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The Witch Sisters
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The conquering of the Ottoman Imperium was easy for Malantha’s husband known only as the Shahanshah, but to her was known as her beloved king and master. She knew his name that only a few close to him would ever know for she was the one that gave it to him the very night that he claimed her as his own. Due to the conquering and the dethroning of her father as Sultan, a new way of handling things would take place. Malantha was use to the dark magic that her beloved had around him, yet the realm did not nor would understand what the new rulers were all about. Those who were left alive would have to get used to the way the Shahanshah and his queen wanted the realm to do. Magic would become a big part of the royal family having only three of the children of Suleiman left alive all being females. Two of the sisters were bound to the Shahanshah, Malantha and Hatice would bare his children so the next generation would continue to conquer more and more as their father wanted more lands under his rule. Melaina, Malantha’s twin was given to the Death Knight of the realm as his wife and possession. Hatice and Melaina had no choice in the matter of who they were bound to and force to bare children to. Malantha had a deal with her beloved king and master and exchange her twin once she was returned to the world of the living would be given by force to the Death Knight rather Melaina liked it or not. 

This new rule meant that Malantha had no reason to fear about being different or drawn the dark world that her beloved came from, in fact, she was encourage to find out more. Now that she carried not one of his children but two little ones inside her womb, Malantha knew that she had no other choice than gather around her those who knew magic rather it was light or dark. However, Malantha was tainted and self-taught through the many nights of her beloved coming to her for centuries. Yet there was two new females that had entered into the realm of which Malantha knew little about other than they were tied to her new step son Diablo.  Being a new mother not just of those inside her womb but to her step son, Malantha wanted to make the two sisters feel welcome in the new Imperium. 

She did not care what her father thought nor what her mother thought of her having those who they were consider evil around her or the unborn lives. To Malantha now her father and mother were nothing more than servants after her husband took over, yet to her surprise her father felt some relief after all the centuries of the Sultan having to carry the burden of what Osman did to her husband so long ago. Rather what she was going to do next was just to spite the traditions and old rule, Malantha quickly went to work to summon the two sisters knowns as the White Witch and Dark Witch. First she wrote the one known as the Dark Witch a simple summon to her inner court. Taking her quill in her left hand she dipped it into red ink and began writing:
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                        “Dear Calia Calder,
I wish to meet you hearing that you have some ties to my step son Diablo. Do no fear, I am not here to make your life a living hell simply seeing what you are all about. I also wish to welcome you to the Imperium personally. I hear you are known as the Dark Witch and also wish to see how dark you truly are, furthermore, seeing your sister is known as the White Witch to see how far she can handle true darkness. My husband and I are shifting things within the realm into the shadows and ancient ways of the way things are done. It is my hope and wish that you come and help in this.
 Shahmam Malantha Teboria.”

Once she sealed it with her seal and turned to a group of shadows that stood behind her always feeling their presence, the red-haired former princess ordered them to deliver the letter to the one known as the Dark Witch with respect or she not her husband would deal with them. When the shadows took from her pale soft left hand and disappeared, the Pearl eyes queen turned back to another piece of parchment paper laying upon her desk.  She took the quill tightly within her hand and dipped it into the  red ink and quickly went to write the next letter. 

                      “ Dear Bella Calder,
I hear you are related to the one known as the Dark Witch and have some connection to my step son Diablo. I wish to welcome you to the new realm of The Imperium and wish to see what you are really about. Do you care to take me up on this offer? It would be a great honor and pleasure to meet you. I am not here sending this invitation to be the nosey step mother simply a woman wanting to see what the magical realm has to offer.
Shahmam Malantha Teboria”

Again she sealed the letter with her seal, grabbed hold the group of shadows slithering around her neck, and threw them into the air. Instantly they formed a form of a man and bowed on their knees. “ Take this to the White Witch and be respectful yet see what she is about in personality then come back.” Malantha said with a thick Turkish accent, holding with her left hand the letter and with her right hand placed gently upon her belly. Malantha knew she had little time before the trial would be done where she would either die or be able to carry the children to term being reborn not simply a human young woman but a new creature. It was what her husband wanted and it was her duty to make sure her children came into the world. Furthermore, she knew that perhaps by having two witches close by would be of great use to her as well as the realm. The shadows that formally were a snake took from her left hand gently the letter and disappeared quickly, once she was alone Malantha sat back down upon the chair behind her desk to wait for the unknown. 

