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FAQ Djinn/Genies
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Q&A on Djinn/Genies

I get asked this all the time, "How do you play a djinn/genie?"

So I figured its time for some Q&A. I'm going to try and sum up what I can about djinn. Just remember this is LOZ djinn, these are my djinn so how someone else plays one, like I have no fucking clue, but this is how I do it.

Okay soo...

What is a djinn/genie? -
In Islamic theology djinn are said to be creatures with free will, made from smokeless fire. They are usually invisible to humans, but humans do appear clearly to djinn, as they can possess them. Djinn have the power to travel large distances at extreme speeds and are thought to live in remote areas, mountains, seas, trees, and the air, in their own communities.

Most people know the Disney movie 'Aladdin'. You know that famous blue genie portrayed by the most amazing man in the whole world (god rest his soul), Robin Williams. So that my friends is a djinn/genie. It doesn't stop there, there are other movie references out there.
True Blood, there is an awesome representation of an Ifrit Djinn (Fun Fact: This is the style of ifrit Aarzam bases his writing off of)
Supernatural, there is an episode with a djinn, very cool dark twist to the species.
I Dream of Jeanie, is another fun concept for a djinn.

How do you play a djinn/genie? -
I get asked this constantly because everyone is afraid to play a djinn wrong. Theres really no wrong way to play a djinn/genie. Aarzam and I sort of view them like Lucy from that LUCY movie by Luc Besson. They are a being thats evolved and transcended, they can use 100% of their mind. They can manipulate the world around them, be everywhere at once or even no where. Appear or disappear at just the will of their mind. They can manipulate objects with their mind, possess humans and use mind control on them. I give my djinn an element power so its a bit more simple for other writers to play. For the most part there isn't a limit  to them.

Who are the LOZ fathers? -
Lord Varian & Lord Zadmehr are mates much like Aarzam and Taznin are. In my story they are the first djinn, and they were born in the Land of Zulfiquar. Much like Zam and Taz, they figured out a way to create more like themselves, and thus created all the siblings that you now see popping up in the LOZ community

What is LOZ: Land of Zulfiquar? -
Zulfiquar is an alternate dimension. A world cut out in space in time. To humans, demons, angels, etc. This would doesn't exist but only exists to djinn. A home world where djinn can live in peace and free from the persecutions of the human world. More has been discovered about our world. Zulfiquar was a sister to the Ifixaar family. As ruler and watcher over the planet Earth, she laid her body down and became the world we now live in. Zulfiquar Ifixaar still watches over all of us like our spiritual mother and protector. Is she the seed that gave us life and power when combined with the blood of Abbadon? Anything is possible... 

Are there lamps or bottles for your djinn? -
Now for the part where a djinn is trapped to an object, like a lamp or bottle. Some djinn are, and some djinn aren't. This is an act of human's meddling in the djinn world, enslaving our powers so they can use and abuse us whenever they want. For me on Taznin, I hate the idea of being a pet, and Taznin is a free djinn since hes never been trapped to an object. However some of the writers prefer it, and like the concept of having a ring, box, lamp or whatever that they are bound too. I guess what I'm saying its up to you as the writer if you want to write something like that in.

However, djinn can change their size, they can hide in small places. If a djinn willingly goes into a lamp or bottle or object, then this is an example of a djinn being anti-social and wants to hide from the world for awhile. All djinn hate being slaves, unless in some cases they've been beat down enough to like it, but in most cases they hate being a slave to an object and would never willingly enslave themselves. (This is Taznin's POV on it. He doesn't have time to argue with a djinn who is being anti-social. If you want to hide then fine, hes not going to understand. However another djinn might have a different view on it, its just all up to the writer on what your point of view is on self enslavement.)

How do djinn/genies reproduce? -
This is complicated, I feel awkward even trying to explain this.  Okay, well any djinn can have babies. Now how females reproduce, thats up to their writers really, but for males. Like in Zam and Taz's case, Taznin had to leave a part of myself inside of Zam's belly to form the baby. Taznin left his finger inside of Aarzam. So with that and mixed with Zam's powers it caused a baby to form and latch on to Zam's body like a tumor. Females can reproduce that way or the human way of things too, I can't really control or tell the girls how to have babies. I leave that up to them.. like I said, its awkward for me having to explain it.

Can a djinn/genie change their appearance? -
Yes! A djinn can change their appearance! A djinn is known for being a shape shifter. They can change their appearance to anything they want. It  could be just changing their hair color, eye color. To changing their face and/or gender. They can even change into an animal if they want. Some djinn prefer snakes or cats, but have been known to take other animal shapes as well. They can also appear to be human, demon, angel, vampire, dragon, faery, alien and so on.

Are djinn/genies self centered and/or vain? -
Yes, they are! Obviously you haven't met Ozni Xhinet yet.

About Djinn Scent/Essence: 
This is an original idea created by Aarzam Xhinet, it was just a fun and sexy hot amazing thing Aarzam likes to do with his writing. I fell in love with it on Taznin, and Aarzam blessed me with a scent of my own, Lavender & Stardust. It adds an amazing 3D look at your character, being able to scent what they smell like, as well as see, touch and taste, and find yourself completely addicted to it. However, this is just the way Aarzam and myself write. Having a scent/essence isn't exactly necessary to play your character properly, its just a long time tradition in LOZ and I personally wanted to keep it alive, also an honor and tribute to our sensational Aarzam who started all of this with his character. But like I said, its completely up to the writer if you want your character to have a scent. I do recommend it for some awesome djinn fun. 
[Helpful Hint: To select a scent, pick your favorite cologne/perfume, do some research. Most colognes out there have reviews and/or info about what they smell like. I enjoy Tom Ford the most, and I gave Crozier his scent based on it, Black Orchid & Sandalwood. You can do the same, be unique, be original, but by all means have fun with it!]   

What would happen if a child was born out of wedlock in LOZ?

It got me really thinking. At first I was like, nothing.. not a big deal, that shit happens. But then I started thinking more about it, like this could be a great opportunity for a good storyline. I mean think about it, most of the characters in LOZ are royalty. Having children out of wedlock would be considered unfavorable in a royal family. But then Taznin and Kazira are both guilty of it, and it would be wrong to punish those that were already approved before hand. 

So got me thinking more, if the Lords approve of a child being born out of wedlock then the child has the right to be a Xhinet, and take the Xhinet name. However if the Lords don't approve of a child being born, then the child could be considered a bastard and their last name wouldn't be Xhinet, since they never got the Lords permission.

For example: If Ozni Xhinet had a child with someone, and it wasn't approved by the Lords (Varian, Zadmehr, Ryu) Then the child would take the last name, WOOD. This would denote the child is a bastard. 

If a child is a bastard of one of the Zodiac Brothers then the bastard would take the gemstone name as their last name. Ex. Jibril Xhinet's gemstone is Peridot, so his bastards would have the surname PERIDOT.

If I get anymore questions in the future, I will add to this. Thanks for reading!

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