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Age: 16
Sign: Taurus

Country: Russia
Signup Date: May 15, 2017

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Andreal had known most her childhood that she was different. Growing up in an immaculate world where she was taught only good things come to those who are good in faith and do not question what was expected of them. Expected of them? Meaning, there were always expectations from the hierarchy that were more implied than asked for. Andreal wasn't one to sit aside and do, what was, "expected", of her. She stuck out badly in a world that was uncorrupt, full of light, and happiness. She learned there was more to life than what appeared before her. She knew all this from an early age. Not knowing who her birth father was, though she knew she was conceived unlike any other that she grew up with. Her mother would never speak much about anything to her, f why she was so different. She tried to keep Andreal's differences a secret from those in their kingdom. Though one day, Andreal couldn't seem to act like the normal angel anymore. Needing and wanting something different, she had broken the rules in the elder's eyes. 

Her mother didn't know such feelings as anger, despair and loneliness. This was due to the pure blood of the angels that was inside her mother. Andreal did not know how she came to be, different, though as the weeks went by that led up to her banishment, she would soon learn why she was different and why it was she must leave before things escalated to another level. 

Andreal started to question all the things she was taught and everything that she was supposed to do. Take care of others, watch out for others, and never expect anything in return. She was always told the light would break thru all the darkness they saw before them and love and joy would endure all the storms that rage around them. Andreal questioned these theories. Knowing, deep inside her, that darkness would win sometimes. And sometimes, was enough for her to use caution and be afraid, though she was intrigued and curious at the same time and wanted to know more about the darkness than the ones around her. In such a world she lived in, she was in fact, the angel with the darkened wings. 

As Andreal got older, it became harder to hide her thoughts. As she turned 17, she couldn't hold her concerns and curiosities in anymore. Asking more and more questions about the darkness. Seeing dark masses where others couldn't only see light. Andreal was scared, that only she could see the shadows, though she wanted to know more and more about them. It was like a hunger burned inside the girl and she couldn't stop reaching out for more answers. Finally, the elders in the kingdom had enough of her inquires. They told her mother that it was best Andreal be sent away, or, eventually be hunted down, have her wings torn off, and be destroyed for her corrupt thoughts. Her mother sat her down and explained to her about knowing about the darkness and that Andreal was in fact a product of that darkness. 

Andreal was conceived by a forceful encounter of another being. A Demon of sorts that had captured her mother in a fight between the darkness and the light. Andreal wondered why her mother didn't destroy her, and why the elders allowed her to keep the baby born to such a different situation. The young girl learned that her mother didn't mention anything to anyone and prayed her child's wings would be as Ivory as her own. Luckily, Andreal's wings were only slightly darker, until she was casted out of the kingdom she called home for 17 years. Andreal left upon her mothers request. She remembered it so vividly in her mind, her tears seemed to never stop falling. 

A portal was opened by her mother. Andreal remembered looking into her mothers eyes, scared to step thru it alone. She cried and begged to stay, her mother just shook her head as she placed her hand on her daughters shoulder. "You need to go child. Find your answers. We will meet again, perhaps, somewhere, down the road. You belong where you can answer the questions you have. I can not keep you, your are free my dear daughter." Andreal hugged her mother as the tears continued to pour from her eyes. Andreal stepped thru the portal and proceeded her way thru a worm hole of sorts and into a darkened ally. She had with her only her cloak and a small bag, she was on her own. She was unsure of where she was. She though perhaps it must be where her visions of the dark came from, since , as she looked around she only saw artificial lights from street lamps. She stood and started to walk around. Unsure of where to go, or what to do, She was scared but curious. Perhaps a bad combination for a young girl. Though, she knew there was no going home.

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