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Shahmam Malantha Teboria (His only)(M)( Sullivan’s lil wolf )(OI)(Pregnant )


Malantha's twisted words

No one really knew Malantha's true attention except for her husband who had a link and bond with her that many would never understand. Ever since she was little he was linked to her more than her parents would have ever wanted for their little red head, but she even as a child had other plans. Yet even so there was a time like Bella that Malantha had a joyous personality and indeed she at times had been naive like she could see that this white witch was truly. Through Bella, Malantha could see her own childhood that had slipped away not through the ShahanShah's doing but through her own parents and the one she had been forced into a betrothal with,though she never blamed her ex betrothed. It was not his fault that he was not the man that her ShahanShah was nor was he strong enough to make her call him master as she did her beloved at least in the bedroom. The female standing before her knew nothing that was going to come, yet Malantha, the Shadow Queen did not seem to worry too much. Malantha looked at the pure white witch and gave a motherly smile.

The young woman seemed polite enough, yet Malantha could not help but feel she had her true abilities trapped deep inside the cage that she called her soul. Malantha, herself once was trapped both from the traditions and from her parents fear of the darkness that haunted her from a young age. It was when she truly was claimed by the Shadow King, her ShahanShah and Alpha when Malantha became her true-self. Malantha could see that the woman trusted her as well as she should with how Malantha was acting. However, when Malantha looked into Bella's eyes she could see the longing within her eyes to see her twin as Malantha once did when Melaina laid upon a cold marble slab upon her death. Twins unlike other sisters had some bond that other siblings would never understand even her own half brother Mustafa, whom Malantha at one time was closed to would never understand it. Many would had even proclaimed that Mustafa was a bit jealous over the bond the twins had with each other, but now that mattered not for Malantha's king took her brothers' lives making sure only his line and the lines of those who worked under him would remain. Yet only his spawn would be the ones to have a place in the royal blood line and rule whenever and whenever he wished.

Seeing her bow, Malantha returned a slight bow only doing so with her head." The pleasure is all mine. It is an honor to have you here." she said with a sweet motherly smile that those within the realm would know that was clearly fake. Malantha after being claimed had changed a great deal from the little girl she once had been. Malantha gave another and smile and looked around for a moment thinking of what else to say, it had been a long time since she actually had people come on her invention. Her ShahanShah took Suleiman's (her father's) succession. When the young female, Bella noticed Malantha's stomach,she placed one hand upon her belly feeling the little lives inside her womb swirl with delight. They were both in many ways like their father and like their mother but more evil than anyone would ever know.

She gave a slight smile and nodded her head running her fingers on her other hand through her long red hair pulling a few strands of hair out of her face as the wind blew slightly. " Yes, well they are my little ones and I can't wait for them to be in the world. Though they will not until I pass the test of the Goddess of Souls." she looked up slightly then towards Bella." It's a long story but lets just say I will no longer be myself as I am now." she looked at her servant Mustafa who gave a slight worried smile towards her," All light will fade from me yet it is what a mother must do and her duty towards her children and husband comes first." she said looking back at Bella. " Thank you for the potions and herbs. I'm sure they will help with the little ones. Though I know nothing about herbs and such." she said with a slight laugh. She gave a slight nod," one can say that. One can say I invited you here to see what your real potential really is."

Posted by Shahmam Malantha Teboria (His only)(M)( Sullivan’s lil wolf )(OI)(Pregnant ) on Mon Nov 27, 2017, 23:11

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Bella Calder {White Witch}*OI*


Again, Bella was a very naive girl and she couldnt tell if she was walking into a trap or that this invitation was whole hearted and genuine. Bella always dreamed of coming to the palace and deeper inside the kingdom. She was amazed at all she saw on her journey to the palace. The young blonde had an innocence about her. The energy that came off of her was sickinignly sweet and lingered in the air. She was completely unaware of such a thing though she had been told she resembled the sunshine, especially when the days were cloudy. Bella took pride in her smile and also putting smiles on others faces.

