaliyah. But do not steal any of the photos or anything dealing with her storyline/background. Please come up with your own story and make your own photos. The photos have taken a long time for me to make and the story is an original idea I came up with someone else. So please dont steal its rude

1. Do not steal any content on this profile. It is lazy and rude to do so and really get your own bio/storyline and make your own pictures.  If I catch you doing it I will not give you a warning. I will simply delete you. It is called being original.. 
2. Replies: OI members will be first but before even the other members the Ilias will be first. If you do not like this then please delete me. I also have a life outside of roleplay and may not always be on all the time or take time to reply you. This is not to be rude, but for me real comes first as well as replying Ilias and OI Members. I also have other profiles that I may need to tend to, so be respectful when it comes to time on replies.  I will do the same.
3. Verses: When it comes to Erotica, I will only do this with the person who is behind Ilias. Please respect that or I will delete you. Verses are all followed, however, Historical, Religious(Occult), Horror(Gore), Supernatural, and Dark Fantasy. Crossovers, are welcomed within reason. The verses mentioned are all fine except for erotica. If you try to fuck Aaliyah,  I'll delete you without warning. That is simply respectful. 
4. Length: Multi-para to Novella. I will not reply to any oneliners. Please give me something worth replying to. 
5. Personal Information: Do not ask for any personal information. I will not give you my phone number or any way to contact me outside of journey. I apologize if this seems rude to you, but only one person has access to me outside of this site and that the person behind Ilias. I have had it where I gave my personal information out and that backfired in my face. I will no longer give anything out to anyone else. The person Ilias has earned the right to contact me in real.
6. Cyberstalking: Do not stalk me. I have already dealt with that before on another site. I will not fucking deal with it. If I delete you then you have done something to violate the rules. Don't sit there and stalk my site.
7.  I give only one chance. Once you have lost that chance that is it. Sorry. I don't deal well with fake people. Do not! think you can continue to be on my profile if you have gone against anything on my rules. Do not think if you cause drama or hurt anyone I care for you will be on my profile. You lost all rights to rp with me on any account.
8.  This story is extremely mature filled with dark themes that many may not enjoy. If you don't have the stomach for it please don't both to remain on my list. I will not change my story to fit yours. 
9. Drama will not be allowed on my profile nor will anything dealing with your real life. I don't need to be your therapist. I have my own stuff to deal with. Keep real outside or roleplay. 
10. Do not control my character. I can do that myself and you can control yours. There is only one person that has earned the right to sway anything I do and that is the person behind Ilias. Got a problem with it? Don't care. 
11. At the moment, this character is human. She is claimed and she has been collared. This means she is the soul possession of the Shadow Wolf along with her sister. Please don't think you can take her away from him. It won't happen..

Thank you for reading.
Please sign with your favorite quote and actually follow the rules.
More may come,
Writer behind,
Aaliyah Bellini
(Ilias' Little Red Beauty)
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