Dark Queen of Mischief*(Hela Laufeyson)*Ruler of Niflheim/Helheim*

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twilight of the gods pt1
Category: Story Lines

Norse Goddess The Dark Queen of Mischief*The Ruler of Niflheim...Helheim*Guarding of the 9 realms X 

A repost with spelling and shit fixed........

Norse Goddess The(Hela Laufeyson) Dark Queen of Mischief*The Ruler of Niflheim*Guarding of the 9 realms X


Hela sat at her throne as she watched her plans coming together nicely. Unlike her father Loki and his many attempts at trying to overthrow Odin and take over Midgard Hela had exceeded where he fell. Too many times had she listened to her once idol brags about his even plans only to be bested by her uncle Thor or uncle thunder butt as she liked to call him and those pesky Avengers. She would exceed where he fell cause unlike him she didn't brag about her plans nor did she trust the help of those meddling human.

Instead, she came up with a much better plan and it started by her helping her father Loki take the throne of Asgard. She switched her father in Odin's place and put a stronger spell on him. He will remain Odin's look alike as long as the real Odin survives and that part was easy. She wiped that old bastards memory and gave him the look of her father Loki. And placed him in a hidden cell within her realm. But she even took it a step further and change 8 more to look like her father Loki a placed each one in a different realm. She made sure to have her children take over three realms as she planted her brother Fenrir and her adopted daughter in Midgard in what they called the White House.

She made sure her brother was what the Midgardians call the Secretary of Defense. She now had the Midgardians army at her disposal. Each of her children was stationed in different realms awaiting her orders. All had come to play as she had planned it. The only thing left was to wake her brother the Midgard serpent to start the Twilight of the gods. She smiled as she heard Baldur speak "How this all came to be I know you must be asking yourself. Well, I will tell you since nothing can stop me now. It started off having two adopted very powerful sister in different time zones. Andrea living in the year 2017. grabbed me every book she could find on my people.

Telling me how the war started and when it ended and who kills who. Whitewolf living back and forth between the 1100's and the year 3002 grabbed me everything she could fine on my people. Then all I had to do was sit back watch my father fail at his plans and learn how Thor and the Avengers acted and fought against him. Using several of my army of the dead I gave each of the same powers as the Avengers thanks, t o daddy dearest and made them stronger. And with the help of my other father and brother with their need for blood and death, bypass the past all those dead soldiers to my realm with out Hades knowing about. I mean really what is going to? Everyone knows the Norse are more powerful than the Greek.

After much study and watching the 9 realms, I knew which of the 8 Realms would side with Odin and took over three of the 4. Poor suckers don't have a chance against me. And here soon once my brother Jormund is awoken I will be free to come and go as I please and not to have to wait to be summoned." She watched as the fear shown brightly in Baldur's eyes as he knew one of the Laufeysons plan's to rule would succeed and there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it. She waved her servant over and ordered them to remove Baldur's tongue, she wasn't taking any chances. She waved off her loyal servants and began to search the 9 realms for a husband. She had grown tired of being alone since she gave birth to the triplets. It was finally time to move on.


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