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Age: 114
Sign: Capricorn

Country: Greece
Signup Date: February 06, 2018

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Rules For RP With The Driver Of Thalia:
Category: Rules & Guidelines

- This is a multi storyline account. So Thalia is not attached to ONE person specifically. Unless pre-discussed and arranged.
- Thalia is STRAIGHT so she prefers MALES. ( In case any spiff of confusion arises.)
- I don't do drama.
- I don't do bullsh*t.
- Pulling me into either will result in you being deleted. I don't normally block but push me far enough and you will get it.

 - I don't do picking and choosing of friends just because some don't get along with one another.
- I am happy to rp and talk to ANYONE on my list. Don't be shy.
- Trying to demean me or my character in any way will get you blocked so fast your head will spin. Think I won't say anything about it? Try me.
- I don't like god modding. I will play Thalia as I see fit. Have a suggestion? Inbox me.
- Then, if you are in a relationship with a girl or girls and they piss about YOU being their's in the words of "he's mine"? That irritates the sh*t out if me. I am an adult so I prefer to write with the same calibre. So keep "her" at bay. Your child should grow up! This is an adult RP site, so act like it. 
 - Stalking of my posts, comments and acc by your f*ck buddy will get you deleted. Handle it.
 - I write para, multi-para to Novella. Novella is optional to whomever I write with. I do not respond to one-liners.
- Please keep in mind I work in real life, so my time on here is limited. Do not press me for replies on anything.
- This is an RP site so.... My real life is off limits to everyone. Please don't ask me about it. It's private.
- Don't ask me about any other accs on here. It's not your business! Period!
- This is MY acc. MY rules. I will post pics, status updates anything else I choose. As well as portray Thalia as I see fit. Don't like it? Leave. Simple.
- Once you are deleted by me or I am deleted by you, stay gone.
( These can and will be added to as needed. In the event of you not agreeing with MY rules? Please find the nearest EXIT.)
Thank you.
The Writer/Driver.

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