Ambrosia (The lost Sultan) ( Siren)(OI)

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One thinks that being born into a royal family meant you are free, yet with Ambrosia, her blood chained her to the room of her birth. From the moment that she was born, took her first breaths, and opened her eyes,Ambrosia's mother kept her newborn daughter chained to the very room of her birth. This was because, the woman named Gulfem Sultan knew very well that a great darkness was soon cover the Ottoman Empire. Gulfem, the consort of Suleiman the Magnificent, could feel the sifting of the spiritual realm begin once the birth of Malantha and Melaina, both daughters of Suleiman and Hurrem Sultan. Being the midwife of Hurrem, Gulfem was the first to see the mark placed upon Malantha's inner thigh. She knew what this meant and being that there was many rumors about the Sultan family dating back to the time of Osman Sultan, Gulfem did not wish her daughter to be anywhere around Malantha or even Melaina, whom as they grew into young children seemed calmer if not meeker than Malantha, whom seemed to have this darkness around her.

For Ambrosia this meant that unlike her other siblings she could never go out and play with them rather in the hallways or in the vast beautiful gardens. Giving the young, Ambrosia a difficult and lonely life filled with nothing but the emptiness that comes with being raised alone with no company. The only person that gave her company was her own mother and from time to time her father that came to see how her studies were coming along. Being a daughter of the Sultan, meant even if she was hidden away she still would have to learn the ways of court in order to be used to further her father's ideals and line. 

Ambrosia knew at least for now there would be no escaping the cage that her own mother though loving had placed her in. Ambrosia knew very well that her mother was only doing what she thought was best, but that did not mean that she did not long for freedom at least to see her siblings  or even touch the sand that laid upon the beach or allow the cool water to touch her soft skin. However, her mother would never budge feeling that if she did than little Ambrosia being a half siren and human could be easily drawn to the same darkness that Malantha seemed to enjoy.

Ambrosia, though being locked behind the doors of her chambers knew very well that Malantha was an outcast even within the family. She knew the red haired princess seemed to always been drawn to an unknown or force that Malantha proclaimed to be her true master. Rather Ambrosia fully understood what that meant or not, she was no fool and would not go near the one named Malantha. All she wanted was to at least see the sun from outside of her chambers, yet her mother still would not move from what she proclaimed to be the law. Rather her mother liked it or not there would be a claim upon all the daughters of the Sultan.

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Gulfem's fears were soon realized when one night she returned to check on what should have been a sleeping Ambrosia only to find a shadowy form over her daughter. Gulfem felt as if she was powerless against whatever was over her daughter, yet she was still a mother and quickly ran to her daughter waking her up and pulling her from the bed. Ambrosia barely awake heard a soft growl in her ear followed by," you can't keep what shall happen from coming dear one. What is written shall be done." The voice was calm, collected, slightly seductive as if the voice could easily draw a person in, yet also rough and full of anger. Before Ambrosia could even think, her mother pulled her closer and whispered some ancient words that she could not figure out even if she tried. However, once Gulfem said the words the dark mass slowly fade into the corners that were not touched by the light of the torches. Once gone it was as if a heaviness was lifted from the room, Gulfem ran her fingers through Ambrosia's hair as she tried to put her back to sleep. What Ambrosia did not know was that soon Gulfem would make a decision that would change her life forever.

Her decision was a hard one for any mother and after speaking with Suleiman about it, the choice was put into motion to have Ambrosia sent away. But it would not be in comfort that she would travel, no the way of the Sirens was either be free or bond to something in order to be fully under the control of the siren bloodline. This meant for Ambrosia would be sold to someone she had never knew and on the following morning of the encounter that changed everything, Ambrosia was awoken to her mother packing only a few things. Ambrosia did not know what was going on but when her mother told her to quickly get up and help she did so knowing that she must respect her mother even if she was a bit odd at times. Ambrosia quickly got up, put a robe on, and went to pack what she could before her mother grabbed her hand and pulled her through the secret passage way that lead from her room. Ambrosia did would never say goodbye to her father leaving at such a early hour before anyone else was awake at least within the royal family. 

Going through the passage ways, Ambrosia knew not where she was going nor did she ask her mother. Deep down inside there was a gnawing feeling that something was wrong and that she would have some harm come to her at the end of the passage way. Ambrosia simply kept her eyes looking down focused on her breathing with in the back of her mind the voice that seemed to now haunt her. 

(coming soon more)


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