Haseki Hatice Teboria(Ottoman Black Pearl) (ShahanShah's consort)(OI)

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Age: 28
Sign: Cancer

Country: Turkey
Signup Date: September 20, 2017

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I took the time to look these up and stuff please don稚 steal these are unique to Hatice. Don稚 be lazy 

In order to truly claim or posses a mermaid like Hatice, one must break her and bind her to their will. Rather she screams out for it to stop or enjoys it one must continue to break her and mold her. Once this is done then the mermaid shall be forever their owner's possession. 

Nature葉hey feel united to nature at the core of their being.

Time葉ime is not real for them.

Psychic Empathy葉hey literally feel what others feel.

Emotional Independence and Detachment葉hough empathic, they are also detached. They have no need to bond with others.

Relationships葉hey realize that men cannot love as they love.

Innocence (and Being Uninhibited)葉heir innocence and uninhibited sensuality are beyond human understanding.

On ,Human Beings葉o put it mildly, they see human beings as not being fully alive.

Secretive葉hey are adept at concealing who they are from others.

Death葉hey see death as a transition by which they go home.


Traits Unique to Hard-Core Mermaid Women


Sense and Heal from a Distance葉hey can instantly connect to anyone on earth they think about.

Relation to Water葉hey are bonded to water.

Water Energy and Healing葉hey use water energy to heal.

Contact with the Astral Plane庸airies, the dead, and out-of body experiences.

Other Psychic Abilities葉elekinesis, mesmerism, and clairvoyance.

Senses葉hey have a profound appreciation for taste and smell.

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