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Age: 114
Sign: Pisces

Country: United Kingdom
Signup Date: August 18, 2015

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Abilities, Powers, and Characteristics
Category: Writing


Rapid Healing: Comes naturally due to her being an animal-morpher.  The amount of damage done though determines how long it takes for her to heal. The healthier she is the faster the process occurs. Wounds received from enchanted or magical objects take longer to heal.

Animal Morphing: Not to be confused with shape shifting as Heart is reduced to morphing to one animal only; this is a black leopardess.  Not to be confused with a black panther although they are sometimes referred to as such. Heart can do this at will, in a matter of seconds, whenever the mood suits her and will more often than not refer to her feline form as the 'Dark Huntress'.

Adaptability: Pertains to her surroundings and most weapons within a degree. Heart of Darkness is a warrior at heart and a soldier by nature. This skill comes in handy on the battlefield or when taking down large prey. Speaks several different languages.  Among them to name a few:  French, Latin, Portuguese, Romanian, and Punjabi/Hindi/Tamil.

Superhuman speed/Superhuman reflexes: Leopard(ess)'s by nature are fast. When combined with the skills she already possesses through time and her leopardess form (one in the same) Heart can cover many miles in just seconds. Her senses and strength are based mainly on those pertaining to her leopardess.

Telepathy: Is her ability to communicate through way of the mind with another. This pertains to her leopardess and human self.

Mind Control: Is a thought Heart can project into the mind of another, weather it is a real image or something made-up. A way of controlling what another can picture for a brief moment in their mind's eye.

Mind Block: Ability to block those with the ability of mind control from reading her mind or controlling her in any way with theirs.

Magick: Is the "Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will", it is used mainly as a survival technique.  Though powerful, Heart can conjure anything within seconds, (a trait she learned from Alexandros, though not as powerful as his).

Empathy: Is limited to a degree where she may see herself in some situations or the people, unable to relate to an individual or situation in others. (The intellectual identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another).

Precognition: Is feeling good or bad about something with a vague glimpse into the possible outcome of a situation. As well, she can pick up on the feelings of others from a particular mood or energy in the presence of another.

Darkness/Shadow Power (limited use): Darkness/ Shadow Camouflage/cloaking.  Can move within the darkness or shadows, and use them to escape detection or being captured.  Because the is partially nocturnal she can see in the darkness or into the shadows without the use of light.

Characteristics & Abilities of Black Leopardess

First off Leopards have rosettes and not spots.

An ability to climb trees or carry prey up into a tree. We are arboreal predators adapted to living or moving about in trees.

Powerful swimmer

Extremely agile

Run over 36 mph

Leap approximately 20 feet

Jump approximately 10 feet

Notoriously stealthy

We are mostly nocturnal creatures, doing most of our hunting at night.

Opportunistic hunters, very handy for that wounded being, elf or faery. =licks lips=

Cunning! We're artfully Subtle! Also informally charming, cute or appealing. We possess either finesse or intrigue depending on the situation.

Nothing ever goes to waste! We consume virtually ANY animal we can hunt down and catch. When it comes to hunting humans I tend to leave the skeleton, entrails, and genitals.

Adaptability to habitat falls under my ability to adapt to my surroundings.

Our black color is a melanistic morph that occurs in mountainous areas and rain forests. It is an increased amount of black pigmentation in the hair or skin.

If anyone has ever observed a cat in varying modes, Heart of Darkness displays some of these characteristics even in human form as she is one in the same. Most felines can dislocate bones and or collapse certain parts of their body's in order to get into or out of small spaces or capture.

We've been known since antiquity to humans in ancient Greece.

Successfully, the manipulation had worked better than one could have hoped.  Human blood cells easily bonded with those of the black leopardess.  At a rate even the creator had not been expecting.  therefore they are one in the same.  Two sides of the same coin; you cannot come closer to being the same of something and so completely different.
*Leopard stats and characteristics found via http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leopard

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