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The Imperial Throne Room
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                                                 The Imperial Throne Room

Instead of going over rules, which is never followed simply because people lack the energy to follow them, I will place all of my pet peeves.

1. Is being placed in a modern setting. I am strictly ancient and will not be teleported to any era but what is rightfully mine.

2. Assuming I am in a certain room in the palace or even out roaming the grounds. I am an active ruler so sitting in one place is not my forte. Read my bulletins, that will give you a clue of where I am.

3. Thinking you can kill me or my guards. Do your research, and I mean real research. We were created before all creatures big or small, fantasy or real made by flame and the breath of Primordial. Do not come after us with something you saw on Supernatural or read in some book.

4. Coming up to me in my throne room without an escort of my men. This is ancient Greek laws, guarded by elite soldiers, there is no way you can get through the doors without being detected. We have detected you before you have even entered the grounds of my borders.

5. Thinking just because we fucked, you can be my mate or equal. Laughable. You are a sperm receptacle and are good for two things, looking pretty and warming my bed!

6. Creating family profiles or god profiles to run my life or be a part of my kingdom. Why? You will not receive my vast empire, I will never die. As for the gods, I worship none, all others worship me!

7. Engaging into my story-lines' without permission. Know your fucking place! 

8. And finally, Starting a story line, or engaging in a Story line with me and decide to run off and engage in another before ours has time to finish?! Be prepared to be hunted!

Enemies of the Empire:


Friends of the Empire:


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Lydia Arisaema(S)


In a small village on the outskirts of the kingdom of Jinnistan lived a mix of different people who couldnít pay the taxes in the Kingdom. What they could pay they used by paying with live stock or the things grown in their farms. Some had to go by horse and carriage others walked miles to get to the kingdom for work or to try to buy food for their own family. However, Lydia was not walking miles to buy or to work she needed help, and the stores she was told about the emperor. He was the only one that could help her with what she needed. Sadly, he frightens Lydia all the stories that been told of this man or monster was nothing good. His underhanded plans of evil can trick you into doing exactly what he wants and not what you wanted. What Lydia wanted is her Daughter who has gone missing and no one has seen her. Lydia took the same path to meet Damita half way and yet nothing no sign of her, yet the ground has been disturbed. Not like they normally would be, and this just worried her even more that she sent a letter to Damita Husband. He answered back and confirmed her thoughts and that has her now standing a month later in front of two enormous guards. Two who would not even give her the time of day to listen to her.

Lydia standing 5í3 weighing 115LBS gets knocked down when she tries to get by them not even being a vampire helped as she thrown back to the ground. She stands up and pats her dress try get the dirt off as she stands back up on her feet. Her hanger kicks in as she picks up a rock and throws it at one of the guards who moved quickly to dodge the rock.

"how can two idiots not understand I am trying to make a deal with your emperor how could he not want to meet me? Does he even know your turning me down I know I am not beautiful like the women he has bed. However, wouldnít he want to know that his own people are being taken from him they could even be trying to use them to get information on your emperor!! "

Yet one arch his brow and looks down at Lydia before speaking "you do not have proper seal or papers to get through he would not waste his time with the likes of you."

Lydia had enough she starts to throw rocks and yelling at the two as she try to get by but they just laugh at her and like a rag doll throw her to the ground again.

Now not far from the gates where Lydia stood trying to convince them to let her by even without the papers. Stood a tall woman with long black hair dark like the feathers of a raven, her body lean and fit like the workers here in the kingdom. This woman stood to be 5í7 with tattoos going down one side of her arm to the back of her hand. The smirk on her only gave away how interesting this situation was, the first time she watches a woman not able to get in. Angels back on the wall as she leans on it relax watching she couldnít really hear much of what was going on. But when Lydia gave up after the last knock down to the floor. Somehow Angel felt bad for the lady she is just trying to save her Daughter and Angel would have done anything for her child.

So, Angel staying back waited and watch as Lydia gave up almost in tears with rage so storms by Angel but Angel takes hold of her forearm and pulls her back into the ally. Lydia pulls away and looks to the tall woman who look a lot worst then she did. Not even a bath could clean this woman up and Lydia had to pinch her nose from the smell. As she looked to Angel confused to why she was pulled to the ally and her mouth covered by a hand that never seen soap.

Angel looks around and then takes Lydia hand and pulls her farther back before she speaks "come with me if you want to find your daughter" Lydia didnít even question as she did what Angel said and fallowed her walking away from the gates and the kingdom. However, as they walked quickly Angel started to finally speak a little louder" sorry but itís never a good idea to ask for that manís help your just asking for trouble. He cares for nothing unless he can use it for his own reason, I have seen people walk in and never come back out. If those doors open its to take out the dead or they are coming out to bring someone in that doesnít want to see him. Like me damn just getting this close wasnít a good idea that asshole has eyes and ears in places I donít want to say.