Bella lacked a lot of powers. They laid dormant inside her as she was only taught certain things with her magic. She wouldn't be as advanced as her sister. Bella was completely unaware that her sister still existed. It had been many years since she saw her twin. As much as they say, twins could feel each other, Bella had stopped feeling the separation years ago. Wondering if perhaps her sister placed a spell so that she couldn't be found. Bella had long forgotten her sister, and she felt it was for the best, other than an emptiness inside her. She longed to see her sister again. Bella had no clue that her sister wanted nothing to do with her and wanted Bella to suffer like Callia had all those years, alone.

As she saw Malantha coming, she bowed politely to the Princess with a sweet, innocent smile on her face. Bella was delighted to finally meet the ruler of the kingdom she so happily resided in. "It is an honor to meet you, Your Majesty. No apologies necessary. I am just happy to receive your invitation to such a lovely palace." Bella's words were sickeningly sweet and her voice was soft and soothing. She looked to Malantha's belly that looked like she would pop at any moment. Bella smiled brighter. 'And....It seems your carrying a beautiful cargo with please, do not worry about the wait. I do hope its a healthy pregnancy. If you would like, I did bring some potions and healing herbs that can help with any complications you may be having or will have. Did you invite me here due to my powers?" Bella was always happy to help someone. Its what she always took pride and pleasure in doing.

Posted by Bella Calder {White Witch}*OI* on Mon Nov 27, 2017, 15:11

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Shahmam Malantha Teboria (His only)(M)( Sullivan’s lil wolf )(OI)(Pregnant )


Witch Sisters- Malantha's appearances are only skin deep. A connection with Calia.

The truth about Malantha was that though she looked or acted younger than what people would think she was and the fact that she made sure she did not always act all proper like her mother did many people would not know that she was the King’s wife. Malantha only did this so that if she were to take a life or do harm to others that they would not expect it furthermore, many did not think the innocent looking girl had anything to do with the dark side of things. Malantha’s secret was simple her beloved husband from marking her inside her mother’s womb made sure that no such brainwashing of her parent’s religion or traditions but a few could touch her mind. Only his thoughts, wants, and of course domination was allow to have anything to do with her mindsets. This made her cling to the darkness and the shadows as if they were her friends which in many ways when she was a young girl sent away from the only home she knew they had been the only things Malantha talked to coiling the chains of her husband around her tighter.

As for the fact of Diablo, it was not much that Malantha did not know of the doings within her realm and with the realm of demons. Diablo was her new step son even if she had yet to meet him. Being a soon to be mother and tied to the Goddess of Souls(soon to be the host for the goddess) Malantha made sure to at least act more social than her normal way. This being different from her own mother when it came to Mustafa, son to Suleiman and Mahidevran his once head consort. Hurrem and Mahidevran when it came to the other one's children they had nothing to do with them. This would change under Malantha for it was not the children's fault and after all Diablo was from the same flesh and blood as her husband. As well as it could simply test how far Malantha would go to make someone else’s life a living hell other than the ones within her own family that she had already done by helping her husband come into the realm.

When the other woman introduced herself and said that she seemed like her kind of woman, Malantha gave a simple smirk," Depends on your kind of woman. But it is a pleasure to meet you. I think this shall be fun." she looked at the other young woman she had in chains." This isn't really what I enjoy but these little ones demand such sacrifices and for my children I will do anything." she said coldly with no expression upon her face. She said nothing more for a long moment before shadows grew from her womb and slowly slither up the woman’s legs that was in chains until the body was completely consumed and sucked inside Malantha’s opened mouth. Malantha wiped her mouth and fixed her hair then returned the bow of her head showing respect to the woman. That was just how Malantha was appearing to be humble when truly Malantha was far more selfish or hungry for power than anyone truly ever would know.

Malantha handled the now loosen cold metal chains to Mustafa, her servant and then gave a smile towards Calia, " Well, I called you here simply to learn about you and as well to see how far you sister can go without breaking. Darkness can taint the purest of hearts no matter how pure one thinks they are." she said with a thick Turkish accent. An evil smirk appeared slowly across her face and the servant, Mustafa next to her knew all too well what Malantha meant for the samething was said about her when her husband first claimed her as his own. Malantha gave a little laugh at mention of her appearance of not being so dark," Appearances aren't always what they seem, yet you are not the first to say that about me. It is how I chose to be innocent to only one my husband everyone else is fair game for the most part." she replied to her. Then looked up at the sky," shall we go in or for a walk in the garden before your sister arrives? "

