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The Mother of Shadows meets the York Rose Part 2( Black Heart)
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"Mustafa!" Malantha shouted walking down the halls wearing nothing but a see through fabric. She was in the inner court so none of those who were not worthy enough to see her flesh was there to see.Mustafa being a good servant ran to her quickly holding within his tanned worn out hands a metal box. She looked at it as he knelt  before her lowering his eyes as to not look upon that which belongs to a god. Malantha was clearly upset and it was written on her face. "You were told to bring me back the York Rose's body! Instead you bring me back a box. " Malantha glared down at the groveling man before her. He was once a strong willed man, but had it all stripped away by the old rule. He was faithful to her as faithful as a servant could be to his mistress.

 "I tried, M'lad.. But they would not allow me,however, one helped me get her heart and some of her hair." He said looking up at her with his brown eyes. Malantha tilted her head to the side, her hair slowly changing to a dark black color. "Pity. I suppose this will do." She said with a demonic voice. " M'lady?" Mustafa asked with a worried tone of voice backing away slowly. She smirked sensing the fear, Malantha was known for her temper along with her jealousy." Bring that to me while I take a bath. I shall use the water in order to speak to the fallen queen." she said with an emotionless tone of voice as she turned to walk back to her chambers.

Her swollen belly showing more than ever, "Do you think you should do this?" Hurrem, her mother asked keeping several feet behind the new queen of the Shadow King. "Yes.. How else am I suppose to test my abilities? How else am I supposed to test myself?" Malantha said forcing the large doors to her chambers open only to see her twin holding her newborn baby girl in her arms.  Malantha gave a slight smile as she quickly walked to the part of the chamber that held the bath. A large pool of water, with rose petals, and scented oils in order to make her skin soft to the touch and intoxicating as well.

"Melaina keep my daughter there." Malantha ordered as she grabbed the black candles, a knife, and several other items while Mustafa hurried into the room hoping in some way or another the ShahanShah would deal with his wife. Then again that is how the old traditions thought of women to be, quiet and soft spoken. Malantha was willful and high tempered along with hard to capture. It took a real man in order to tame and take what many longed for. She quickly placed the candles along the sides of the bath, lit them, then took the items out of the box carefully. "My queen please. " Mustafa said with fear in his voice.

"I must do this!" She said slowly taking the knife and cutting into it allowing the blood to drip into the hot scented water. She then took the hair and threw them to the flames where each strand hung in the air above the candles. To everyone's horror, Malantha placed her hand over her swollen womb said a few words which was unknown to them and slowly her womb began to become smaller as if she was never pregnant. The child within protected of course, but the mother would not be. Malantha at last took the knife and began to cut each of her palms allowing her blood to drip into the water below. 
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Seeing the blood from the dead queen and her own mix together in the scent warm water, Malantha stripped and slowly walked into the water as if she was no longer in control of her body, 
"obumbratio,Ego regina Malantha mandatum vos fructum." ( Shadows, I, Queen Malantha command you forth.) she said in a almost demonic tone as she slowly allowed the waters to touch her naked flesh.

"adducere mihi,quod york surrexerunt ex quod inferis"( Bring me the york queen from the underworld). Her body was fully covered other than her head. The tips of her once red hair soaked taking the stains of the blood and oils. Slowly around the room the shadows began to come out in the open and swirl around the queen both in the water and in the air around her. This was followed by the hair strands being burned and a small swirl of blood rising from the water as Malantha opened her mouth, her eyes turning from their pearl color to black. She opened her mouth slowly allowing the blood to enter her mouth and threw her head back.

It wasn't exactly what she wanted but it would due. In the trance she was in, Malantha or the goddess she wound bounded to began to say the words of the ancient language. She was doing this to prove something but no one knew what it truly was only herself. As the words became louder and the shadows swirled around her body closer, Malantha was lifted into the air and a shadow image of her came from her body. Before everyone's eyes the York Rose began to form from the shadow image of what was Malantha.

When the image was as if the York Rose was like in life, Malantha's body and the York Rose's was slowly moved back into the water. The York Rose's face slowly moved to face Malantha. The Mother of Shadows Quickly opened her mouth and forced the breath of life back into the one named Elizabeth. Malantha took in a deep breath and forced the one now dead to breath in rhythm to her own. Elizabeth opened her eyes slowly and screamed as she was not supposed to be in the world of the living. 

"Where am I?" Elizabeth finally said looking at her with horror in her eyes. Malantha gave a smirk and slowly walked around her. She touched her flesh to see if she was real. She could see and touch for herself that she was indeed real. "You are in the realm of the Imperium formally known as the Ottoman Empire. The last known Sultan male ruler was Suleiman.. I am Malantha Teboria formally known as Malantha Sultan, daughter to Suleiman and Hurrem Sultan. The Outcast daughter, now known as the Imperium Rose, Mother of Shadows, Queen of Shadows, Imperium Queen, and most importantly Sullivan's Little Wolf." Malantha replied with a slight smirk upon her face as she slowly took one finger and dragged it along Elizabeth's neck.

