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Age: 38
Sign: Cancer

Country: Romania
Signup Date: March 11, 2016

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Pain within BloodMoon
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Chaun had tried so much with everything that was going on to keep her mind and above all to keep control of her powers.  She did not want to loss control of anything for she knew what it isn't for the kingdom if she lost control. She found it very hard to stay in control when all she wanted to do is let it all go with everything that had happen to her.  She felt no one cared about her. Her whole daughters never came to her and the one who was to be her king did not care about her.  Synister Blackheart made is loud and clear of his feels every time he would lay a hand on her.  She was a very loving and caring queen yet could not take much more before everyone would see what truly layer with her heart as it grow cold and uncaring.  She did not want to be hurt all she wanted was to be loved and cared for and to give the same in return to the one who should would truly want to be her king.  

As she sat on the ground in her own throne room next to the wall where Synister had slambed her face into the wall.  She placed her hand to the side of her face as she felt the blood drip down her face from where Synister had split her lip open when he slambed her to the wall.  A tear fell down her face as she sat there.  

She lefted her head up as she placed her hand to the wall.  She eyes looked  cold as she letter herself up to her feet. moving from the wall as she made her way to her throne she sat down.  She grabbed her goblet and took a big drink as she slambed the goblet down when she down done with taking a drink.  

As the goblet hit the table next to her throne the the room grow cold and dark.  A grin crossed her face as she sat there. Her eyes started to glow bright white as she stood to her feet.  She made her way to the window of the throne room as she heard the howls of her hell hounds.  As she made it to the window and looked out she sow that the darkness covered the whole lands of her kingdom. 

As she stood looking out the window a snowflake fell from the sky.  It had never snowed in BloodMoon before.  The only way that it could be starting to snow in BloodMoon was from Chaun's broken heart taking control of the weather. 

As she moved from the window she turned to make her way to the doors of the throne room.  She looked at her guard as she made it to the middle of the throne room she fell to the ground.  Her right hand hit the floor of the throne room hard as she feel to her knees.  As she brought her head up to look at her guard who ran to her. Her eyes now white as the snow that was slowly blanketing the kingdom.  

She placed her hand out as a grin crossed her lips.  She yelled out for her guards to leave the room at once. As one of three guards went to help her up she looked at him as she grinned.  She touched him as she froze him.  She did not care that she did it.  She had let her broken heart take her over.  This would make it easier for the darkness she had locked within her to release itself.  As she sat looking out the throne room door as her beautiful ice blue eyes slowly started to grow dark . A evil grin farmed on her lips as she stood up.   

As she moved to her feet and made it out the throne room she walked to the doors of the castle as she slammed them open.  The snow now as far one could see.  She took a deep breath as she still was fighting the darkness that was trying hard to fully get out.  She did not want to loss her self.  She did not know that this point how to fight the darkness off as she made it down the stairs and to the court yard of BloodMoon.  

As she made it to the court yard she dropped to her knees as tears of blood feel down her face.  This was all one mans fault.  She wanted his head for it.  She wanted him sent back to hell.  That is where he belonged.  She cried out for help as she fell to the snow that now blanketed the ground of BloodMoon.  She laid in a ball as tears still fall down her face.  She wanted it to stop.  The last time she let her darkness out people died she did not want to go through that again.  

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