Now listen to what I have to say your daughter is either in there or someone is really stupid to try to take what I am sure he feels is his." Angel didnít stop moving but took Lydia hand and started to pull her along making her walk faster because the best thing to do is get out of Jinnistan. Though her scent is covered by the smell of horse shit and she kept to the allies. Angel knows that he wasnít stupid and has just been sitting and waiting for her to make the wrong move. Sadly, he would be angry to know that Angel has gotten out of his kingdom even though it was not easy at all. It took a lot of hiding and sneaking around but maybe he did know and didnít care.

Lydia Made a deal with Angel to get her out of Jinnistan for her help in finding Damita her daughter it took a lot of her using her vampire abilities. Lydia had to control the minds of some of the people and one guard that at the end Angel Killed because he was coming out of her control and was about to give them away. Now they hide in the back of a wagon heading down the road away from the kingdom going back to where her daughter was to meet. Angel told her that the Emperor has many enemies and if they thought Damita was a servant or someone important to the emperor. They would have taken her to use her this was the only thought Angel could think of to tell her. Lydia became worried her daughter is a princess and may have been dressed like one. They could have mistaken her for one of his which made Lydia want this Emperor held responsible for not keeping his roads safe.

But then what if her daughter went another way the back way to get to her home it made Lydia think more before she yelled out and ask the driver to stop. Angel panics over them stopping questioning her that this was not a great spot to stop. Still on his lands only a mile more and they would be free he couldnít come after her unless he wanted a war with the other kingdom on the other side.

"are you freaking crazy!!! Why did you made him stop donít you understand who you are dealing with who we are trying to get away from!! Or more like who I am trying to get away we need to get moving like right now like now not now but right now Lydia. Look I know your worried about your kids and I said I would help you out, but we need to get as far out of frog breaths lands. The farther away the better the chances you donít get it. He wonít care about you but then again, Iím sure if we clean you up, heíll want to play with you also. But that man in that kingdom, him and I have a history and one I donít want to repeat at all. So, lady tell me why you stopped???"

Angel and Lydia made camp in the woods after paying the man for a ride in his wagon they had no choice but be on the edge of Jinnistan. As they sat in the dark, they plan what they wanted to do and came up with them splitting up. Angel is going to keep moving on and find Lydia Daughter and Lydia would head back to the Kingdom. Angel made it clear this time the guards would let her in because Lydia would know where Angel was and what she was doing. Lydia also could make sure that if he helped Bring her daughter home safely. Angel would walk through his doors without fighting and come see him to talk. This was the only way to make sure that if anything happens, they would both have somewhat away out. Angel didnít really like this plan no matter what happens they would lose he would win he would get his way and get what he wants. The thought is for Lydia to get in and out he would help her get her daughter they would both be free to go home. When Angel gets the word that they are not harmed and safely home. Angel would come to him and then they can make a deal on if she even gets to be set free. However, if Angel finds Lydia daughter and Lydia is still in the emperor home then Angel would make a treaty with him. Her for Lydia being let go and not to ever be bothered by him, now that Angel thinks about it none of this she likes because it seems no matter what sheíll be at his door.

"Asshole" she whispers

"alright" Lydia said "so I go back and face the guards tell them I want to make a deal with the Emperor and make sure to make it clear that I let them know itís about you. This should get me in to see him and I should stick to the plan because you say he is an asshole and would try to have sex with me because he has a small cock and sex is all he thinks about."

Angel nods her head and before she spoke, she started to unbutton her pants and pull her shoes off, Lydia looked away not understanding what Angel was doing until Angel was done. Lydia looks back and here Angel stood holding her black silk panties out to Lydia. "here takes this with you and if they donít believe you just hold this out, trust me when the wind gets a sniff of them, heíll be standing before you before those guards can blink."

Lydia took them even when she really thought it was not necessary and when the sun came up the next day they split up. Angel went one-way Lydia went back to Jinnistan with Angel panties as leverage to get a chance to talk to the Emperor. She thought about how to speak to someone like him what really needed to be said and not wanting to cross the line. All Lydia wanted was to see if he could help find her daughter Damita. Anyone mother would worry about a month later with no word from their child when they been told she is coming home. Any mother would panic if no word has come after a month however she didnít want to show that fear to him. And Lydia didnít know anything about him just what she been told and that was just fearful things, but Lydia did get told many times that he is an asshole.

Traveling on foot took days before she stood once again in front of two Guards and the two same ones from before. The courage to face them again but this time she didnít have to say anything Angel told her donít say anything just hold her panties up. she literally thought Angel meant her own and had to be told again as she looks up at them.

With a deep breath she didnít know she needed to take Lydia pulled out Angles Panties with two fingers holding them out and away from herself. As she felt this was just way weird and inappropriate and must be sending the wrong signals. But so far nothing happen she thought maybe they move or walk her in or say something, but they just looked at her as if she was some stupid poor girl.

Posted by Lydia Arisaema(S) on Sun Feb 03, 2019, 18:02

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