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Age: 28
Sign: Cancer

Country: Romania
Signup Date: November 18, 2017

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Rules... Please read and follow
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Let us begin.
I am not Claire Holt. Let's get that straight. She is an actress and an amazing one at that. Nor am I, Giulia. Clearly, she is a made up character. 

1. Do not steal any of my edits or my storyline. First off it is rude and lazy. Really go come up with your own storyline and if you need edits or help with them I will be more than willing to help. Just don't steal. If I find out you do then you will be deleted and blocked. Giulia's storyline and such is original. I will not deal with anyone stealing from me. 
2. When it comes to replies OI Members will be done first but more importantly Giulia's father. Followed by any of her connections. This is not to be rude this is just how it will be. Furthermore, do not rush me on replies. I will try to get to you as fast as I can. It takes time to create.
3. My rl comes first. I am in college and can get busy as well as family matters. Furthermore, there is one that will be above all.
4. I will do multi-para to novella but please again give me time to reply. I'll respect you with that.
5. Be respectful and I'll do the same.
6. I will not do any erotica with anyone other than the person who is behind Giulia's father. Meaning his characters. Which means for this character only Giulia's father can tap it. Be respectful in that but all other verses like Religious(Occult) Historical(with a twist) Supernatural(clearly), Horror(Gore) And Dark Fantasy can be done. Crossovers like with Sci-fi can happen within reason.
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7. I will not give out my personal information. Do not ask it especially if we have only started to rp with each other. Only one person can really reach me in rl and he knows why. This is not to be rude to anyone this is for protection. 
8. Do not cyberstalk me. I have already had that and I will not deal with it. Sorry if you think my character is fucking your man.. Get a life. She isn't. Only person she wants is her father.
9. Giulia's storyline has an incest twist to it. Point being she is the lover of her father and he is her master. If you do not like this than you need to tell me a head of time and I'll try not to mention it. However, she again will not sleep with you. I would prefer if you don't like the fact there is an incest storyline than please just don't ask for a storyline. I'm very proud of the storyline.
10. Do not try to control my character. I will not do it to yours and I can control my own. Thank you.
11. Giulia has a monster hidden inside her that is very unstable. This is because she was forced to suppress her vampire side which makes her at times very murderous and  will not care for your life. The only person whom she'll care for when she is in this mental state is her father and baby.
More rules when I can think of them.

New rules
12. Connections should have an ongoing storyline. This Is really simple.
13. I am not here to hear about your issues all the time. This goes along with no OCC drama. I really dont need it. 
14. Please know mutes will be deleted within a week. I understand people go through moments but frankly Im
Here to write not be on your list looking pretty. And like I said before her father will come before all and Oi members after
Please, read and sign these rules.
Please follow them.
You may get a warning on some but  on others I'll remove you from my list.
It is not thing personal,
Giulia Lefay
Nocturnal Doll
Daddy's Broken Doll. 
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