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The Hungry takes over( Open storyline/free write)
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(Warning some mature themes)

Pregnancy can have some affects that for can force a woman to go slightly insane towards those around her. Most mortal doctors would call this depression or hormones acting within the woman's body, but Malantha was not carrying normal children by any means of the word. She was carrying the twins of the Shadow King whom was not exactly a demon but not human either. Her poor little human tiny frame. Depression came with her need to feed upon the souls of others. Blood was another that had changed to Malantha when she saw blood it drew her to her but not that she enjoyed it, in fact, the blood of others revolted her. It seemed to Malantha that the pregnancy would truly takes its toll upon her tiny fragile human body. The longer she denied herself the food she needed to stay alive which was the souls of others the more inhuman she became.

Malantha began to snap at everyone around her except for her king whom would not agree with her current attitudes towards everything. She grew restless and knew that he would do right her yes, but in Malantha’s tradition if one was not married and due to give birth than the children would surely be considered bastards. Now Malantha knew that this would not happen but due to what was pounded into her brain from a young age, the Imperium Rose struggled with her inner thoughts.

The battle between light and dark was slowly being lost and she could feel herself slowly fade into darkness. Yet she did not are anymore and craved it more than she had ever before, for at least in darkness Malantha would no longer feel pain. She became cold and distant from everyone around her except for her beloved king whom in her eyes saved her from utter death. However, the burning feeling inside her womb was slowly become too much as well. Malantha kept her pain to herself as she did not want Sullivan to worry nor think she was weak. Many nights when Sullivan was dealing with matters of his new realm or in the Shadow Realm doing what he did best which torturing those whom never bowed to him, Malantha laid in bed fighting the hunger that was becoming overwhelming to her. 

Malantha could count the tears that she cried over those whom had broken her heart or pushed her away all because she leaned towards the dark. She could count the many tears that she shed over the lies that had been told her or the broken words of her father. All these things made her go ever so closer to the darkness and the seduction that was her mate. Her purity drew the Shadows and the Shadow King towards her, yet it was not until she reached her lowest moment that they could truly claim her. Now she had life growing inside her body that needed to eat, yet that meant taking the life better yet the soul of others.

Her soul was slowly being devoured with each day and her tiny frame would soon fade into nothing if she was not careful. Malantha longed to be a mother and devoted wife, but how could she when the Imperium Rose refused to do what was necessary. She could only push it back for so long and one day Malantha finally snapped. The Shadow Princess needed a soul any soul to satisfy the hunger of her babies. Malantha knew her duty yes, but knew the cost to her would be great. 

She was still pure with a little bit of light left and taking a soul of another could possibly take the last ounces of purity (light) that Malantha had hidden away. Her innocent belonged to Sullivan, her king but the little light that she kept deep down could be lost forever if she took the soul of another. Yet with a heavy cost, Malantha knew that she had to do it. So at long last she pulled herself out of bed, the red-haired princess’ belly swollen put on clothes to disguise her appearance and opened a portal of sorts that would lead to the edge of town. She knew many people lived there that meant nothing to anyone other than a work force now that Sullivan, her king was in full in power. 

Malantha at a young age disliked people whom killed for the fun but the older she grew and the more she became consumed the Imperium Rose became to one that killed just for the thrill of it. The children became restless the longer that Malantha waited and she couldn't take it much longer. As she looked inside the portal that appeared more like a black tunnel of death filled with screams of the tortured souls of those whom dared rose up against her beloved king, Malantha gave a smirk hearing her little ones swirl around her womb with joy as they too heard the screams. "Now children, you know your father is working lets be on our way to the village please and not disturb him."

The Imperium Rose, known as the Shadow King's beloved said in a motherly tone of voice as she began to walk through the dark endless tunnel. The children inside her womb hearing more of the tortured souls began to cheer for more pain to be inflected upon those within the shadow realm. Malantha being drawn to the shadow or darkness as many called them would normally allow this but the Imperium Rose had to stay focus. She could feel her personality begin to change and felt as if even her hair was changing. Which it was to a black as if shadows were slowly growing out of her head rather than her long red locks that from time to time looked like flames flowing behind her. 
Malantha knew that she did not have much time to get out of the tunnel (shadow realm) before she started to become darker and slightly insane. That was the one down fall of being a human that not only was inside the shadow realm but also was now carrying two shadow type creatures inside her womb. “How much longer mummy?” she heard the little shadow named Laila ask with a pleading and hungry tone in her voice. Malantha sighed a little and put one hand upon her belly as the other end of the tunnel (portal) opened allowing some shadows to slip out before Malantha was able to.

Malantha took a deep breath as the shadows began to feast upon their selected victims. " Looks like your siblings have first dibs." she said with a slight smirk stepping out of the tunnel. As it closed the screams became muffled until finally it closed fully and the screams were no more. The only screams came from the villagers that were either being strangled or their very minds invaded by the shadows. "Bring me their souls." Malantha said in a very demonic tone of voice. Her eyes turned cold black and her face was expressionless as she began to look for her own victim. She scanned each villager that was spared by the shadows. She could see the fear upon their faces which brought her great joy to not just her but to the little lives inside her swollen belly.

Her hungry was great and almost unbearable,so when she laid her eyes on a young teen girl that was shuttered in fear between to old trees Malantha couldn't help but quickly walk to her before the young one could run away from her.  The girl screamed a gurgled scream as Malantha slammed her up against the tree with such force it could have knocked the air out of the girl's lungs." Your Majesty why?" the girl asked with a pleading tone in her voice and look upon her face." I do this for my children." Malantha said sharply before she plunged her right hand into the girl's chest and took hold of her heart. Pulling the still beating heart out of the girl's chest Malantha did not squeeze it just allowed some shadows to go inside the girl's now open chest cavity in order to pull out her soul.

Malantha stared at her holding the young girl's life literally in the Shadow King's beloved's hand. "You're life will not go to waste." Malantha said with a smirk upon her face as she glared at the girl watching her struggle against the shadows that now slithered around her body as if she was their own personal playground feasting upon her flesh and soul in order to give to their Queen and the children. 

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