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Broken bonds (free write)
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The bond between sisters especially twins normally is a strong one, yet when one twin makes the decision that would change the life of the other that bond can break. Melaina and Malantha was like other twins. Their bond great and powerful even when Malantha was forced to sleep alone even as a newborn in a room far away from Melaina. No matter how much Hurrem and Suleiman tried their bond could never break. This left Melaina opened to having shadows come to her at night like Malantha. Yet unlike Malantha, Melaina tried to stay as innocent as she could forcing herself to pray for them to leave. All the shadows did was watch and laugh as the words left her mouth. They stood at the end of bed at night shouting, “ your mate has been chosen even before you have thought of marriage. You won’t like the outcome.” Their laughs and hateful words filled her mind as she grew up until her mind, heart and body was stopped by one who claimed to love her father.

Mahidevran, the head consort of Melaina’s father upon taking the young one’s life sealed her fate. Her jealousy with Hurrem caused her to become blind to the fact that she had played right into one named the Shadow King’s hands. He would use her twin sister Malantha’s love for her to make a contract with him in order to bring Melaina back from the underworld. Yet he would wait until he had claimed Malantha as his wife , possession and mother of his children as well as Hatice as his consort and toy. This meant that he would seal her fate to one that had the title of the Death Knight. Melaina under the new rule of the Shadow King and his new bride, her sister Malantha had no other choice but to obey them. Melaina knew nothing of the ways of men being dead for so long nor did she understand what happened to her twin that would cause such a deal to be made.

Her twin through the pain of the loss of Melaina had unknowingly sealed her to a man that would use her for breeding and his pleasure. She being a simple girl would end up falling for him more than she would have wanted and would be devoted to him. The Death Knight, Mannfred would be the only man that Melaina would ever know in the way a wife knows her husband. Unlike Malantha, Melaina was never claimed at a young age by the Shadows simply tortured by them. This caused as well as the contract sealing her fate, a broken bond between the two sisters. 

( more coming)

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