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Age: 114
Sign: Capricorn

Country: Greece
Signup Date: September 14, 2018

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* To Walk The Walk...And Talk The Talk *
Category: Story Lines

"Yes, three o'clock is fine...Not a problem ... Thank you... Goodbye."

Her heels hit the tiles of the long corridor as she moved in her swift trademark hip sway. Folding her phone closed in the end of the conversation she moved onward on the way to the waiting SUV. Looking around before she pushed open the doors to the luxurious restaurant. She had just attended a lunch appointment with a demon who seemed to need her assistance in a very delicate matter. The driver opened her door and Saváhnne  slid into the back seat. Just as the adjacent door opened and Lance, her advisor and head of security hopped in. The car pulled off almost momentarily as she sat back in her seat.


She quickly asked as she looked over at the demon guard sitting across from her.

"Did you make the offer to Miles' replacement? He found it satisfactory? He knows who I am...?"

Lance nodded then replied.

"He has accepted my lady. I told him about the appointment later on today. Therefore I only discussed the job framework with him, leaving the details to you. And...no. I have not told him anything personal about you my lady."

Pausing he looked at Saváhnne as he held her gaze then sensed she wanted to hear more.

"His name is Carston Alexander. He is a demon as I am. He is a decorated soldier with years of service. Retired. For reasons not known to anyone. He has no family no ties to anyone unsavoury and comes very highly recommended."

She listened intently then as he concluded she added.

"Hand me his file please. You know I trust your judgement completed Lance, however I want to look it over in any case."

Holding out her hand she took hold of the cardboard pouch folding her long slim fingers around it as he handed it to her. Flipping it open she paged silently. Looking over every detail then finally the photograph that was clipped to the folder. Lingering for a moment then handing the paperwork back swiftly she nodded in agreement as she scanned the credentials of the man who would be her personal bodyguard.

"Make sure that all my appointments fall in the correct time slot and that Mr. Alexander is on time. Set the meeting up at the mansion. I have the dinner party tonight and I need to prepare for that as well. It would just be more convenient."

Nodding he listened as she spoke.

"Yes my lady."

Smiling slightly she looked out of the window as the SUV drew to a stand still in front of the Academy Of Music. Glancing at her wrist watch as the door opened she peeped over her shoulder at Lance.

"Well come on... Our last appointment in town for the day."

Grinning she stepped out of the SUV and smoothed down her black linen pants brushing her stiletto heels as she placed them firmly on the pavement...complimented by a dark purple silk shirt that tied with a black ribbon at the small of her back. Gripping her case she walked up the stairs with Lance close behind...

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