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Signup Date: June 10, 2017

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Rules of LOZ
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Rules and Regulations

1: No Drama! 

2: NO! DRAMA! We understand in character storyline drama is necessary, but if we see any drama in status that can lead to angering the whole group then we will ask you to delete the status. So no posting, ex. THIS ASSHOLE JUST PISSED ME OFF!! or THIS DICK JUST TRIED TO RAPE ME!! If you are upset by another roleplayer in or out of the group, then we ask you to message one of the mods, LOZ main page about the situation and please please talk to us before posting a status. Lets keep things civil. If you post anything we feel is going to start unnecessary drama, you will be warned and asked to remove the status. Also vice versa, if you see any unnecessary drama in status, please contact the group mods before posting a comment to it.

3: We enjoy our members writing, and talking to each other, actually no we love it! More writing and more having fun is what LOZ is all about. 

4: Please respect one another! Be patient, Be caring, and try to put yourself into someone elses shoes to understand what they may be going through. Whether its OOC or IC, be understanding and respectful to one another. Trust us! You'll be rewarded greatly for doing so. We are all unique and different inside, one persons beliefs and feelings might be different from your own. So no harsh judgements, there is always a middle ground some where so learn to be respectful, first and foremost.

5: Some of our members are mated to others in the group and some of our members are single.  Please make sure you know which is which before starting an RP. We recommend talking or discussing out things before an rp starts. Ask questions, give answers, insert an idea or two and make sure you are both comfortable with the RP before engaging. Don't get upset if you can't sleep with everyone in the group, or you can't RP with everyone in the group. Some are dedicated to their mates, and please respect their wishes if they wish to remain so.

6: All members should add all members, also repost group business/storylines, just so everyone can see and read anything they might of missed.  

7: We love hearing new ideas, and we would enjoy having new ones added to our group storylines. Djinn are a rare species, we still don't know everything about them so we love adding new concepts to their stories.

8: Our members can add/delete/block whoever they wish, we have no right to say who our members can or cannot write with. We understand with so many different personalities out there in RP land that not everyone is going to get along, and differences and disagreements sometimes happen. Also other members are not allowed to tell other members who they can or cannot RP with. Bullying is not allowed!

9: Land of Zulfiquar [LOZ] is a 21+ kingdom. Due to mature content, graphic violence, and adult situations. And also due to the occasional doughnuts and kisses thieves that some times run about.

10. Writers of premade roles should sign in at least once a week to do replies. I do understand if RL is an issue and keeps our writers away, but just a regular update on how things are is good to know. And if a writer is going to be away for longer than a month, then please let us know. Our premade characters are very important to group storylines. JSYK: After three months of no sign of activity from a premade account, then you will loose your role and it could be given to someone else. However, custom/original characters in the group will not be subjected to this rule of course.

11: No mirrors allowed in the group, No duplicate PBs allowed in LOZ. Meaning I would like our members to RP with other members before writing with someone who isn't in the group and is using the same playby as one of the members. The reason for this is simple. Its disrespectful to long time loyal members and its also confusing for others. 
Ex. Do not RP with a Taeyang playby character when you could be doing RP with Aarzam in the group. 

12: Unless it directly effects LOZ, one of LOZ’s members, or your LOZ character specifically… it is irrelevant who played who on what other page. Sometimes this information is a blessing, but more times than not… it instills drama. LOZ is not about that type of behavior, or stirring up others past. Everyone deserves a fresh start and we are willing to allow our members to achieve that. However, it’s up to you as to how you handle your clean slate. Drama will eventually surface if it’s always existed, so think before you speak and ask yourself how it will effect LOZ?

13: All members need to think before you post a comment, before you send a message, before you post a status, and ask yourself.. "How will this make everyone feel?" I've noticed most of the drama starts in status, people get upset by being excluded in a statement, jealousy and hate starts to brew and before everyone knows it its like all out war.. and all of it could of been solved by just filtering yourselves. If a status comment hurts you enough, or makes you angry.. please please do what I do and just delete the status from your stream. Its so easy to do, and the person who posted the stat won't even know you did it. If you can't see it, then it won't bother you. And Please, Let's try to all be friends, laugh at jokes, and just have fun.. thats why I made LOZ. This isn't a popularity contest, RP is designed to be a tool for creative writing.
We reserve the right to add and/or edit these rules at any time. 

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