Posted by Shahmam Malantha Teboria (His only)(M)( Sullivan’s lil wolf )(OI)(Pregnant ) on Mon Nov 20, 2017, 19:11

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Calia Calder {Dark Witch}*OI*


Callia had waited, almost growing more and more impatient as she waited to be let inside. She was curious as to why the Princess wanted to see her and she had only started to summon Diablo. Callia was more and more intgiued to know why she was really here. She smelled a familiar smell in the air. One she hadn't came accross in many many years. It was the smell of a certain goodness that made Callia cringe. She shook her head in disbelief that her sister would be around here. She fought inside her head that it wasn't true as she was then approached by people, she pushed the thought outside her head as she forced a polite smile, her best one that she could anyways as they approached her.
Callia did not know the woman was the princess. She didn't want to be rude either, as it was her first time being inside the kingdom. She looked at Malantha with a smirk of sorts, seeing the young one being pulled behind. "You seem like my kind of woman. Darkness is always a great friend of mine. You have a dark energy, eminating from yourself, dear. I am Callia Calder. Somewhat an expert of dark energies and all that a like." Callia bowed her head as she introduced herself to one she had no knowledge of being the princess. She nodded as Malantha then introduced herself. Callia smirked once more and simply bowed her head again. An informal display, though Callia wasn't one for formality.
She looked at the young girl there at the side of Malantha and she grinned a little bigger as she looked to the princess. "I sure do appreciate your extra-curricular activities....or....Your feeding habits, Your Majesty..." Callia finally bowed gracefully to her Princess as she now had full respect towards her. "I am curious as to why you have invited me here." She spoke after a slight pause. "I am very happy you have. Seems we have more in common than I originally thought." Callia had forgotten about the smell she had encountered earlier. She was more interested in the princess and the young one in chains.
"Thank you for the oppurtunity to meet such a lovely lady, as yourself. I do appologize, I did not think you would be you seem, M'Lady." Callia was still in a little shock that Malantha dragged the young girl and also the words she spoke to the souless girl. She felt like she fit in after all, other than that decaying smell of good and light in the air. Callia forgot but she could still sense something was around. She would keep quiet about it though.

Posted by Calia Calder {Dark Witch}*OI* on Mon Nov 20, 2017, 09:11

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Shahmam Malantha Teboria (His only)(M)( Sullivan’s lil wolf )(OI)(Pregnant )


The white witch comes(Malantha's reply to Bella)

Sisters can be the best of friends or the worst of enemies depending on how they reacted to each other. Malantha and her half-sister, Hatice did not necessary hate each other but they simply did not trust each other as far as they could throw one another. As for her beloved twin, Malantha went to hell and back in order to make sure she was brought back from the underworld. Though she had to give up her twin and half-sister’s freedom on their choices, Malantha did all that she could in order to do what she felt what was right by them. Yet even so Malantha was still getting used to being queen of the Imperium as well as a wife and soon to be new mother something all girls strive to be from a young age. But in the harem of her father, Malantha was raised with having held over her head the fact that she was nothing more than a pawn to the Empire (which was the name under his rule). Though Suleiman loved his children the man was still a traditional Turk. This caused a great deal of affect upon a female’s mind, but being a queen now meant she only had to obey the laws of her husband which Malantha Teboria was completely fine with. However, Malantha knew full and well that the two witch sisters’ relationship was much like her own with her half-sister which mean to her that Malantha could see how far the one white witch would go to be pure and how far the dark witch would go to harm her sister.

Malantha was once innocent herself, but the light she once had was snuffed out by her beloved king. This was done of course of her own will and now Malantha enjoyed seeing what others would do in her little games. The suffering of souls just to be used being to nourish her little ones would be the reason that later on she would bound with a goddess of souls. That was not on her mind at the moment simply getting things prepared for both guest as to their likings. Both had certain personality traits that set them apart from the other just as Malantha had personality traits different from her own flesh and blood.

