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Age: 113
Sign: Aries

Country: Tuvalu
Signup Date: October 23, 2017

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First and foremost, if you fail to read these and abide by them. Then you've lost any chance of writing with me. Let alone with my love. I tend to be descriptive with my rules and why is simple. Not only do I feel a lot needs to be said, but as I have found out at the work place. People can be stupid.

I. Amaranth will only love one person in her entire life and that is Skye Liliane BlackSoul. No one else will be able to win her heart like she has. In fact, she will laughtat anyone else that dares to express their love for her and kill anyone that dares to express any love for Skye

II. Yes, we have an open relationship. Even though I say such a thing, it is not as open as you suspect. First, she will tear anyone up that dares to force themselves upon her or that tries to persuade her to let her sleep with them. You want to sleep with Amaranth, then take that craving of yours to my wife and ask her permission. Nothing will come between her and me and until you do. You won't get a single ounce of anything sexual. In other words, if your actually a writer, then this won't be a big deal for you.

III. While Amaranth does have a womb, she can also grow a cock. Either way, her womb and her virile potent impregnating cock is for her wife and her alone. No one else will get to have a child with Amaranth.

IV. If Amaranth and Skye haven't done something sexually, don't think you'll be able to do such a thing.

V. Yes, just as Amaranth and Skye are together here, the writers are in a relationship as well. Nothing, I mean nothing will come between us, and yes. We usually rp through status and all that we ask is that if you join. Not to ruin the mood, for if you do. It'll be the last mood that you ever ruin and that is a promise.

. . . With those ones out of the way. . .

VI. I am a Para to multi-para writer. This means that most of the time, I will post anything between a paragraph to multiple paragraphs.

VII. While I am retired in it, in my younger days I did roleplay fight and I have no problem doing that I only ask for you to know the rules if it comes to that. In time, I will have a blog posted upon those, granted it's been years.

VIII. Now while Amaranth will only have children from Skye, as a part of her original storyline, she does have children/descendants that happened long before the two of them met and as such. Writers to take them on can be accepted. So as long as you realize no set number of children/descendants exist and Amaranth will be hostile towards them. However, one requirement is that you have to get both my permission and Skye's and I am leaving the final decision to my sweet and loving wife. Cause I want her too. I strongly believe that if people are too play children of hers that is a part of Amaranth's original storyline, then she should have a say in who plays them. Smiles.

IX. If you really want to know about Amaranth, the Primordial dragons. Don't ask me, read the fricking page. Your here to write like I am, meaning your here to read as well. It's time someone made people do that.

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