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Age: 113
Sign: Aquarius

Country: United Kingdom
Signup Date: October 23, 2017

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-Rules- Quite simple, really!! One- This is my page, I run it, no one else does. Period... Two- I will only love one person, Amaranth Primordial, only holds my heart, no one else will ever. So, I am warning you now, don't come to me saying you love me an expect me to say them words to you. Cause it will NOT happen. Only Amaranth Primordial, gets my words of love. Three- Even though me and Amaranth have an open relationship. You must go ask Amaranth if you can have sex with me. This is my rule, not hers, matter of fact Amaranth doesn't even know about this rule as of yet. I want my wife to know who I have been sleeping with, where no one can start anything between us, or someone say something just to hurt my wife, which then you will be gone before you can blink. I do not hide nothing or lie to Amaranth at all. Four- My Womb... Amaranth has all rights too. Children are special, they are what your love creates, children will only be with my wife, there is where my bond lies. Five- If Amaranth hasn't done anything with me sexually first, nor will you even if she says yes you can. Amaranth will always be first in anything. Six- Amaranth isn't just mine in roleplay, however in real life as well. She will always come first in everything. You will see us mostly in statuses, if you join, all I ask is not ruin the mood, if you do, it will be the last mood you ruin. Don't like what I have said, or my rules, delete works wonders. Now, Let's Write.

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