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Age: 14
Sign: Cancer

Country: Greece
Signup Date: September 29, 2018

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sweeter abilities Only a few. Aquagirl has a variety of water abilities both light and dark. She can use them for her own pleasure or to help protect whom she wishes.

Water manipulation: the ability to manipulate water.

Weather Manipulation: The ability to manipulate the weather for one's own pleasure.

Water magic:The ability to use water magic in various forms.

Aquatic Respiration:the ability to breath underwater.

Underwater/Telepathic communication: While underwater the user is able to use telepathy to communicate. Aqua girl also has the ability to speak telepathically.

Water generation:The ability to generate water out of nowhere

Merfolk Physiology: the ability to change one's form to look like merfolk.

these are only just a few.

Dark powers: These are those she uses when she is on the darker side

Blood bending:Also known as Blood Manipulation  Due to the fact that Blood is a liquid Tula has the ability to bend a person to her will by using her powers to bend their blood inside their very frame.

Blood Magic:The is an inherited ability to which the user can use their blood to cast spells.

Water attacks: simply explained attacks based with water against enemies.

Blood Crystallization:The user can solidify, or crystallize, the blood within themselves or others to use as weapons and/or tools

Haemokinetic combat:The user is able to utilize blood with their physical combat, creating weapons or tools, enhancing their own abilities or directly manipulating their opponents blood.

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