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Proposal to Sunna
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The Bear of Crisana ~Rollo Lothbrok~ IE

I am pleased that you like my ideas so far." Rollo answered with a smile as they continued to ride. "But you must realize that with the growth of wealth in a kingdom comes greater chances for attacks against it. Defenses must be built and the young men you spoke to me of must learn to fight. I will teach them the formations and strategies. We need archers, horsemen, and infantry. We must build catapults and other war devices along with the fleet of ships. I will help you make Crisana all that you ever dreamed it could be. For you, I will become The Bear of Crisana and forever keep you safe. I will defend Crisana and the IE to the death."
Rollo gave his word to Sunna as they approached the ship. "My Sun Goddess." He paused in excitement looking at the long ship Sunna ordered to be built. "Not even Floki could have built a better boat than this." He pulled back the reigns bringing the steed to a stop. "It is perfect." Rollo swung his right leg over dismounting his horse. "We need at least twenty more of these depending on the size of the nearest ports. I know Crisana is land locked but I will study the nearest Kingdom with ports carefully so we can fully maximize the potential for our new fleet."

Rollo walked over offering his hand up to help Sunna dismount off her horse. "Before you get down from your horse, and before we get on the ship to begin the voyage to our new life together, we should do it as a man and a woman that will marry soon after we reach Crisana. My heart belongs to you. My loyalty belongs to Crisana, the people of Crisana. My loyalty belong to the IE and Empress Amora." Rollo reached into his satchel as he took Sunna's hand. "Queen Sunna of Crisana, will you marry me? Allow me to become your husband, protector, and to take my place as The Bear of Crisana."

Sunna's Answer

Sunna smiled back at her beloved Bear as they continued to ride side by side continuing towards their destination, his voice was calming as he spoke about Crisana, it's future, its growth and what he will do to protect the Kingdom as well as the soldiers that served the Queen and Crisana. 

"We will do anything you say, my love, you know what is needed. If we need catapults, a fleet of ships then we shall make them. " saying in an assuring tone. What he said next pleased her beyond her dreams. " I knew when I found you..." she paused a moment to enjoy the thought of Rollo becoming the Bear of Crisana, her protector, and her love.  "That everything would come together for Crisana and herself. Sunna knew he was a man of his word.

Sunna could see the shoreline ahead she was pleased when he said that he was pleased with the longship. pulling back the reins coming to a halt, her steed prancing in place for a moment while Rollo dismounted his steed. "I'm sure we will have no problems making all the ships you want to be made, the ports of the neighboring kingdom will become useful to us, landlocked or not we will prosper. " smiling as she watched her love walk around her steed, offering his hand up to her. 

"Thank you, my love," her left hand lowered to his as she turned slightly "Wha.. what is it?" she asked slightly confused, staying still allowing him to finish what he was saying.

Sunna's heart started to pound as he mentioned becoming man and woman, her lips curled upward with delight as he continued to speak of his loyalty. Her eyes followed his hand as it dipped down into his satchel, holding her hand in his other hand as he spoke. 

Tears started to well in her eyes upon his question, her lips trembled before she spoke.  "Yes, my love I will marry you," she said softly then added. "I will allow you to be my husband, my protector, take your place as the Bear of Crisana and I will crown you and you will be my King, If.... you will allow me to be your wife, your lover, the mother of your children, your confidant, and your Queen." Sunna slid from her saddle down into his arms, her lips met his, kissing him passionately. Pulling back from their lips embrace, smiling at him. "I Love you, Rollo." smiling happily "I have to tell everyone..." she stepped to the side, still holding his hand taking him along with her, in front of the horses.

" I need everyone's attention!" she called out getting all the men's attention, waiting until everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to look at her.  "I give you..... "The Bear of Crisana, we will be wed when we reach Crisana. He will be King, treat him as such!" she smiled then turned to Rollo. " Speak to them my love," she said softly

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