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The Mother of Shadows meets the York Rose(part 1)
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Malantha was fully aware of the one named Elizabeth of York and her mother who was proclaimed a witch long ago. She knew that it is was the York and Tudor blood that sat upon the throne of England, yet was curious on how she handle the fact that her marriage was prearranged. It was well known that she and Henry VII had many issues, but then again many of the kings and queens of England had issues with their marriage. The two young women had been cut from the same cloth. Both were born from noble families and both of their fathers had done great things.

Though in Malantha’s mind her father, Suleiman Sultan had far surpassed anything Edward IV.  The young Imperium Rose learned all she could about the York Rose, who stopped the Cousin War by giving birth to a son. This brought it to Malantha’s attention that women are much strong that the men around could ever imagine. It is their bodies that can carry the little lives that would soon change the world. They both lived in a man’s world. A world ruled by men and still they were able to rise far above what anyone could ever imagine, but most importantly those who were their own parents.

But sadly only one was still breathing the air of the world. Malantha being a cunning young woman one day stood on her balcony while her daughter was fast asleep. Her mother stood behind her just a few feet. The once Sultanna now was reduced to being a servant to her own daughter, but that was how the fates decided to bring forth. “M’lady, you called for me?” Mustafa, Malantha’s most trusted servant said kneeling low upon the marble ground. Malantha gave a slight smile still not turning around to face him," I want you to go to England and bring me back the body of Elizabeth Of York. It shouldn't be too hard. I wish to speak to her." she said taking a sip of some wine. 

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Mustafa's and Hurrem's eyes widen slightly looking up at her." Did I say you could look at me?" Malantha asked with a slight commanding tone in her voice along with her Turkish accent. "If you can not bring me her body, bring me something of hers. It is important since she like myself  had to bring life into the world. She above what others thought of her did more for her people than anyone could ever imagine. She bonded two families and forced peace through using her womb." Malantha gave a soft laugh moving a few pieces of her long red hair from her eyes.

"You wish to speak to the dead, Daughter? You know that is strictly forbidden from this realm. If your father ever was to come to know of this.." She heard Hurrem say with a slight motherly tone in her voice. "If he was to find out he could do nothing mother." Malantha began to say before turning around one hand upon her swollen womb and the other holding the golden goblet. "He no longer rules. My husband does and if my husband has a problem with what I wish to do than he can stop me." she said with a slight smirk upon her face.

"Father lost all say in my life a long time ago. The moment he had me locked in my room when I was just a child. I was innocent, yet because of my mark or curse as your put it than I was shunned. I will no longer be shunned by anyone. I am far more important than that." She said walking passed the kneeling Mustafa and Hurrem. She looked at her daughter who was moving around her crib. Most likely dreaming shadow dreams. Malantha watched as a shadow moved from the corner of the room over to her daughter hovering over Laila like a protective thing. She smiled a little feeling at ease then looked towards Mustafa once more.

"Please do as I ask. I trust you greatly.. My friend. You have been there a lot longer than most within this household and know the true timing of my claiming. You did not cast me away even after the mark was known at my birth. Please. I need to do this." she said with a slight smile upon her face. He gave a slight sigh and nodded."Yes. Of course. I'll go right away." she smiled and clapped her hands." Do it secretly. I know my husband, Sullivan will know before anyone else.. But this needs to be done quietly so the ambassador to England does not find out." She explained. Mustafa only nodded and stood up before bowing once more. 

"Yes, my queen." he said in a soft submissive tone."Thank you.. Take who you trust and please be safe." she said walking over to him and placing a protective necklace around his neck. The necklace had a jewel shaped like a moon, yet the jewel was not blue instead was blood red. She gave another smile and wished him a safe trip before he left the room bowing as he went. Once the door was closed and her mother and her was the only ones left in the room besides the sleeping baby, Malantha turned to her. "I know you do not agree with this mother, but as I said if my beloved did not wish for me to do this or when when finds out becomes angry then I shall not do it." 

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Hurrem was still weary because she was still under the control of her own husband and by law did what he wanted, but then again Hurrem loved Suleiman. Not only that,Hurrem knew what Malantha would have to do in order to speak to someone who had passed on from this world. Malantha was heavily pregnant and this could put her in danger as well as the child. Malantha was often known for being reckless and Hurrem was still her mother, but Malantha telling her that if Sullivan  was not alright with it than she wouldn't do it seemed to put her at ease.

"Go see your granddaughter sleeping. Please watch over her while I prepare. I know this will will take a lot out of me and if it helps I'll send word to Sullivan, my beloved and if he comes back or send words he disagrees I will not do it." she said kissing her mother before gathering a few things. Hurrem bowed and slowly walked over to her granddaughter then grabbed a chair to sit in next to the little crib. Malantha gave a smile as she watched her mother settle in the chair before she began to sing to the little one. She quickly walked to her desk in the study and wrote a little note for her husband to tell him what she planned to do. She knew she needed his permission above all. Once she was finished, Malantha sealed it with her seal and walked out of the study.

 The ShahanShah's Little Wolf  walked to the door and told one of the guards outside something for her husband."Go find my husband and please give him this." she said giving him a little note sealed with her seal. 

Within the little note held the words,
"My Beloved,
I attend to have Mustafa bring me the body of Elizabeth of York or at least something that belonged to her. I wish to speak to her beyond the grave, however, if you do not wish me to do so than I will not.

Your most faithful and loyal wife..
Your little wolf,

The ShahanShan's little wolf watched the guard slowly walked down the hall before he went out of her sight then closed the door locking it. No mortal lock would work for her husband so it was not for him that she locked it. Taking a deep breath, Malantha went back to gathering up her items.  Holding in her arms, Malantha carried candles and some lighters. She once again looked at her mother and her daughter smiling as she walked towards the balcony. Malantha placed the candles in a circle, lit them and shimmered in some limbs to place in a pile on half of the circle. Once everything was in place, Malantha laid in the middle of the circle the smoke from all the candles slowly floated to her. Slowly she began to breathe in the smoke and began to go into a trance that would cleanse her for what was to come. Malantha’s eyes was closed, her breathing was slow, and her body was still other than her chest slowly lifting in the air. Her mother watched as she picked up the baby that was slowly waking up.

“Shh. Child you are alright.” Hurrem said sitting back in the chair with little Laila in her arms. The former Sultan’s eyes looked towards her daughter with worry and fear feeling her heart as her daughter went deeper into her trance. 


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