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Age: 40
Sign: Cancer

Country: Norway
Signup Date: May 20, 2017

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Category: Encounters

The courtyard was filled with activity.  It stirred with the intrigues,  of merchants hauking their wares, and bodies brushing together in close proximity of the cramped space.  Spectators sat around in the balconies resting tired feet and those with luck were able to obtain respite from the hot, noonday sun.  The noise was only broken by a figure who pushed himself and one other from the crowd until he had reached the dias of the emperor.

Emperor Aggamemnon sat regal upon his throne.  Slaves gathered around, loyal dogs at his feet, and his every whim was met wordlessly with just an incline of his head or a firm flick of the wrist.  As servants fell over themselves to attend to their master, the slaves from time to time gyrating and presenting themselves to him in silent approval.

Alexandros gazed up glaring back at the sun.  "Father!" He shouted.  The other being struggled, the hood coming off her head as she turned to fight Alexandros, but her efforts were shortlived when he pinned her hands behind her back with one hand, and yanked her head back with the other.  This craned her neck to a point of nearly cutting off her air supply.  His voice found her ear, and though they were for her ears only, they were cutting, and he finished by biting into her earlobe.  "YOUR PRODIGAL SON HAS RETURNED!" Alexandros called up to the emperor. "And I've brought you something."  He gave her chin a firm shake and then shoved, Heart forward watching her sprawl on her face in the dirt.  "Show your new master the respect he deserves and kneel like the bitch you are."  She picked herself up off the ground but didn't dare look back at him as she did as he bid for fear he would hurt her.

The courtyard had gone deathly quiet.  Eveyone holding their breathes, counting their rosaries, as they waited for the emperor's reaction to such a huge interruption to the festivities that had been taking place.  Alexandros crossed his arms over his chest.  He appeared to be intimidating but time would tell.

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