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A means to an end part 1 (Free Write)
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Past sins

The contracts made long ago sealed her fate even before she was thought about or her parents for that matter, yet no matter what the contracts said, Malantha would only chose one to be with for the rest of her life. Osman wished to have great power, but when it came time to pay up the price he agreed to in his own blood to one known as the Shadow King, the great Sultan refused sealing the fate of his entire line to the Shadow King. Centuries after the fateful moment of the betrayal to the Shadow King, Malantha was born yet her family particularly her father would try to lock her away thinking it would keep her away from the king. This would fail for the King had already marked her at birth and would have her when the time came right all he would have to do was wait till he could a simple thing such as touch the one he would call, " his little wolf."

When locking her up did not work, Suleiman would try to have her betrothed to another thinking that it would make the Shadow King to release her from the chains placed upon her by the mark. However, the chains were forever stay there and Malantha at young age chose to be with her king when the time was right. She would only want him as a master and only want him as her lover. She would only bow before him, but for the time being all she had to choice of was to play with the man her father picked to be her husband. That time would come soon enough, but for the time being Malantha would have to deal with the man that her father wanted her to marry. It was not as if she did not know him, for he was raised around her being the son of the Pasha, her father's closest friend and adviser.

For the time being Malantha would grow closer to this man named, Patricus at least for what it appeared to be. She in her own heart only loved and cared for one she had never seen or really touched. One that was by any other means trapped in another realm chained to that realm waiting to come into the realm that was promised to him so long ago. Malantha swore she would do whatever she could to bring the love of her heart and the only one she whispered the title” master” to at night.  That was until she found out that Patricus knew all along that she secretly cared for another and planned to do things to her no husband should ever do. Malantha feared to be treated like a doll, to be played with and then put away after her used was fulfilled. This Pasha son planned to do that and so much more, so Malantha did the only thing she could to get away from him and the contract by taking his life.  What Malantha did know was that she fell into the same trap her own ancestor did through breaking a contract, though no done by her still the little red haired princess broke a contract.

Yet, by breaking the one contract the Imperium Rose would seal herself to the first contract and the man she truly cared for. The Shadow King had already laid claim to her long ago in the darkness when no one was watching and no one knew that the rose's fate was sealed to this god of darkness. 

Present-the contract sealed

Years after his death, Patricus haunted Malantha always lurking in the shadows the same hidden place that her beloved master and king visited her at night. Patricus was no fool knowing not to make a move until the right moment, but where he knew not to move he did not know that the Shadow King knew of his presence. Once the Shadow King was fully able to come into the realm of his faithful servant, Malantha, he claimed her as his wife, queen, and little wolf as he did so many years ago. This promised to her for so long was like sweet nothings a lover would tell their beloved to make them feel safe, and now all he promised was coming true. Malantha had never once proclaimed a love for another nor called another master just the man she gave the name Sullivan, so she could call it a night as one does to their beloved. No matter what anyone would do after the fact that she was claimed, Malantha was now his forever and pregnant with his child. 

As payment for her devotion, her beloved offered her three names who would have three deaths. Malantha knew all fully whom she would chose. The first being Mahidevran, her step mother, father's consort, and twin's murder. Mahidevran was quickly killed by her beloved and sent to the shadow realm to be fully tortured. The second would always be in Malantha's mind Ibrahim Pasha, the very man who tried to have her marry his son, and truly hated her mother. In Malantha's eyes to disrespect his queen in such away is to disrespect his ruler which was something that would no longer be put up with in the new realm.  The last name Malantha would give her beloved was simple the very man who haunted her like a cancer tends to do, the man named Patricus was given to her beloved last for his own enjoyment. Ibrahim Pasha's death was done the same way as Mahidevran, but Patricus was not as lucky. He was sent straight to shadow realm where Sullivan where Malantha's loyalty and love would be tested.

Before Malantha could fully prove herself to her beloved, she was first given the task to make her father bow to not just her but her beloved. They would reign in her father’s place which the contract had within it the whole time. This was easily done for Suleiman after so many years upon the throne and carrying the weight of the broken contract caused him to bend his knees to his own daughter. Malantha felt at long last things would be made right at least for her. Malantha could no longer care what happened to the realm after being cast out and made to be ashamed of the mark placed upon her at her birth. Her task completed, Malantha wanted to quickly return to the gaze of her beloved and see something that she longed for to be done away with forever. Malantha had never visited the shadow realm, yet knew that all she needed to do was think of her beloved and open a portal. The Shadows would be her guide into the vast darkness,so the ShahanShah's little red head wolf closed her pearl white eyes and thought of the only man she had ever loved. His face within her mind, Malantha slowly moved her right hand away from her body, opened her palm, took the dagger given to her by her love with her left hand and slowly sliced her flesh allowing her blood to slowly drip from her soft flesh.

Taking slow deep breaths, Malantha only focused on Sullivan, her king and master, as her blood dripped from her open wound yet did not touch the ground. NO, her blood began to slowly spin just a few inch from her hand until there was enough that had pooled into a swirling black hole. At once Malantha heard the screams of the souls that had been collected through different ways. All were tortured by those who served her king, Malantha opened her eyes, looked at her hand now that had been healed as if she had never sliced it. With a smirk Malantha took her first steps into the realm of one she had admired for so long and knew soon an end would come. 

The smell of decay and dried blood filled Malantha's nose as she walked through the dark tunnel of the shadow realm that never seemed to come to an end.  Malantha placed both hands upon her belly feeling the new life within her womb swirl around it as if the young one knew exactly where her mother was located. Malantha gave a smile stopping for a moment to look down upon her belly," calm yourself little one. My little chaos. you are your father's daughter." she said knowing the gender of the baby and knew full and well soon she would carry not just one of Sullivan's children but two.  As she stood there, her long red hair fall in front of her shoulders, Malantha heard a blood curdling scream fill her ears. Looking up a smirk appeared upon her face," that would be your father teaching someone not to touch what is his!" Malantha said walking once more stepping forth with more confidence than before. 

Malantha knew long ago not to touch anyone other than her king and master, for the cost would be their lives and her in chains. Not that she would mind the chains but the thought of another falling to her master would not sit well upon Malantha. Malantha kept walking down the long black tunnel until she saw the ShahanShah's familiar figure slowly come into her view.  She looked down to the man made to kneel before him surrounded by chains and covered in wounds that Malantha assumed was done by the ShahanShah." Bastard! You think that bitch could ever love you? She is nothing!" She heard the person say and the voice, Malantha knew all too well. Patricus, her little stalker brought to his knees made to bow before the one he tried to steal from." She is mine! You have not only tried to touch what is mine, but have disrespected her in the same breath!" Sullivan snapped back quickly as if he was spitting out righteousness or salvation.

Slowly Malantha walked up behind him and put her arms around him as he spoke not to calm her but to make her presence known. Sullivan, however, already knew of her being there and the little one inside that swirled around her mother's womb as Malantha's eyes landed upon the chained up and badly beaten Patricus. Malantha smirked," I suppose that I am the bitch you have proclaimed to be nothing. "She narrowed her eyes slightly and placed on hand upon her stomach as her beloved master placed his hands upon her hips," As for loving him, trust me I do more than you can know. As for you, I think I can come up with something." she said with a smirk looking up at her beloved master. He smiled down and kissed her forehead as he slowly brought his hand around to her growing belly and placed them over hers. " Now, my beloved queen, wife, pet and little wolf, some training begins." 

(part two soon..)


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