Malantha knew how to act in manners of court so with both sisters the little wolf of the Shahanshah would act differently than she would with the other. She was human yes but received the name from the King, her husband long ago so kept it as a nickname to which only he could call her. Malantha knew little of the the white witch nor did she care of what her past was, but as long as she felt like she needed to get to know her or the witch was of use to her, Malantha would be polite.This did not mean that she would go out of her way to harm the girl simply see how far the little witch could handle being pure with darkness all around which was what the Imperium was after the take over. Malantha stood upon the white marble balcony that was linked to her chambers with her king and saw the dusk slowly rolling over head. Malantha smiled as she closed her eyes wearing a simple dress that hide her swollen belly as best as it could. The color red with green leafs at its hem and a black lace trim which symbolized the Imperium as it was now and not in the past. Hearing a knock at the door, Malantha quickly ran to it opening the large golden doors carved with the symbols of the Shadow King and saw before her Mustafa bowing already.

"Your Majesty, the white one is here." he said simply with his thick Turkish accent. Malantha smiled and quickly bowed her head leaving the doors oopen ever so slightly so the light from the torches within the halls could show her what she needed. Within the bed with red silk sheets laid her beloved so she was quite as to not let him know what she was up to at least not just yet though she figured he would have already known. Their minds linked together for so long, Malantha could not keep anything hidden from him. Even so Malantha was silent as she moved to grab a hijab red with black trim to match her dress and quickly put it over head putting it on in the tradition fashion. She did this in order to appear modest and innocent to the white witch even though Malantha was no longer either of those things.Once she felt that she appeared as she wanted to, Malantha the Shahmam turned, walked to the doors where Mustafa was left waiting, walked out of the room closing the door and leaving her husband in the darkness to sleep, then finally following him to the main doors that lead to the mains entrance of the palace. It was a rather large palace so Malantha and her servant had to walk through many halls until reaching their destination. The guards on the inner doorway had orders not open the doors until Malantha came as so did the guards hidden beyond the view of the white witch.

Therefore, when Malantha approached them the guards on the inner doorway bows and slowly opened the large old carved doors newly sealed by magic in order to keep all inside unless those of high status said otherwise. Once the doors were opened enough, Malantha followed by Mustafa and the two guards behind her walked through them into the dusk light. "Hello.. Pleasure to meet you." She said looking at the white witch." Sorry to keep you waiting it is a rather a large castle."Malantha fixed a loose strand of her long red hair tucking it inside her hijab to again appear modest. Malantha looked around the woman to make sure she wasn't followed for the Shahmam trusted little besides her beloved king, the shadows, and the little ones inside her womb. Then quickly turn her attention back to her newly arrived guest.

Posted by Shahmam Malantha Teboria (His only)(M)( Sullivan’s lil wolf )(OI)(Pregnant ) on Fri Nov 17, 2017, 19:11

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Bella Calder {White Witch}*OI*


Witch Sisters-Bella:Silly and Naive

Bella heard a knock at the door. She set her book down as she hesitated a moment before getting up off her chair. It was seldom that she had any visitors, though, a few people did know where to find her when they needed certain remedies and potions. She walked slowly and gracefully to the door and opened it to find a male servant with a piece of paper. She smiled delightedly as she had never been invited to the palace before. Maybe all her good deeds and spells made the princess inquire. She was quite pleased that she was helping a lot of people in the kingdom. She nodded with a bright smile at the servant. "You can kindly tell her that I humbly accept her invitation and should be arriving later in the day after I have tidied up." She watched the servant nod his head and run off. Bella closed the door behind her and giggled with glee. "Oh this is going to be so much fun..." She said to herself and ran along to pack a bag.
Bella had known nothing of her sister. They were separated a few months after birth when her mother and grandmother knew something was wrong. Bella had gotten all the light powers. What makes her a white witch. She was void of any darkness which would make her very enchanted with the elements and healing powers. Bella had never picked up a book about the dark powers. She was never interested in learning anything about a dreaded sort of thing. Bella hummed softly as she started to put books and vile away. Locking certain things in dark cabinets so they wouldn't expire. She wasn't sure how long her visit with Malantha would be.
After she picked things up, she took out a bag and neatly put things into it that she would need. Clothes and herbs and light colored crystals. She hummed all the while she was packing. She grabbed some of her fresh baked blueberry muffins that she had just baked, thinking it would be a special treat to give the Princess. Bella set off after throwing her velvet blue cloak over her shoulders. She didn't bother locking the door, she trusted everyone and everything in this world. She was very naive and gullible. Very passive in nature and she would pretty much do anything she was asked to do.
She arrived just before dusk to the palace. Knocking on the large door as she waited to be let in. That perfect smile never left her lips. It was wholesome and genuine and full of kindness, compassion and love. Bella had known nothing else. She had no clue what this meeting was about, though she was eager and excited to meet the Princess.

