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The princess and Dragon meet. ( EBS/KODR/Dragon world )
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Adrianna had big plans for her daughter Ileana. She had wanted to meet with a dragon. Growing up Adrianna always had a run in with them. Even trying to tame one which didn't go well. She softly smiled brightly as she gathered her horses for the both of them. Handing her daughter the bridle and gotten on. " The cave is just a few miles from here." She said to her softly. Come we must go before darkness falls. "

She had Looked back at her daughter. There was so much she wanted to tell her about her past. Being a dragon rider was one of them. These dragons were not tamed they were going to meet. Keeping her sword sheathed. She hoped there wasn't trouble ahead. She wanted to tell her so much about the dragons on what she knew. In battle when she was a rider. Her dragon was killed. She hadn't rode since then. As she looked at Ileana she smiled." Now come let's go. We will go ahead and get going." She said as she clicked her heels.

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Princess Ileana~ Adopted Daughter of Queen Adrianna


Ileana was there on her horse, hesitating to see the dragons she requested to see. Her mother showed no fear when she spoke of seeing them so it had to be safe, right? Either way she knew nothing would happen to them while they went on this journey. Clicking her heels to get going, she finally rode along side her mother and looked at her. "I'm right here." She said and smiled at her again. "I haven't chickened out yet." That made her laugh then she snapped the reigns and rode past her mother.

Posted by Princess Ileana~ Adopted Daughter of Queen Adrianna on Mon Sep 25, 2017, 12:09

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Adrianna Blackrayne~ The demoness ~ Keeper of souls~


Adrianna awaited her daughter. She knew Raaze would be near by. She could sense him. She softly smiled at her daughter. Knowing it could be dangerous with the dragons. But Adrianna knew the dragons well. She had waited for her daughter to ride with her.

Posted by Adrianna Blackrayne~ The demoness ~ Keeper of souls~ on Sat Sep 23, 2017, 20:09

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Wer Seventar


The presence of approaching others was not something that Raaze had been expecting. For the most part he had tried to avoid their encounters but he could seldom make exceptions for those that he knew well. Raaze was perched overtop of the den and would've passed for a statue by his unmoving gaze alone,except the fact his sides heaved and blew out warm gusts of air smoke occasionally trickling from his nostrils as he sat there and awaited the company that he knew would be coming.

Posted by Wer Seventar on Sat Sep 23, 2017, 17:09

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