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Age: 114
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Country: Romania
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Awakening The Dragon of Legend' IE
Category: Story Lines

The Dragon Temple, something that The Mother of all Dragons conceived. It was the place of worship for all her Dragon children and a safe haven for them all as well. It was the source in a way of all their power. She was the mother to all dragons. It wasn't just some fancy title, or something others tried to emulate or copy. It was given to her at birth, her birthright. It was in her blood, she was given the tools to create the Dragon species we know today. Something she had created but never having found the right type of spirit to rule over and keep watch on.The Dragon Temple was sacred, a holy place. Not to be taken lightly. No mortal was allowed to set foot upon the sacred sands of the Ancient Temple. 

Image and video hosting by TinyPicIt was the birthplace to all Dragons. Amora had many Dragons, she had given out many of her children to allies and close friends along with her own family. They always responded to her and came when she called upon them. This Dragon was special, not only would he be the Temple Guardian, but he would become a close member of Amora's inner council as well.Concientia Imperium- Ruler of the Dragon Temple.That was his name, a powerful dragon. One would have to be in order to obtain such an honor. The homeland, the center of all dragons. Blood, and honor. Amora knew this dragon was capable of this and much more. Amora made her way down into the heart of the Temple now. She could feel the ancient echos of all the dragon-warriors of the past and the future. 

The blood of her father, the first dragon.. the eldest and most acient of her species. It flowed through her body. Not very often had her ancient blood been called forth.It actually brought a smile across her face. With everything going on in her life, this was the most constant. A Dragon ceremony was something that she didn't do often. Each time she brought a new dragon to the world, was a calling. A pulling, deep within her soul. The Dragon called out to her from the abyss, and she called out to it as well. It was a yearning. 

Something that she couldn't or didn't do on a daily basis. It was a rare, special event. It's why, whenever she had given a dragon as a gift, or brought one to this plain, that it was a special event.Amora walked barefoot along the sand of the temple floor. She could hear the souls of the Dragon Elders, filling her with the power and wisdom that she'd need in order to awaken this dragon. Her powers were vast and great, but even greater at the center of this temple. Here, her ancient power came to its peek and here it's where she was most powerful and tuned with her Dragon heritage. Her blood-line was the most pure, and the strongest. The Mother of Dragons was not a title made up, or given out of fire.. It was her birth-right.Amora stood within the center of the Temple, low beneath the earth.

 The elements were surrounding and binding to her. Fire, Earth, Wind and Water. All wrapping and coursing around her being. She closed her eyes, and opened them, turning into a blank, white expression now. A model of the Dragon rose from the ground, molded in clay. In power and strength, rising from the center now. An ancient melody appeared from the center of the room, while the grounds shook beneath her. The temple itself began shaking from the power she was emitting.Her body shaking, but not because of fear.. it was because of the power she was giving off her now. The encantation melody was dark, and mysterious. Haunting and angelic, it wasn't her voice, but the voice of all those before her. 

Coming together as one now, fueling with her what she needed now to fulfill her desire of creation. She cast the clay model of the dragon into the ocean now, rising her hand palm upward now, slowly.. her hair waving in the wind while the ocean waters bubbled and the waves crashed against one another roughly.A bolt of lightning hit the ocean waters, hearing a large and intense roar come from beneath the surface now. The waters parted while the head of the dragon rose from the watery depths of the ocean. Amora smiled, feeling the connection of her dragon and herself, watching him being born before her very eyes. She could feel the power of this dragon, different and unique among the others she's created. "Concientia Imperium- Ruler of the Dragon Temple. 

You are awaken to take your rightful place among the Masters of the Universe once more.. it's a pleasure seeing you again old friend.."Amora spoke, in her enchanting voice once more before coming out of her trance-like state now.

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