Posted by Bella Calder {White Witch}*OI* on Fri Nov 17, 2017, 12:11

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Shahmam Malantha Teboria (His only)(M)( Sullivan’s lil wolf )(OI)(Pregnant )


(Malantha isn’t a typical human)
Malantha’s reply

Though Malantha had been sent away at a young age and locked away at night when she was just a child from the rest of her family, Malantha had been taught to do things properly and as the court demanded. Being sent away due to being different made a huge impact upon her life, Malantha had for the most part been alone most of her teen years so grew darker than her parents would have wanted her to. Furthermore, her being sent away happened after her twin’s murder causing a break within Malantha that no one would have ever known could happen. This with the constant competition for her father’s affect with Hatice, her half-sister Malantha grew very cold towards how the traditions were done. Furthermore, she knew that if it was left up to her father, she would have been sent off to another kingdom just in hopes that she was away enough that the mark placed upon her at birth would not call forth the Shadow King. Thankfully for her the Shadow King, her husband was always a head of her mortal father. Yet as she sat behind her desk the thought crossed her mind that maybe she had done the wrong thing but sending the invitation, however, the shadows she sent at least to one had already come back.

The Shadow Queen assumed that this meant maybe at least in her mind that the witch would come, so she prepared a chamber and food for the meeting. Malantha, herself did not prepare the chamber or the food no she left that up to someone else and left her most trusted servant Mustafa in charge of the overseeing to the preparations. This left it open for Malantha to go into the forest to eat what she could, for she was no longer a normal human since carrying the two lives inside her womb that herself and her husband created. While she had sometime alone, Malantha grabbed a cloak that laid next to the end of her desk and slipped it on seeing that it was slowly turning the right dusk which was the perfect time for her to hunt for something that would stabilize the children inside her womb from sucking her life out.

Malantha opened a portal to a small village at the edge of the borders of the realm and walked through as fast as she could, yet it was not that she cared if her husband found out what she was doing for he always knew what she was doing. A group of shadows quickly followed her always keeping close so that if she tried to escape or anyone tried to do anything to her they could do something about it or her husband know quickly. However they would not interfere with what Malantha was about to do which was simply finding someone close to death and taking their soul in order for the little ones inside her womb to feed. The portal opened on one side as she walked her cloak pulled over her eyes in order to hide who she was while the portal opening from the side she came from closed behind her. The shadow beings stayed close to Malantha on either side but dared not touch what belonged to their king. The further down the portal she walked that was much like a long black tunnel with no light, Malantha could see the village coming into her sight.

Once it was fully open, Malantha was able to walk through with ease closing the portal behind her as soon as both feet touched the ground. She looked at the shadow beings and they bowed quickly at her gaze then the red haired woman turned quickly to walk the streets of the village knowing all had begun their rituals of getting ready for the night. Many knew the shadows loved to roam at night so they attempted to just say in their homes thinking that would stop them from coming to claim their souls. Malantha could sense the shadows beings close behind her, “if you are going to follow me find me someone.” She said in annoyed tone of voice which they responded to once the words left her mouth. Malantha smirked as she began to walk once more in search as if her hunger was that of a common wild animal.

Yet, Malantha was not in search for flesh or blood but the soul of a person or two which was different than any animal. She would not have to go far into the village to find someone close to death, turning a corner she saw a young girl most likely a prostitute stabbed in the gut from what Malantha could guess to be a client. Malantha side a little she could save the young girl but what would that do for the queen? Kneeling down Malantha took her left hand jabbing it into the young girl’s open womb shoving her hand all the way up to the girl’s heart and squeezing it. It was a quick merciful death than the girl simply bleeding out onto the cold brick ground. Malantha shed one tear as she slowly pulled out her arm and looked up to see one shadow being standing next to the body with the soul of the girl chained next to him in fear. “ Don’t worry dear.” She said sounding like a zombie more than a human. The girl said nothing the light behind her eyes gone as the shadow being handed Malantha the chains and the other shadow being appeared bowing and reporting a guest had arrived. Malantha sighed,” well the girl will have to come with us we don’t want to keep the guest waiting.” She replied then looked at the body tugging on the girl’s chains. “ You should have picked a better position for yourself.” She said glaring at the girl. “ take her heart and make sure to deliver it to the priest.” She commanded one of the shadow beings that quickly did as it was told as the other one opened the portal.

