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Age: 32
Sign: Gemini

Country: Belarus
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The forest of Seraph was a dangerous place. This was an issue in many lands. Once you left the safety of the village the laws disappeared. In some cases you had to deal with highwayman attempting to rob those who they thought had money. If you did not have to fear a human than you had to fear the animals that were around. It was not unheard of to hear that a child or even an adult had been killed by an animal that they happened to stumble upon. However the life of people required that they observe this land and travel through it for a variety of reason. As the moon glowed overheard two victims of the darkness would be heard running in the forest. 

Hannah and Sarah had not meant to be out so long. They had sought out a friend Amelia who was sick at home. It was an attempt to cheer her up. They had not known how dark the day had gotten. How time slipped by before they knew it was Amelia's father coming in with a candle that let them know that time was short. They had set out for home but darkness had swept about them. Robbing them of the sight they had in the day and turning familiar items into monsters.  Sarah would be first to voice her displeasure. "I knew we should have stayed in town." 

Hannah turned as she observed her friend. She wanted to say something in her defense but what could she say? Sarah was right. If Hannah had not launched them into this mission they would be home already. They would likely already be in bed and ready to wake up tomorrow to go to school. Her eyes drifted down her feet as she spoke. "I am sorry Sarah. I just wanted Amelia to be happy. She has been sick so much I thought seeing us would cheer her up." Sarah had to relent, she knew that Hannah had wanted only the best for a friend. "I know let's just get home." 

In a moment the landscape had changed. The forest that was before them wiped away as if they had passed through a doorway they had not seen into a land they truly did not know. The sudden sight of stone path caused the two girls to look at each other. This was not the forest they know. Sarah gazed around before speaking to Hannah. "I don't know what's going on, let's go!" She moved reaching for her friend as she grabbed her sleeve running forward toward the area. As they went deeper and deeper the area grew slowly the outside faded away and red silk began to rise from the ground. As Sarah was the leader Hannah followed until they entered a courtyard. 

The courtyard was beautiful as flowers began to grow upwards reaching to the sky as the petals opened up. The single eye at the center looking at them as they moved about as if dancing Sarah was confused her face shined with the confusion of not knowing what was occurring. Hannah moved to grab her hand the young girl's eyes gazed at her friend as she spoke. "Don't give up we can get out of this. We just need to find the way out." 

The sudden sound of doors opening caused them to stop as the middle of the courtyard had opened at the ground The sudden sight of the dark figure growing upwards as it turned to face them. The face seemed to be female yet all they could focus on was the claws which shined like daggers in the light. The teeth were also not human but rather like a mouth full of knifes as it moved forward them. Hannah was quick to turn to run but keeping a hold of Sarah's hand as they attempted to run. Attempted to as they started to run the silk began to roll under them forcing them to run faster until the two girls fell forward hitting the ground as the carpet pulled them toward the creature. As the two girls looked up they could see the hideous mouth spread open much like a snake getting ready to consume the prey. Fixated upon the creature they were horrified. 

The sudden impact launched the creature back. The sound of thunder echoing  as the creature backed away from them. As they got up and more importantly off of the carpet they gazed at who saved them. It was another girl or so they thought about her height. The yellow cloak was the dominate feature they could see. Her hand held a simple crossbow but the moment she realized it from her grip it disappeared into dust but as she dropped her arms two more of the weapons appeared as she aimed it up at the creature launching the bolts as the two projectiles slammed as the sound of thunder echoed again the creature screamed in pain collapsing into the ground as it began toward the two other girls only to be meant with another slam to the head and at once the creature disappeared and the world it had created melted away leaving only the three girls. 

Hannah looked up as she observed everything. Sarah was the same way her eyes observing the girl who had saved her. "Thank you so much!" She stood up waving at the unknown hero. Hannah was quick to follow as they ran over toward the cloaked woman. As they got near her she took the cloak and bent the hood down revealing her blond hair and her light eyes as she offered a smile at them. "No problem I couldn't allow that witch to consume you! I had to do something!" She looked at both of them observing them as she spoke. "Oh you are not guardians are you? What are you doing in such a place if you aren't?" 

"Michelle!" The sound of her name caused all three of them to turn as they looked upon a white wolf with strange markings in the fur and purple eyes observing them. "You had to run off to fight the witch?" He eyes scanned as he observed the two other females as he kept speaking. "You did not even wait for me to tell you that it was fine. I would like a little warning before you go off." Hannah lifted her finger pointing toward the creature. "It can talk!" 

The wolf scoffed as he stood up on his legs. "It is rude to point!" He sat back down composing himself. "After all I am more than I wolf. I am the Negotiator. I am the being which allowed Michelle the power to save you. I allow wishes to come true for a service so I suppose I have one question now; would you like to make a deal?"

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