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Age: 27
Sign: Capricorn

Country: Switzerland
Signup Date: November 01, 2017

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Category: Rules & Guidelines

Rules are pretty basic.

Don't be a dick, follow the rules, and follow the old ways of role play ie: no godmodding, auto playing, or power playing.  

For your information: I am a first person writer.  So everything is from the perspective of the character as an inner monologue.  I can write in different styles if I wanted,  and in different time periods.  Not interested in drama or BS.  Ooc is very minimal.  Also not interested in a romantic sl.  This personna is not looking for lust, love, romance, erotica, relationships, or one night stands.  Please do not attempt to force an awkward story line on me with the intent to fuck.  I'm down to fuck... Fuck your shit up.

This character is immortal in the Highlander sense.  (Being the series and movie franchise).

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