Malantha smelled the familiar scent of her home and quickly walked through the portal moving at a faster pace as the girl or rather young woman was dragged behind her. Her children were impatient but would wait for nourishment at least for the moment. As her home grew closer, Malantha heard the girl plead with her to let her move on but Malantha had no attention to do that even as she stepped upon the ground in front of the palace and behind another woman. “ Ah, you must be the dark witch.” Malantha said as Mustafa began to open the palace doors. “ Pleasure to meet you.” She said tugging on the chains of the pleading young woman. With her other hand as the shadow beings came up behind her, Malantha pulled the cloak hood to reveal her eyes." Your majesty." The young girl's soul said bowing. Malantha rolled her eyes," you are dead it doesn't matter for proper things now." she turned to the other woman and then Mustafa who quickly opened the doors more and walked to her side. " Welcome to the Imperium."

Posted by Shahmam Malantha Teboria (His only)(M)( Sullivan’s lil wolf )(OI)(Pregnant ) on Wed Nov 15, 2017, 20:11

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Calia Calder {Dark Witch}*OI*


Callia had been in hiding for a while thoughshe knew, somehow, how the kingdom worked. She was thrilled about belonging to a place, but it was home to her and she had known no other. She had been trying to raise Diablo as she wanted revenge of the worst kind on her sister, the white witch. She wanted to see the poor little witch suffer and hear her screams as the torment became toomuch for her. As Callia always thought, 'Darknes always consumes the light.' Callia was hoping that was exactly what would happen when Diablo arrived. She tried to remain patient as the circle and alter was ready and the chant was said. She watched as the flames rose higher and higher. Callia giggled some as she was for sure a pyromaniac, amongst other things.
She was agitated when the knock came at the door. She tossed her Grimoire onto the couch as she turned her back on the spell. She was confident in her magic that nothing would happen with her back turned. Callia was spnky and careless at times. She opened the door and smiled as she saw nothing but a shodowy figure manifest into a man standing there with a paperin his hand. "well, speak now before the door gets slammed in your face" Callia looked at him, her hand on her hip as she sighed, still frustrated. She took the piece of paper and slammed the door, rolling her eyes as she looked at who it could be from. "Hmm....I have never gotten letters. Must be diplomatic..." She rolls her eyes as she normally ignores things from the capital and the palace. The nadwriting was different though and this intrigued Callia as she started to open it.
Callia looked at her kitty and started to laugh after she read it. "Seems I have been requested to come for a visit....wonder what that is about. I honestly thought I was hidden pretty well. Dammit! I don't know why this charm spell to hide isn't working." She growled as she walked over to her kitchen, pauring them turning for a moment. "Hmm perhaps they have some other magic that is better than mine. I do think....maybe....I should go. If not to enterain, then to steal what I can. Hmm...." She looked at the cat as it meowed. "Oh what do you know, I am sure they are nice people. They are my kind of family being related to this Diablo fellow. I will go....end of story..." The kitty let out another meow as if protesting. Callia shook her head and laughed. Not disturbed one bit that she held all her conversations with a cat older than she.
She remembered her sister being mentioned in the letter with intrigued her some more. Perhaps Malantha could help her trap her sister. The letter did seem like Malantha would cheer the darkness on. She nodded as she started to pack a small bag, some books, runes and crystals. All the shades of obsidian and jade and deep purples. Dark candles as well and some clothes as she started to set off for the palace. She wasn't at all nervous. She was a cocky and arogant girl. Finding no reason to be scared or anxious/ She could handle anything, or so she had always thought. She was alone for a while and learned skills quick. She stumbled off thru the woods, a manic laughter as she started to skip off to places she had never been.
She arrived at the palace late at night, though she thought nothing odd, she didn't think this place had normal people, as in humans, in it. They are all nocturnal, or that was the way things were heading when she locked herself aay in the forest. She knocked at the palace door as she waited to be let in. She was a bit impatien as she bit at her fingernails.

Posted by Calia Calder {Dark Witch}*OI* on Wed Nov 15, 2017, 01:11

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