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Age: 14
Sign: Capricorn

Country: Iran
Signup Date: July 01, 2017

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Laws of Myself.
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 Prologue - - About This Account
This account is strictly for roleplay purposes only, so do not add nor accept if you will not roleplay at all with me or If I am  just gonna be a number or you are gonna try stupid shit and if you are under the age of eighteen. Any drama that contains lovers and/or sex is not my issue, at all.

I. - - Love
Know that I have no plans on seducing your loved one just to break you two apart; though that does sound tempting. Whoever is in love, is not my business, nor do I really care to know. If your loved one requests me (or I request them), know that they always have the choice to reject me or deny my request. The simple fact they accept me in the first place is astonishing.

Ia--Loyalty as far as Relationships
This character is looking for a open relationship and when she finds her mains they will be her number 1 priority. Bitching about This will cost you deletion fast & easy. This character is very open minded when It comes to relationships and has many different tastes in what she wants from them. At times she will be picky with her lovers so don't be offended although I know the more childish of you will be. And if my character chooses you to be her lover don't get fuckin clingy it is really annoying.

Ib.--Loyality with everything else
Beliar is loyal to her homes of Ahmnik and Babylon, Her friends and family are her only loyalty and that will be it. She will not be in the middle of some stupid drama filled stuff.

II . - - Minors
If you are under the age of eighteen, forget about role playing with me all together. I do not roleplay with child pages unless they are my own or children of my allies. it will be an automatic deletion without any questions asked. Case fucking closed.

IIa. The reason behind the age rule is because Beliar is the daughter of the Whore of babylon so she will be provocative at times and her fetishes tend to be very wild.

III. - - Control
No controlling Beliar, period.
The only acceptation I will allow is if you speak to me before hand

IV.- - Real Life
I will not mind simple out of character conversations but do not allow it to venture further into something like love, cyber, phone numbers, webcams, etc.
 Also, please do not ask me for any of my personal information; first names are okay. Nothing further than that.
---The only exception are the few people I trust enough to give anything to, They know who they are and we know where we stand with each other.

V. - - Time
Time is more important to me than anything else in the cosmos. Meaning I will take my time with my replies, even if that means ignoring your pathetic nagging comments. I refuse with every inch of my soul, to rush a reply. Just like everyone else, I do have a life outside of here,  I am not going to sit here and waste my life away to reply to you. Do know that I will get to your reply/starter, just give me some damned time to think about it.

VI.- - What Is What
Out of Character- IM or Messages
Role playing- Messages/Comments/possible status and bulletins.
Since I am on there alot I will allow YIM or AIM for IMing.

VII - - Add On to Rule IV
Please know when to separate real life role playing. If Beliar was to have sex or fall in love with your character, I have no intentions on being intimate with the real life you. That includes if they argue and/or break up, I would expect to IM you and the real life you would be cool with talking to me in ooc. The only time I would get upset with you, is if your real life decisions are irrational

VIII. - - Conversation
You add me, it is your responsibility to converse with me and send a starter. If I add you, I will take care of all that. Just common decency and it will not stress me out, feeling like I have to do everything, which is bullshit. Also, please do not send me random starters; I'd like to speak about what it is we will role play before we jump into anything.

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