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The mother of shadows meets the York Rose: Part 3
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Sullivan’s little Wolf seemed to be in a dream like state or in a comma that none could figure out. Malantha’s swollen pregnant body laid upon the bed she shared with her beloved, yet her mind slipped into another realm. She was slowly beginning to learn that she had more abilities than she could ever know. She was a goddess now and no longer bound by the mortal downfalls. She had to learn not to be set in the mortal ways that she was used to. Malantha did not know what she had done when she attempted to talk to the dead foolishly, but that little connection allowed her to gain some memories of the dearly departed York Rose.  Her only guide was the goddess that resides in her body.Yet, her true test was to make it back in enough time without harming herself and the little life that was growing inside her swollen womb. 

This other realm, Malantha did not know what it was called all she knew that it was a cold and unwelcoming place. There was nothing about it that reminded her of home or of the Shadow Realm.  There was so many unnatural things that she began to sense, Malantha became overwhelmed. She considered that due to the fact she was pregnant back in her realm. “This way.. the sooner we find who you attempted to bring back the sooner we get your mind and soul back to your body and your husband. I’ll make sure nothing happens to you after all you are his and his alone. One wouldn’t want him angry over some little attempt to pass a test.” Said the goddess. Malantha said nothing only followed deeper into the darkness.

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The deeper she went the more silent it became, Malantha tried to find any sound but could not find even a pin drop. She looked passed the goddess to see a figure slowly forming. She narrowed her eyes and saw it coming towards them,” you’ll be fine. Who is coming will not harm you. Wouldn’t let that happen besides Sullivan would ring necks if you do not return safe.” Malantha rolled her eyes for a moment yet said nothing for a long moment. The Shadow Goddess took that as if Malantha knew the truth. Malantha lowered her head for a moment. "Perhaps" she said looking at the figure that was coming closer to them. Once the figure was close enough, Malantha could see that it was none other than Elizabeth of York." What is this Goddess?" Malantha commanded in an accusing tone of voice. "This is what you need to finish. If your husband finds out.." Malantha held up her hand to stop."It was my choice to find out what another Queen did in her time of rule! My husband was told fully what I was planning pregnant or not." she said with her thick Turkish accent as Elizabeth walked passed the Shadow Goddess straight towards Malantha.

"This is going to hurt, but I'll give you what you want." she said touching Malantha's forehead on either side. "Your body in your realm will be going through a great deal of pain.." she said as her thoughts began to slowly drift into Malantha's mind. "STOP." the Shadow Goddess snapped walking towards them, but it was already done as Malantha began to feel everything that Elizabeth of York felt throughout her life. The lies, the pain, the betrayal, the love, the joy, and so forth. "She wanted to know what it was like.. Let her." Elizabeth replied putting a barrier between the Shadow Goddess and them.  Malantha thought she could trust Elizabeth, but what she did not know was that Elizabeth was a vengeful spirit at that moment in time. "I can feel how loyal she is to her beloved husband. That even while she puts herself in danger she does it for her husband. " Elizabeth said in a haunting tone of voice knowing the Shadow Goddess was listening in making sure that nothing happened to Malantha.

"She killed for him, yet feels that she must do more." Elizabeth went on." Enough!" Malantha said forcing herself into Elizabeth's memories. "And what of you? Your own husband killed your brothers. Those thoughts to be the princes in the tower." Malantha said taunting her. "Don't." Elizabeth warned sending a small bolt of lightening in Malantha's mind which forced her body into convulsions. Malantha could hear those in the room scream as they tried to keep her as safe as they could, but there was nothing they could do.

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This was Malantha's deal yes, but the longer she stayed in there the higher the risks became. "Enough."Malantha said once more pushing herself deeper in Elizabeth's mind. Malantha's hair began to turn black both in the realm her soul was in and in the realm of her birth. "Malantha!" She heard her twin scream. "Go.. Get his majesty." She heard Melaina scream again. She at that moment felt shame after all she did not want to cause Sullivan trouble. She knew that if something happened than she would be in huge trouble. How high of a cost would she take in order to prove that she could handle being a goddess?

She was raised in human traditions. Malantha, Sullivan's little wolf knew nothing of how to act as an immortal. She would have to learn and this in her mind was her first test. She would have to try to make her way back while learning what she could about Elizabeth of York. All Malantha knew was perhaps, the Imperium through the knowledge she learned could expand towards Elizabeth's old throne. Yet, at that moment she had to focus on getting back to her body hearing the Shadow Goddess and her son pleading with her to stop.

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