Layla Călugăreni (princess of Algeria)(Abdulbaith's Wicked Fox)(OI)

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Age: 23
Sign: Capricorn

Country: Algeria
Signup Date: September 21, 2017

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Born to be a slave
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 A father is supposed to love, take care of, and protect their children. Layla was a child once who believed in this concept until one night changed every way that she viewed her father. She was a princess of Algeria and had her whole future ahead of her. She knew she wouldn’t rule the kingdom of Algeria but she knew or hopes that she would find a loving marriage and be queen of her husband’s country. It was what every little princess wanted, but fate had something else in mind for the little fox. 

One fateful night when her cousin, Avelina was staying over to have some bounding time. The two girls were closed as was to bed aspected for two cousins to be. While the two girls slept plans had been put into motion and the meek little fox was awoken to her brother shaking her.” Come quickly.. father needs you.” Layla was nervous about this but quickly got up and put on an overcoat in order not to be cold. Once she was covered enough and the overcoat hiding her slender  frame, Layla slowly follows her brother to the throne room. As she entered the room, something felt off to Layla.

She knew not what but many knew that her father’s mind had long ago left him only to leave insanity. No one was safe from his mood changes. One moment he could be happy the next a person would lose their head,no matter if they were in the wrong or not.  Layla walked slowly towards her father going back and forth as to what she could have done. She made sure to stay pure so she could be married off with profit and power gained to the throne of Algeria.  But she could not think of anything that would cause a summons late at night when none was awake to witness.

She stood before the throne and knelt down before her father who at that moment seemed to be talking to someone or something though none could see whom he was speaking to. “ you summoned me father?” Layla asked lowering her eyes to the ground. She knew how to act when he was like this as many did within the castle walls.

“ yes, child. I have summoned you for it is time to do what you were born to do.” Her father replied with a slight wicked and insane grin upon his face. Layla slowly looked up, a humble look upon her face. “ have you found a marriage for me?” She asked with a slight worried tone in her voice. “No,but you will be the tool that will swiftly take the Algerian Kingdom out of debt with the Imperium and Shadow King.”
He told her with no love behind his voice.

“ how will I do that father? Will I work for them?” She asked in an innocent tone of voice. Her father said nothing for a long moment until a laugh rumbled through the throne room.” You’ll work but not in the way you think. You shall be sold and put into the harem of the Shadow king. Placed their by my own free will and you will please him as he wishes.”  This horrified Layla for she knew nothing of the Shadow King or the matters of sexual pleasure. She was innocent and pure.

“ please father.. don’t send me away to them. I’ll work off the debt with my own hands.” She said pleading with her. Yet nothing seemed to work, Layla cried pleading with him before his feet as if she was lower than dirt.  “ you will do as you are told. You are a female.. born to please men. Your duty is to the people of Algeria.” Her father’s voice seemed to become more aggressive by the second. She looked around crying and pleading for help until she saw her cousin being force on the ground.” Protect your sisters. You must be the one to do it for me.. we will meet again.” Layla pleaded and swore at her cousin as she was dragged away.

The princess was dragged out of the castle, thrown into the back of a rusty cage carriage as if she was a criminal, chained to it, and brought to a ship. The ship docked in the Algerian port would be the vessel to carry the Algerian princess away from the only home she knew. Chained the deepest part of the ship, Layla feared what was to come, yet she would never make it to the Shadow King’s harem. No, she would go into the common brothel until a priest saved her.

This is only the beginning to how the fox, the Algerian Princess would become the captured little and pawn to the priest. She would be of good use to the Shadow King, yet the Shadow king knew very well to capture a fox to gain a Kingdom a cunning hunter would be needed. For the moment the fox remains pure but can the flames of eternal lust consume her and make her the priest’s little fox.

Can Abdulbaith make the little fox bend to his will and crave his attention?  Oh, the Algerian princess craves his touch but she’ll play his game though in the end she’ll lose. But again, for now she remains pure.

Let the games begin.

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