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Age: 114
Sign: Capricorn

Country: Greece
Signup Date: September 14, 2018

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* A Jubilee In The Merge Of Power *
Category: Story Lines

"Find her... Bring her to me Lance."

Saváhnne looked up burning her gaze into the demon towering over her as he stood before her. Lance was her body guard, her right hand and her most loyal foot soldier. Nodding in obedience he turned on his heel without so much of a thought to elaborate any more on the matter. He had no desire to test the patience of the Goddess he had served for centuries, knowing her temper all too well. His smooth strides took him out the door as Saváhnne  watched before she turned to walk out onto the huge balcony that lined the study of her mansion.

Laying her hands flat to the waste high barrier wall she looked out to the horizon. The breeze blowing up from the ocean rustled her long curls whipping them up around her shoulders. Her lips parting at the thoughts wheeling through her mind. A young witch had graced Boston with her presence. One who had the Hex power to manipulate fire and illusion. A red witch. Saváhnne  had only trained one in her time as Goddess of Magic. This would be the second time she had come across another as such. Given the information Lance had managed to retrieve through the supernatural grapevine, the young woman went by the name of Wanda. Often aiding an elite group of heroes in keeping the peace... However due to the loss of her brother, Wanda had retreated into silence and found her way here.

However here in Boston she seemed to have stepped on a few troublesome toes. Placing herself in danger. Saváhnne did not exactly know who Wanda had displeased or why but it did not sound good. It was now Saváhnne's responsibility as the mother of witches to find her and keep her safe. Get to the bottom of the problem and resolve it. Without involving the mortal realm. Humans and magic did not go together well and always ended up in some or other disaster situation. Hopefully Wanda had not used her powers here among the humans. Saváhnne would know soon enough. All she had to do was wait for Lance to find her....

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