Malantha gave a slight laugh as Elizabeth pulled away from her, "What do you want from me? I was supposed to be in heaven with my beloved." Elizabeth with her British accent replied. Malantha tilted her head, "I wish to speak to you about how one should keep a king pleased but most importantly you were once a great queen. I wish to go far greater than that. This realm is new and I must make sure what my husband wishes to do with this realm comes to past. He saved me from my darkness and consumed my light."

Malantha explained as Elizabeth narrowed her eyes trying to cover her nude body realizing that they were both in the water together nude. "Don't worry you will be sent back to your dead husband's arms in due time when I get my questions answered." Malantha told her but she could sense that Elizabeth would refuse.  The only words that came out of her mouth was," Humble and patient." Malantha did not understand nor was she in the mood for riddles.
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But she could feel the hold between the underworld and the world of the living was slowly breaking. She could be caught if she was not careful, yet the gods that resided inside her body was trying to protect her and the baby inside. "Careful, Malantha."The goddess said in a haunting tone of voice.  Yet Malantha being slightly stubborn pushed forward closing her eyes slowly and entering Elizabeth's mind.

This was slightly foolish but she was able to do it, only she started to see things that she did not want to see. Instead of an answer she began to see Elizabeth's life from birth to death . Each time her husband Henry VII consummated their marriage, Malantha could feel every thrust and every pleasurable feeling. On the time of her death, Malantha could feel Elizabeth's breath leaving her body as many mortals do. At that time Malantha began to feel her own breath leaving her body with the words, "Hidden and Patient. You must be. Queen or no queen you are a woman and must chose what you do wisely. Bare your husband many children and never turn away from him. The innocence he took from you use it... Be innocent to him." With each words Elizabeth spoke, Malantha felt her breath leaving her body and sinking into the dead woman's.

"Malantha stop this!" She heard her mother shout and Meliana behind her. She could hear her child cry for her mother and the goddess plead with her to stop. But Malantha could not as she felt the anger that Elizabeth began to feel for all that put her in the situation that she had been in her life. Malantha was becoming weak the long the two was in the same realm."Malantha enough!" The dark Goddess proclaimed forcing the York Rose back into the underworld and breaking the bound between the two queens. Malantha's body rose out of the water as the York Queen was forced back into the underworld. When the presence and bond was broken, Malantha's fraigle body was plunged into the water below.

The candles blowing out from the force of the spiritual presence leaving the room. Screams filled the chamber as Malantha sank to the bottom and a force field around the bath forced all not to be able to help. The Shadows plunged into the water and swirled around her then inside her fragile frame. They slowly went to her heart and began to pump life giving darkness into the innocent rose. When they were finished they slowly rose her body out of the water and with a cry from her daughter, Malantha screamed for her life. Shadows flying from her except the one that always slithered around her neck. Those around bath other than her twin and her daughter was flung across the room along with the shadows. Malantha took several deeps breaths in and out, her eyes staying black for a long moment and her hair fully changed black.

"Malantha?" Melaina asked with a worried tone of voice as she looked down at Laila. For a long moment, Malantha did not answer only looked at her. "Go get the king." Hurrem said to Mustafa, who looked shocked that Malantha was even alive." She'll be fine." the goddess said using Malantha's vocal cords."  Why go get my husband? He is busy is he not?" Malantha said as her body moved towards the steps of the bath. Hurrem quickly covered her daughter seeing that marks began to form around her body.

Malantha felt noting not even when her skin began to split in certain areas of her body. Malantha even covered with a small piece of fabric did not noticed, she just walked out of the bathing room and before she could get into the room where she slept her body gave out. Her knees bucked under her, her sight went black, her body fell to the ground hitting the cold marble with a thump. All were worried not only for her but for the child, but Laila's face gave them hope that the child was fine. Malantha wasn't really breathing,"Help her  get to her bed." Hurrem ordered Mustafa, who did what he was told but feared touching what was the King's. He placed her in the bed and covered her, Malantha's motionless body laid upon the silk sheets wet from the water, yet her soul was being sent back into the time of Elizabeth of York. She only had a short time to be there or great harm would come to her.  

" Go get the king." Hurrem commanded once more and without a second thought, Mustafa did just that. Malantha could not try to stop him as she went in the realm of memories. The one shadow following behind her.. Her heart becoming black as she laid there. Would she still be innocent enough for her husband? Would she be desired? She knew little of the matters of sex and often feared that she was not pleasing enough for him. This fear was the driving force for what she was doing. 

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