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The Unknown
Category: Story Lines

Isla woke to the sound of her village being torn apart and the cries were horrifying.  Quickly her mother grabbed her and hid her in the secret compartment under the floor and motioned for her to be quiet.  Her father had grabbed his sword and stood guard, knowing it was only a matter of time before their home was intruded. As her mother closed the opening she whispered that she loved her and then she crawled in the corner and sat there waiting and listening.  It only took a few minutes after that when the door was kicked open and the voices of men were heard. "Where is she? Where is the witch?"  They were searching for the child who brought a bird to life earlier in the day at the market and though she thought no one saw her, someone did. 

"You're mistaken. There's no child here. Look for yourself."  Her father stated but the men had already been told where she lived and who her parents were and began to tear the place apart.  One of the men grabbed her mother by the hair and held a dagger to her throat while the others held her father.  His sword had been taken away from him and was used to take his life and as his blood dripped onto the floor, and began to drip through the cracks, Isla looked up and tried not to cry.  "If you come out we'll spare your mother." A voice said and without hesitation, she emerged from her hiding place.  Isla was a young girl who didn't know any better. Her powers had been with her since the day she was born and no one, not even her parents could explain where or how she got them.  She had the power to heal and she also had the power to take life away. It was said she was a demon, others said she was the daughter of a god but whatever the case she was wanted by the ruler of the lands where she could be used for his evil deeds and purposes. 

"There's nothing special about me!  I swear!" Isla cried out to the men who were dragging her mother closer to her and as they reached for one another, one of the men slit her mother's throat.  Isla cried out and once her hand touched her mother's, the life returned to her body only for the guard to take it away again. She was then held by two of the men and dragged out of her home where she would be taken to the ruler.  Once they were outside her hands were shackled and so were her feet. They couldn't take any chances with her touching any of them but while they were in the process of getting her to the wagon, she took out several of the men with just a single touch.  There was no control over the power she possessed.   Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't but when it did all hell seemed to break loose.

There were other young girls in the wagon being taken away from their families and once they were all loaded up, the village was burned.  Everyone left there were either killed by the guards or by the fire and when it was over, there was nothing left but ash.  Isla began to cry, as well as the others in the wagon and then they were on their way.  The journey to their destination was a long one and as she tried to stay awake and figure out where they were going, she fell asleep.   When she woke she found herself in a dungeon, shackled to a wall which only made tears stream down her face again.  She didn't know what her fate would be but she did know she had to stop with the tears and be strong and figure out how to get out of there.
Dungeon Passage by on @deviantART

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Isla realized no matter how she looked at the animal, he had made his mind up. Perhaps he wasn't there for anyone else and he was only there for her. If that were the case, as it was becoming more clear to her, who was it that sent him there to help her and what would the cost be? One cost would be the lives of the other women from the village and the neighboring villages as well. Yes it was true it was because of one of them that she was in the predicament she was in and they were suffering as well. If she was a cruel soul she wouldn't have cared what happened to them but she did care.

Just as she was about to protest with the dog she stopped in mid point and looked behind her as she heard a voice. Now she really felt as though she had lost it. A soft chill vibrated through her as she listened to the woman whose words had her looking in every direction, expecting to see a person standing there, but she saw no one. Trusting the voice she looked toward the cells again before she reached and patted the dog on his head. "Take me to her."

Posted by Isla on Thu Jul 13, 2017, 15:07

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It was still hard for her to believe that a dog had made its way into the dungeons and he was there to keep her company. Watching the animal as he moved around her and pawed at her chains, she shook her head and spoke to the beast. "If only it were that easy." She said then she shook her head when he headed to the door. She tilted her head a bit and watched as he waited but what for? Was the dog waiting for her? As she moved her hand to reach out to him she realized her hand moved easier than it had before. She had been freed from her restraints and froze in place in fear that someone would hear her and stop her before she made her escape but he still remained at the open door so why was she still there? Slowly she rose to her feet and didn't think twice about what to do. She moved quickly following the animal, wondering where he was going to take her but stopped as she passed the cells of the other women there.

Since the dog was able to free her she wondered if he could do the same for the other women there. If she left them there would be heavy guilt on her heart because she knew what would happen to them. They would be used for their bodies, made slaves, or beat to death or all the above. That was something she couldn't live with so she looked at the dog and gave him a pleading look with her eyes, hoping he would help the others as he helped her. "Please help them." She said then looked in a few of the cells nothing the women were sleeping. If they were freed there would be a commotion and the guards would be back. That was another risk she was willing to take and if they were afraid of her in chains, they would be more afraid of her now that she had been freed.

Posted by Isla on Wed Jul 12, 2017, 21:07

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Looking around Isla could only imagine what was going on to the other girls. She could hear their screams and their cries and the laughing of the men who took advantage of them. The smell of blood and every other bodily excretion was all around her and she knew in a mere moment she was going to be sick. The cries continued on for most of the night then everything stopped. Isla found herself and exhausted from hanging there against the wall, trying to lean or bend just enough to stop the aching but nothing worked.

With a sigh, she managed to close her eyes and let her mind be at rest. Every now and then she'd open them at every sound she heard knowing that would keep her awake forever if she continued with that little game but something did get her attention. As the torches flickered outside the cell, she could see the light move through the iron bars on the heavy wooden door where a window should be. That was the only way she was able to look out, not that she could see much, but she did see the flames from the torch.

The shadows danced along the walls and on the ground before her and the more she looked at them, the more they seemed to move closer to her and when she would look away, they would do their best to get her attention. Now she thought she had lost her mind. Earlier when she got there she swore she heard a voice coming from the shadows. Crazy. Now she would be known as a demon and insane. That wasn't a good combination and would surely bring her to her death sooner than she wished.

As the torch seemed to lose its flame it was now dark again. It was quiet and now it was time to drift off to sleep again. Breathing slowly until finally, she had drifted off she woke to the sound of snuffling. She pulled at the chains that held her to the wall and prayed it wasn't a guard coming in to do the same to her as they had done to the other girls. Her heart raced a million times a minute and the more the sounds from the other side of the door continued, the more she panicked. There was no need to cry out for help since she hadn't received any since she arrived but when the door opened and a very large creature came into sight she leaned as far as she could to make sure what she was seeing was real.

"A dog?" She said softly with a bit of disbelief in her voice and continued to look at it. "You're not here to eat me are you?" She said hoping the beast had been fed already but when it started to wag its tail before her and sniff her feet and around her feet, she became less worried about it eating her and more worried that the door to her cell was left wide open. "Are you here to take me away?" she asked the animal knowing it couldn't 't respond but it was the first thing she had seen and was able to speak to since she had been trapped there.

Posted by Isla on Tue Jul 11, 2017, 18:07

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