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D.E.A.D Tactical Report I: RDNF forces
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Daerollyn Experimental and Advanced Destructive Research Dept

********************Tactical Report************************
***********OMEGA EPSILON CLEARANCE ONLY***********

Royal Daerollyn Naval Force Overview:

The following is a tactical overview of the Daerollyn Naval forces that since the liberation of the tribal feuding of the past has been molded to transcend from a simple cluster of wooden ships to be developed with advanced techniques under the guidance of  Zaezmix Kneebreaker to form a brand new form of cohesive naval force. To begin with first one strip away all former thoughts of the  former forces weak design and ignore former preconceptions. First will follow a break down of common features that are shared by each ship regardless of class from Hellion Scout to Arc Battleship. This will be followed by a comprehensive break down of each ship class. This list will be subject to revision and change as new developments by the D.E.A.D become available.

Titan's Shield Hull Plating:
Unlike traditional ships that are constructed of wooden joists and timbers and rely upon this alone the very structure of the ships begins with an Ironbark frame. (Wood native to Birthand and treated with flame resistant properties.) Over which Daer steel plates are layered over the frame in an overlapping fashion similar to the skin of a dragon so that each 'scale' protects and reinforces the ones next to it. Force upon the scales is hereby dispersed across the entire frame and absorbed into the wooden struts below that absorb the force of the impact. The shaping of the craft is designed to present an angled or curved hull shaping thus making it more resilient to assault. 

Draethis Pulse Drive: While conventional ships are limited by two defining forces that limit them first being that of wind and the second being the need of adequate body of water. the Draethis Pulse drive eliminates both restrictions. Energy from the sun or moon is instead drawn from the reflective material of their sails or from and array of panels and taken down to a crystal matrix that is grown from a shard of the Enterneum Crystal. This energy is then driven down to a set number of Leris crystals that protrude from specific nodes at the base of the ship. There nodes are warded and create a field that repels the magnetic forces of the planets core allowing the craft to effectively skim over the surface of the water appearing to glide the nodes only barely submerged. With directed pulses of energy the Navigators of the ship may alter the ships trajectory giving even the larger ships the ability to maneuver in ways other ships would find impossible.    Zaezmix Note: While some would believe that the use of solar or lunar power may be a weakness as obstructing their rays would be possible to some of unnatural disposition. This is countered by the fact that a repository of charged crystals are maintained for emergencies. As another countermeasure in desperate times it is possible to sacrifice slaves  or prisoners or potentially unnecessary crew to fuel the drive.

Quantis Jump Engine: Based on the way gate technology that allows ground forces to be transported near instantly from one island of Daerollyn to another or to built 'gates' in hostile lands for supply and reinforcement purposes. The Quantis Jump Engine is only applicable to the Ark, revenant and Reaper class  ships though they can pull smaller ships through in the wake of their 'Jump.' A great deal of time and energy is required for the Jump drive to spin up to maximum efficiency and the Navigator will need to link  to a marker point which remain at the borders of Daerollyn waters though can be built in allied territory. This drive engine allows the ship to rip through the veil of reality and travel to the selected marker.

Submergence: All ships of the RDNF with the only current exception of current development is the Hellion class scout is capable of not only travelling above the waves after leaving the drydocks of Birthand are capable of sealing the upper deck and travelling below the waves. Some ships including the Devilfish and Piranha class remain primarily underwater for their own tactical reasons.

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