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The map of Seraph; with cities explained.
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Ill get the picture in shortly.

Jericho-acts as the new heart of the Kingdom of Seraph. Taken from the city in the bible which was destroyed by the trumpets. It was built between the rivers which are named both the past and present. Jericho is a walled city and most of the buildings are designed to be part of the defenses and can be used as such. Jericho being a new city means that the layout was planned laid out for traffic. 

Hazor is a large town which sprung up outside of the city of Jericho. Here the city is not planned and can be said to be a bit of a hassle to get around. That being said it is set up in part to appeal to the lords which come in and out of the city. It has one of the largest market places in the central part of the Kingdom. 

Babel- The city named after the tower which the angels feared.  The very name was selected as many envoy first see the Kingdom of Seraph approaching this massive port city. They are various lodging in this city offered to people who are coming into the kingdom to rest and relax before traveling onward. The King often visits this city to meet with the envoys so that they may speak to him about the desires of the people. 

Gezer-This city is less a real city and a palace complex of the old regime. Though it has not been burnt down and still acts as the residence of the King. As it is out of the way and before the lake it does take some time to reach the palace when he is not in Jericho. 

Micmash and Micdian- These two cities are part of.......* More coming soon on this. 

Zoar- This Eastern most city fall under Seraph Luis control Luis is a cultured vampire. Luis however is very cunning and one of the most agile of the Seraphs. He using speed to his advantage as his weapon of thorn is a dagger.He ranks as the Fifth strongest Vampire in the kingdom. 

Anak- The city of Anak is a Fortified outpost that grew into a wall city. It is ruled by Seraph Alexa. A strong and powerful Seraph Alexa ranks fourth in the Kingdom of Seraph. She has the confidence of Lucas though he often does not put her into positions of great importance viewing her focus on honor to be a burden. It is also why he gave her a city so close to the capital knowing she would respond in case of need. 

Bashan- The southern most city. This city is controlled by Louise the weakest of the seraphs allowed to use the weapons. Louise makes up for the weakness in ways which make the seraph suited for the more wild parts of the kingdom. 

Ain-This old castle is actually the home of King Lucas parents. His father still resides in the area though now has control of the immediate area around it. His father however is a silent and reserved person who was not for the plans his son hatched or executed. However he could not be happier with the results. 

Troy- Troy is actually a human port. Here is actually a vampire free zone. It was agreed upon in the treaty with allowed the war of conquest to end. The only vampires allowed inside are the Seraphs for visits. It is unknown how the people of Troy think about the peace or how long this balance could last. 

Bethel- For centuries dominated by the same family. It just so happened this family would be one of the biggest supports of King Lucas. As such the city has enjoyed the spoils of the conquest of the ancient temples. Seraph Henry rules the land overseen by his mother. His thorn is that of a Halberd. 

Laish- The city of the doom. These land was wiped away during the wars. In it empty place Lucas saw a chance to build a new. In it he turned this over to the Demon Knights. They have already built a castle and continue to build a better one with each day. The possessed are loyal to King Lucas if not only for the fact that he has allowed them to be free but that he could sentence them back to the prison they escaped from. 

Ai- Is a palace island. It was built when the ruling family wish to observe the two largest islands and be close to the island which housed various temples. Ai is just another place that the King can kick up his feet. 

Sodom and Gomorrah- These two rival islands have been at it for centuries. It is a war which  Lucas has encouraged. The islands are home to two different Seraphs who have taken it into strides. These Seraphs however also double as the naval force for the Kingdom having been known to hunt on the water for years. The islanders have taken kindly to vampire rule especially because it has once more put them to work. 

1= Temple Complex- Not much is known about the temples which line this island. However the native master God for the Kingdom of Seraph is known as Boin is said to reside. A god who is described as a young teenager who is quite different from the King gods of other cultures. Boin has a strict code for those visiting, and breaking of code often means observing the statues and temples without his presence.

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