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Age: 114
Sign: Capricorn

Country: Greece
Signup Date: September 14, 2018

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* Of Gods & Men *
Category: Story Lines

"My lady we have almost drilled through the last level of the glacier. We will let you know once we break ground."

The tall dark haired demon stood beside Saváhnne where she was standing on the edge of the mountain peak of Mt. Kenya looking over the snow layered trees of the forest below them. She nodded in agreement without looking his way, then he walked into the cave once more. Her eyes trailed along the landscape...the mountain tops.... This quest had to be the most trying in all her time in the mortal realm. She HAD to find the scroll. She NEEDED to find it. It held a piece of information that could mean a very big change in the sands of time..

Stepping upward away from the edge she turned to follow onward to the mouth of the cave. The wind cutting through the air as it whisk over the skin of her cheekbones. Her boots mashing the snow in a crunch beneath them. Her full lips ice cold to the trail of her warm tongue. .The cave was dark save for the gas lanterns they had lined up along the wall of the cave. Following the life line she eventually found the part of the cave where her team had been at work for almost an entire week. Today the only day which she was present.

This spot was to be where she would find the scroll of Epicurus. Standing firmly in full view of the last stage of drilling a loud rumble echoed through the cave and all placed their feet down tightly at a shake to the ground they stood on. One of the men dangled down into the deep hole and after a few moments of silence he shouted frantically for Saváhnne.

"Goddess! My lady! Look!!" 

Saváhnne felt a flutter of relief as she leaned down to look into the hole fully expecting the shouting demon to be holding the scroll. Her eyes grew wide at what she saw...or were they deceiving her? She was looking at a body. The body of the deity Achilles... The most notorious warrior to ever grace the pages, thoughts, tongues or even memories in history. Furthermore he seemed to be clutching the object of interest. Her eyes flew to the men and she barked quickly.

"Get him out! Now!"

Standing back she waited until they had lifted Achilles out of the ice. Stepping closer she examined him. He was untouched. Frozen as if in time...in a meniscus of timeless reverie. Her thoughts to the scroll had drifted far from her mind as the treasure which she had now found was far more precious. However what she wanted to know is how Achilles had ended up at this corner of the earth...buried in Mt. Kenya...along with the scroll of Epicurus....

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