Captured Beauty (Avelina Bellini)(Ilias’ Caged Bird)(His Beauty)(OI)

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Age: 28
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Country: Algeria
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A promise made known and secret desires
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  Avelina laid upon her bed most likely a bed once belonging to a royal who now was dead or enslaved. Her thoughts raced from the present to the past. Some happy thoughts and memories seemed to keep her from breaking, yet she knew soon she’ll break. Her body now chained to a creature and a man. One that knew darkness and embraced it where she was a creature of light. She’ll attempt to deny him what many sought to claim, but she was human and he was not. Avelina, the Captured Beauty would try to protect her only living sister at least keep her from the same fate that their elder sister came to have.

This burden caused her many sleepless nights. Nights of pain and sorrow that she could never think would ever happen. She was once a free soul but now the chains even the collar that was hooked around her neck meant her freedom was lost. Yet this was not the way she would be broken, the wolf thought that he could break the bird. Avelina promised herself that she would not give into him until she felt there was no other way.

As long as she was pure both of maidenhood and soul than she could use it as leverage against the Shadow wolf. This promise to herself would bring her great pain she knew it, yet Avelina had no other idea how to make the Wolf soft towards her. The longer she thought of the recent events mixed with the past upon falling asleep her mind began to sink into the past. There was nothing that the Caged bird could do to stop her mind from drifting into the past.

This nightmare or flashback gave her insight into the night that changed everyone’s lives.  Avelina has been spending the night with her cousin Layla at the castle. They were supposed to go to sleep but something was wrong, yet Avelina did not understand why this feeling was burning her soul to wake up. When she rolled over to wake up Layla to speak to her, Avelina was shocked to see that Layla was not in the bed with her. Avelina became fearful that Layla would end up in trouble or something worse. It had been a bedtime story told to the Algerian females that once a female young, beautiful, and ripe for picking wanders out of bed at night than her maidenhood will be taken from her by those who lust for her flesh.

Avelina didn’t want this to happen to her beloved cousin, so she risked her own purity in order to find out what happened. Slowly she went down the hall making sure to keep herself hidden in the shadows so none could see her. The farther she went away from the chamber of safety the louder she could hear voices. Male voices and chains then a female voice pleading with them.She stopped for a moment listening to the voices just a few feet away. She couldn’t make them out at first until a scream came from the room and one that she knew very well.

“Layla!” She thought to herself running to the throne room. When she opened the doors, Avelina felt two large hands grabbed her and shoved her to the ground. There before her was a sight of her cousin being put in chains pleading before her father, Avelina’s uncle. Avelina looked at her uncle who was sheer at of his mind. He was emotionless and uncaring towards his daughter.

“ please father!” Layla screamed.” Don’t send me away. I’ll work for the debt that you owe but don’t send your youngest daughter. “ Layla pleaded and cried. Her face low to the ground hiding her face from him. Avelina could hear the terror in her cousin’s voice.” You must be the one that pays the debt with your flesh. It is up to the Imperium to decide what happens to your purity. It’s for the good of our people.” Avelina’s uncle proclaimed proudly as he sat upon his throne as if Layla was not his daughter but a criminal on trial.

Layla attempted to plead more but her father.. the king ordered for her to be taken away. Avelina tried to break free but the more she tried the more blackness formed around her until she was covered in darkness. The only thing she could do was hear Layla’s screams and wishes.” Take care of your sisters. You must do it for me. We willing meet again.” Layla screamed to Avelina as she wasn’t dragged away. The ringing of the chains rang through Avelina’s ears until she was forced to wake up. Sweat on her brow and her night outfit if one could call that showing how hard she was breathing .

“ I must do what Layla asked even if she was the one who put me in this.” She said tugging on her chains upon the bed she now was in. How long would the Shadow Wolf, the one known as Illias would allow himself to be denied what he wanted? Avelina was pure and ripe to breed  and as she laid back upon her pillow to try to fall asleep she wondered if her mortal will would be enough. He was male and a beast where she was female and human. He would last longer than she, yet she must try. Secretly, she wanted him to crave her more than anyone else.

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