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Age: 28
Sign: Cancer

Country: United Kingdom
Signup Date: November 18, 2017

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Explaining her family dynamics
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Her Father: Count Vlad Drakwlya, their relationship is still new,but from the moment she was born, Giulia should have been with him. Her mother and grandmother kept the young doll away from her father and he from her. Neither of the two knew of each other's existence. The two women even went as far as to tell her that he was the one who killed her birth father knowing that Giulia would want to take of revenge upon the Count. Once she was of age, Giulia was sent to attempt to take her father out and upon her return if she succeeded than she would be married off. That was all she was to them, but upon meeting her actual father,Giulia was out witted. The count was far more powerful than Giulia and knew of her coming. As punishment for attempting to kill him, Giulia had to serve him in more ways than one. Giulia was forced to wear an erotic Gothic outfit, go to his private chambers, and strip before him before burning her clothes. After he gazed upon her, Vlad took her as his own. Through this claiming, Giulia was shown the truth by having to drink his blood. His blood showed her visions of her conception and the truth was known. Giulia would be broken and remolded into her father's perfect doll, carry his heirs, and above all remain loyal to him. She is his and his alone. He is possessive over his little doll and she is slowly learning to behave herself. The Nocturnal Doll now also Daddy's Broken Doll still has a lot to learn with having her father around, but he was the one person that she always wanted to be in her life now she wouldn't have anyone take him away from her nor her away from him. This needs to be made known, in more ways than one Giulia is not just his daughter. The Count is not only her father,but her lover, and the father of her child. He was her first and only. He was the first and only to gaze upon her body and the only to touch her body. 
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Children: The child that Giulia currently bares in her womb is fathered by her own father. The Count is not only the grandfather but the father. This is not a traditional family dramatic, but works for the two of them. The child growing inside her womb has yet to be named, but will be getting a name very soon. Giulia never thought she would be a mother and now that she has become one Giulia will do everything in her own power to keep the child away from her grandmother and mother. Giulia's mother instincts was apparent from the moment she felt his seed mix with her egg to create life. The spark of life created a new emotion in Giulia that she thought would never happen. 

Her Mother: Allyssandra Lefay: also known to Giulia as the bitch. coming soon

Her grandmother:

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